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magnetictimes.poetry | Nov 23rd 2012
Now for a little poetry
It's been a while since we have received reader submitted poems to share but these three, life affirming, pieces came our way recently from Ilya Shambat (Ed.)
magnetictimes.poetry | Aug 3rd 2011
Afternoon at Arcadia
Afternoon at Arcadia
Magnetic Island reflections
Nick Flittner no longer lives on Magnetic Island but his poems still do. The following poems can now also be found in a book by Nick titled Magnetic Island Reflections which is available for sale at the Magnetic Island History and Craft Centre on Granite St in Picnic Bay.
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magnetictimes.poetry | Dec 14th 2010
A poem: Reef-Walkers
It's the time of year when we all start to ease into holiday mode and a more reflective state so it seems like a good time to run a little poetry. The following poem we received from Nick Flittner who is living in England these days but clearly has a spare room in his heart for Magnetic.
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magnetictimes.poetry | Aug 3rd 2010
A vista only time could forget
A vista only time could forget
It doesn't get much colder down south and it doesn't get much better on Magnetic Island in August. We were reminded of this contrast today when a long-time reader of Magnetic Times, Peter Hughes from Lorne Victoria, sent us this poem reflecting on just how much he misses our shores right now. Peter made use of his Magnetic poet's licence to remind us all of the sound of the ferry coming into Picnic Bay and it is one many Islanders will also remember with fondness. Following is Peter's poem, "August"
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magnetictimes.poetry | Jan 21st 2009
Because we can
Pat Coleman is a Townsville-based activist who takes a hard look at the phrase "Yes we can" in his poem, "Because we can" below.
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magnetictimes.poetry | Nov 1st 2008
The Croc from EPA
The Croc from EPA
The Croc from EPA
It's been a big news week on Magnetic and, in the spirit of Island folklore, Magnetic Times proudly presents a poem to mark the occasion.
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magnetictimes.poetry | May 31st 2008
I dream't of her in Punari Street
The poet who submitted this piece wishes to remain anonymous but claimes that the event described "really happened".
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magnetictimes.poetry | Aug 22nd 2006
Poetry vs media
It's not often these days that a poet will buy into an election campaign but, magnetictimes.poetry contributor, Franz Huber has come out swinging with a little gem, a poem about politics but really about we who tell you how it is. So in the interests of reader enjoyment we take it square on the chin and let Franz's poem begin!
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magnetictimes.poetry | Jul 28th 2006
Poem by Rando Wood
Rando Wood has been enjoying many of the contributions to magnetictimes.poetry and writes, "I've spent a bit of time leafing through my fifty-cents (and two dollar!) exercise books and can't find anything worth sending. However, my mind keeps going back to a short one, several years old, that still speaks to me."
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magnetictimes.poetry | Jul 16th 2006
Poem by Valberg Larusson
Valberg Larusson is an Icelandic software expert who lived on Magnetic Island a few years ago. Valberg has some very special personal history with Magnetic and shares a little of that with his following letter and poem.
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Poems by Frank Putland
Frank Putland grew up on Magnetic (see our Reconnect with Magnetic section) [ read more ]
Something short which might interest your poetry readers [ read more ]
Poem by Peter Francis Hughes
In 1997 Peter F [ read more ]
Poem by Gavin Ryan
Gavin Ryan is a prolific and very funny Island artist who, for quite a while, became obsessed with squashed cane toads as the basis for works of art [ read more ]
Poems by Loftus Dun
Loftus Dun writes, "I've been over fifty years now in Sydney, but much of my earlier life was spent in Ayr - where I was born in 1919 [ read more ]
Poem by Angela Cunnane
Angela Cunnane writes, "Can't say I'm much of a poet really but I was compelled to write this last year after my friend's daughter was killed by a drunk driver [ read more ]
The Poems of Andrew Boscacci
Andrew Boscacci lives in Townsville and works on Magnetic Island [ read more ]
Poem by Isobel Hancock
Here is a short poem by Isobel Hancock (Decd), accomplished artist & designer from Melbourne, sent to us by her daughter Barbara [ read more ]
Poems by Helene Rankin
Helene Rankin is a Magnetic Island artist and songwriter [ read more ]
Poems by Mal Hamilton
Island musician, song writer/poet, chef and more, Mal Hamilton, is the first of our poets to contribute to magnetictimes [ read more ]
Welcome to magnetictimes.poetry
Ever felt a poetic urge? Inspired perhaps by the beauty of Magnetic or the life of the Island? Got a song you've written with lyrics you'd like to share? It doesn't matter what the inspiration, we want to post your poems on any subject you like because magnetictimes [ read more ]
Readers comments
Tonia In reply to The ongoing price of Nelly Bay Harbour
It's 14 years since I last visited Maggy. I am shocked by Nelly Bay and saddened. It is insensitive, ugly and juxtaposed to the essence of Maggy. I embrace progress in general, but this is poorly conceived and executed. Shame.
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