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Belly dancing Eva
Belly dancing Eva
Round the rock | Aug 15th 2006
Belly dancing begins
Women of Maggie it's time to swing, shake and shimmie those hips. From now until the end of September, Eva will be giving belly dancing lessons at the RSL Hall in Arcadia.
Round the rock | Dec 1st 2005
Oyster Farmer
Oyster Farmer
Oyster Farmer: Saturday night at MI Film Society
A desperate young man hides away amongst a wonderful community of eccentrics in the remote but spectacular Hawkesbury River region. He steals, he lies, he falls in love. Along the way, a battle is fought over a bathtub and a marriage is saved but nothing will ever be the same again.
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Round the rock | Oct 30th 2005
The Edukators
The Edukators
Days of plenty numbered!
"Tense, evocative and emotional. One of the smartest thrillers this year" is how the Chicago Tribune described Magnetic Island Film Society's November movie "The Edukators". Screening is at 8pm on Sarturday 5th November at the RSL Hall in Arcadia.
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Round the rock | Oct 26th 2005
Zanita Davies
Zanita Davies
State grants for Island groups
Two Island organisations have been the beneficiaries of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund. They are Magnetic Island history & Craft Centre Inc.(MIHCC) who have received $22,342 and the MI RSL Sub-Branch who received $5,800.
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Round the rock | Oct 3rd 2005
David Wenham and Kate Cebrano
David Wenham and Kate Cebrano
Molokai: The Story of Father Damien
Don't miss this Saturday's movie starring one of Australia's favourite actors, David Wenham, in the title role as Father Damien. The film directed by Paul Cox is presented by Magnetic Island Film Society.
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Round the rock | Jul 5th 2005
Buddhist teaching Monk to visit
This weekend Magnetic Island Buddha Dharma will host the visit of Australian Buddhist Monk, Ajahn Sujato, who will be conducting a day of teachings.
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Round the rock | Jun 21st 2005
Book cover with Butlers on a Picnic
Book cover with Butlers on a Picnic
The Butlers did it!
The Butler family were Magnetic's first European settlers. They began the first holiday accommodation on Magnetic and it seems their hospitality was extended to all who came their way - from tourists, quarantined travellers and the Island's Traditional Owners the Wulgurukaba. Now the MI History and Craft Centre are saluting the Butlers with a fascinating exhibition and the release of a recipe book from the "unsurpassed table" of Nell Butler.
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Round the rock | Jun 3rd 2005
MI Fim Society movie for June
MI Fim Society movie for June
Garden State
"Andrew Largeman (Zach Braff) shuffled through life in a lithium-induced coma until his mother's death inspired a vacation from the pills to see what might happen," is how online movie review site Rotten Tomatoes begin the synopsis of this well received, first directed, movie by Zach Braff screening tomorrow night (June 4) as Magnetic Island Film Society's film for the month at the RSL Hall in Arcadia..
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Round the rock | Jun 1st 2005
Ambo Kerry Dillon with 3rd prize winner Ray Gill
Ambo Kerry Dillon with 3rd prize winner Ray Gill
And the winners are...
There was intense interest yesterday at MI Community Care's new Centre - the old QCCU building in the Picnic Bay Mall - when it was time to draw the, $100 ticket, $10,000 raffle in which participants were limited to just 200 tickets.
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Round the rock | Apr 26th 2005
MI Film Festival this weekend
With movies such as The Motorcycle Diaries, Festival Express, In the Cut, The Gleaners and I and Seducing Dr Lewis as well as the Magnetic Mango Short Film Comp and a selection from Flickerfest short film festival - all to be held at the Magnetic International - it looks like locals and visitors will be in for a very big weekend.
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Butler hut moves tomorrow
The last remaining accommodation hut from Magnetic Island's first holiday establishment, Butler's Health Resort, is to be relocated early Wednesday 23 March [ read more ]
Since Otar Left
This Saturday night at 8pm the MI Film Society resumes for the year with Since Otar Left - a superb and sensitive drama that reveals the hardships and complex relationships between a grandmother, mother and daughter crammed into a tiny apartment in grey, post-Soviet, Tsibili capital of Georgia [ read more ]
Magnetic's Christmas Party
Christmas would not be Christmas on Magnetic Island if it weren't for the MI Sports and Recreation Club Christmas Party coming up this Saturday Dec 11 [ read more ]
Worship your Idol tonight
If Australian Idol worship is your caper then the MI Sports & Rec Club is the place to be tonight! [ read more ]
Walk-In Movie: Connie & Carla
Tonight and tomorrow night the Sport and Rec Club's Walk-In movies present a comedy likely to be enjoyed by all ages [ read more ]
Godsend and Halloween at Sport & Rec Club
Tonight only at the Magnetic Island Sports and Recreation Club Walk-In Movies is the movie "Godsend" an "M" rated thriller starring Robert Di Niro Greg Kinner and Rebecca Romjim-Stamos [ read more ]
The Day After Tomorrow
With the gates opening at 7pm, (movie starts 8pm) a bar, BBQ meals and a kiosk for drinks and snacks, the community-run MI Sport and Rec Club at Horseshoe Bay will be screening, its Walk-In Movie, this year's climate change catastrophe movie The Day After Tomorrow, tonight and tomorrow night [ read more ]
News from the Sports & Recreation Club
Two great movies for October are The Day After Tomorrow and Michael Moore's, Fahrenheit 9/11 [ read more ]
2005 Calendar "Making her Mark on Magnetic"
2005 is the centenary of (white) women winning the right to vote in Queensland elections [ read more ]
President on the prowl
Magnetic Island businesses be warned [ read more ]
A great way to support your community
It's that time of year again: when the home to Magnetic Island's legendary Bay of Origin footy matches, Walk-In Movies, Kid's discos, Santa-on-a-stallion Christmas parties and a myriad of other sporting and community activities, looks to the Magnetic Island community for new volunteers and committee members to get involved by coming forward for the Annual General Meeting of the Magnetic Island Sport and Recreation Club to be held this Saturday at the Club on Horseshoe Bay road at 3pm [ read more ]
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suemac In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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