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Environment | Sep 25th 2013
Locals plant again with help from TCC
Following repeated willful destruction of foreshore native plantings, Townsville City Council and members of Geoffrey Bay Coast Care joined forces last weekend at Geoffrey Bay with a replanting of trees which were first planted in 2003 but have been vandalised since 2009.
Environment | Aug 28th 2013
The candidates speak at the NQCC forum
The candidates speak at the NQCC forum
Should local scientists now fear for their jobs?
Last night, at an environmental forum in Townsville, a retired scientist, Mr David Cassells, sought a guarantee from the Liberal Member for Townsville, Ewen Jones, that, with Liberal Party threats to possibly 20,000 public service jobs, local scientists working at institutions like the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Australian Institute of Marine Science and the CSIRO, would not have their jobs cut. Ewen Jones’s responded saying, “12,000 (jobs) and we’ve said that’s in Canberra,” then immediately switched focus to say, “6,000 federal health public servants do not treat patients” and “5,000 federal education public servants do not run schools,” as evidence of wastage to be eliminated. But today, his party’s shadow treasurer, Joe Hockey, who has also said that the 12,000 figure was a “starting point,” told the National Press Club there would be no cuts to health or education. Mr Cassells fears now seem well founded.
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Environment | Aug 10th 2013
Report predicts doubled maintenance dredging mud for local waters
Magnetic Islanders keen to see the expansion of Townsville Port stopped over its potential to muddy our waters may take some heart from the caution shown by Federal Environment Minister, Mark Butler's decision, yesterday, to put the future of what could be the world's largest coal export terminal, planned for Abbot Point near Bowen, on hold for three months.
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Environment | Aug 5th 2013
Peterson Creek's rocky new resident
Peterson Creek's rocky new resident
Massive rock rolls into popular Island swimming hole
Sometime in the last month, the earth moved above Magnetic Island's settlement at Arcadia when a massive granite boulder went crashing through about forty very steep metres of bush, coming to rest in the bed of a very popular swimming hole on Peterson Creek.
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Environment | Jun 27th 2013
Reefwalkers: June Norman, Dr Rosalie Schultz and Dr Nick Tyllis
Reefwalkers: June Norman, Dr Rosalie Schultz and Dr Nick Tyllis
Reefwalkers visit Magnetic Island
Every now and then you meet somebody you would just have to call remarkable. 72 year old June Norman is surely this. A retired welfare worker, June saw just how much damage was being done to the Great Barrier Reef by Queensland’s port expansions for gas and coal exports and decided to take steps of her own. Many steps. So many steps she has just walked to Townsville from Cairns and she is on her way to Gladstone. Taking a short break on Magnetic Island June and two walking companions, medical doctors, Rosalie Schultz and Nick Tyllis, who will accompany her from here on to Gladstone, spoke to Magnetic Times.
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Environment | Jun 25th 2013
The pretty flower of the weed menace thunbergia
The pretty flower of the weed menace thunbergia
Watch out for thunbergia
Townsville City Council, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) and Biosecurity Queensland are working together to reduce an infestation of Thunbergia weed on Magnetic Island.
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Environment | Jun 21st 2013
Regenerating bush is very rewarding
Regenerating bush is very rewarding
Kirk Street creek "Rescue" this Sunday
Want to be part of something that you can see making a difference within hours before your eyes; learn more about our Island's natural environment; meet some terrific locals; enjoy some useful exercise and, later, share some tucker and a cuppa?
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Environment | May 31st 2013
Yes, there is a creek behind the weeds
Yes, there is a creek behind the weeds
Rescuers heading for Horseshoe Creek
Question: Do you know the name of the lagoon creek which runs behind the Horseshoe Bay shops? It's a name that sits a little at odds with the way the creek has succumbed to weeds and rubbish at various locations over the years but, tomorrow afternoon, residents are invited to attend a free community barbecue alongside "Wellbeloved Creek" when Magnetic Island Creek Rescue kicks off their clean-up and restoration work there.
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Environment | May 29th 2013
See Gatsby and help two great causes
Amnesty International and the North Queensland Conservation Council are hosting the Townsville premier screening of the Great Gatsby (in 3D) tomorrow night.
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Environment | May 14th 2013
A cargo ship with a tug in the shipping channel?
A cargo ship with a tug in the shipping channel?
Port expansion questioned as Xstrata dumps coal export plans
Glencore Xstrata today announced that it has dumped plans to build a coal export terminal at Balaclava Island, 40 km north of Gladstone, citing poor coal market conditions and excess port capacity in Queensland.
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Will Magnetic become "Mud Island"?
“Mud Island” is the likely future for Magnetic Island if Townsville Port’s current expansion plans are to be enacted, according to a flyer currently being distributed by two major community organisations on Magnetic Island [ read more ]
Why the port doesn't need to expand
“There is no strong economic basis for the expansion of the Townvsille Port ” says North Queensland Conservation Council (NQCC) Coordinator and Magnetic Island resident, Wendy Tubman [ read more ]
Learn how to save a turtle or dugong
Magnetic Island Network for Turtles (MINT) is calling for community members who are interested in learning how to respond to dead and live stranded Turtles and Dugongs that wash up on our island shores [ read more ]
You are invited
Creek to Coral (Townsville City Council - TCC) would like to invite you to join us to provide your ideas and input to inform the preparation of the Geoffrey and Alma Bays Catchment Management Strategy this Saturday March 23 [ read more ]
Potter-upperers needed
Are you a potter-upperer? Or do you have a store of little native seedlings lovingly grown from seeds found on the island? [ read more ]
Horseshoe foreshore under threat - but what can we do?
Over the last 22 years sea levels around Magnetic Island have risen by about 6 [ read more ]
Wet season treasures
Some call it the adventure season - when momma nature takes centre stage and puts on a show of power and grandeur - reminding us of who’s in charge [ read more ]
Magnetic Island turtles get a second chance
Following is an article from the Magnetic Island Network for Turtles (MINT), a Magnetic Island community group who are performing remarkable work [ read more ]
X base marks the spots for turtles
Full moon parties and turtles hatching in the sand just a few metres away don’t sound like an easy mix but, at the X base end of Nelly Bay beach, turtle nesting consciousness has taken a new turn [ read more ]
Do you know what Julia Gillard is up to on Friday?
Few Australians would not feel proud today that the Franklin River was saved, that oil rigs on the Great Barrier Reef were stopped, that the Daintree and Wet Tropics World heritage Area was established to protect priceless natural treasures [ read more ]
Anti-uranium rally tomorrow
It looks like there are quite a few Magnetic Islanders and Townsville locals heading to the Riverway Arts Centre Amphitheatre tomorrow for a rally to protest the likely mining of uranium at Ben Lomond, 50kms from Townsville [ read more ]
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Tonia In reply to The ongoing price of Nelly Bay Harbour
It's 14 years since I last visited Maggy. I am shocked by Nelly Bay and saddened. It is insensitive, ugly and juxtaposed to the essence of Maggy. I embrace progress in general, but this is poorly conceived and executed. Shame.
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