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A young koala's beach adventure

Letters & Feedback | Jul 25th 2013
Cancer and its psychological impacts
We are all familiar with the physical impacts of cancer but the psychological impacts are less recognised and understood. In the following letter from Cancer Council of Queensland's Jeff Dunn, we learn of a new study that highlights the importance of support for cancer sufferers, in this case, men with prostate cancer.
Letters & Feedback | Feb 20th 2013
Piper sarmentosum. Photo: Forest and Kim Starr
Piper sarmentosum. Photo: Forest and Kim Starr
A tasty invader?
While used in Thai cooking, a new and potentially invasive weed is emerging on Magnetic Island. Having tried the leaves your editor seriously questions the plant's tastiness but less so its weed-like character. Following is an abridged letter from Magnetic Times reader, Mr John Marlton who first spotted Piper sarmentosum at the back of his house at Osbourne Court in Nelly Bay.
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Letters & Feedback | Oct 25th 2012
Magnetic Fitness, at Arcadia Village, is remaining open.
Jen Wheatley who has been working at the gym for the past 18 months, has taken over the reins, to keep the facility open.
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Letters & Feedback | Oct 17th 2012
The walkway - a taxi driver's opinion
I am a taxi driver on Magnetic Island. This morning I woke with the euphoria of an impending and sublime achievement ringing in my head. But it wasn't mine, but that of a worker from the Geoffrey Bay / Nelly bay pedestrian overpass who was ecstatic in the greatness of what was about to be accomplished, the laying of the basic structure of said walkway from October 16-25 from the hours of 11.30pm-5.30am.
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Letters & Feedback | Oct 16th 2012
Open Letter to the Residents of Magnetic Island
Magnetic Times has received the following letter from Judy Humphreys, Secretary of the Magnetic International Resort Body Corporate, regarding recent media coverage of issues said to have occurred or have been occurring at the resort. In an emailed message accompanying the letter, Judy writes, "Although the contents of the letter are my own, it has been sent to your publication with the knowledge and approval of the Body Corporate Committee."
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Letters & Feedback | Aug 19th 2012
Letter: Online shopping costs to the local community
Dear Editor, We receive Imparja TV & often have commercials about the need to support “Local Community Businesses”. As a resident I am concerned about the trend of online grocery shopping and the consequential effects to this wonderful community unless this practice reverses.
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Letters & Feedback | May 30th 2012
Julian Assange as a boy at Picnic Bay
Julian Assange as a boy at Picnic Bay
Letter: Christine Assange responds to Julian "smears"
Like most Aussies, Magnetic Islanders like to back the underdog. But when he's been smeared by the very powerful people he's embarrassed or caught out, it's hard to know the real story. With a decision on former Magnetic Island resident Julian Assanges's extradition to Sweden about to be made in London, His mother, Christine, systematically responds to the many inaccuracies she believes have been reported about her son - starting with one by the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.
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Letters & Feedback | May 15th 2012
Letter: What does the NQCC contribute?
Following strong criticism of the mining industry from North Queensland Conservation Council Co-ordinator, Wendy Tubman, yesterday - as Australia's biggest mining company representatives met in Townsville (see: NQCC takes on the 'dinosaurs') - an off-the-grid reader responds.
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Letters & Feedback | May 4th 2012
Letter: Do we have Alien Big Cats in Australia?
Magnetic Island may be home to a very big black cat. There have been two credible sightings with the most recent from Nelly Bay resident, Anne Sustrunck. Now, Townsville conservationist, Margaret Moorehouse has a tale to tell and raises some very interesting questions on what might be happening with Australia's feral cat population.
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Letters & Feedback | Apr 26th 2012
Letter: Street blow-off
It looks like the letter from David Haller about the impacts of leaf blowers at Horseshoe Bay has hit a nerve with a number of responses. And now we have another letter from former Geoff's Place (now Bungalow Bay) owner/manager, Mr Geoff Barker, who stayed with David Haller, and was, according to David, "forced to flee several times after being dusted by dust blowers and this spoiled his holiday". Geoff Barker's letter follows.
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Letter: Beachfront blowers
It is my duty and obligation to object most strongly to the inappropriate use of BLOWERS in the Park and on the Road at the Horseshoe Bay beachfront every morning which is causing clouds of toxic DUST to blow through the park, children's playground , bar-b-que area restaurants, beachfront holiday units, and the residential community [ read more ]
Support for plastic bag ban applauded
Following our report that mayoral candidate, Dale Last, is "happy to support" a single use plastic shopping bag ban across Townsville we received the following letter from marine turtle expert, JCU's Dr Mark Hamann [ read more ]
Earth Hour alternative
Magnetic Island has a history for switching off its lights during Earth Hour - which occurs tomorrow night at 8 [ read more ]
President "corrects" comments on TOBMI
Following is a letter from Tourism Magnetic Operators & Businesses Magnetic Island President, Lindsay Simpson, correcting some recent comments about TOBMI made at the Sustainable Tourism Destination workshop recently [ read more ]
Washed up at Nelly Bay
Island resident, and Magnetic Island's World Oceans Day organiser, Barbara Gibbs wrote to Magnetic Times about a 'concerning' discovery made on Tuesday morning at Nelly Bay beach [ read more ]
Letter: Cr Roberts updates on Apjohn St drainage
Drainage in the lower end of Apjohn St has been a hot topic over the recent heavy wet seasons and has been a focal point of the drainage issues in Horseshoe Bay [ read more ]
Letter: Coal Seam Gas and Japan's nuclear disaster.
"With the news that Japan has made moves to start replacing its reliance on nuclear power with coal seam gas (LNG) from Queensland, it's a good time to revisit what's actually happening with the stricken nuclear plant at Fukushima, "says Jenny Stirling Queensland Greens spokesperson [ read more ]
Letter: Latest arctic monitoring report conclusions are stark
The Arctic Monitoring & Assessment Program (AMAP) have Just released their latest summary of Climate Disruption in the Arctic cryosphere [ read more ]
Letter: Response to "Another spin on Carbon tax"
I read with interest an abridged reproduction of an article by Gregg D Thompson entitled “Another Spin of the carbon Tax” [ read more ]
Letter: Why Cockle Bay is the best location
In advance of a resident briefing to be held on Saturday over the siting of the yet-to-be-constructed Magnetic Island Waste Transfer Station, Dr Geoffrey P [ read more ]
V8 400's complex questions
With the V8 400 weekend closing for another year a reader questions the numbers TCC claims for those using this expensive facility during the rest of the year [ read more ]
Readers comments
Tonia In reply to The ongoing price of Nelly Bay Harbour
It's 14 years since I last visited Maggy. I am shocked by Nelly Bay and saddened. It is insensitive, ugly and juxtaposed to the essence of Maggy. I embrace progress in general, but this is poorly conceived and executed. Shame.
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