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A young koala's beach adventure

Advertising with us | May 1st 2007
Our banner & display advert rates
We are very flexible in providing promotion for your business in both the short and longer term. We are also happy to discuss your particular needs and seek to provide you with a package suitable for the type of promotion you need. But for many businesses there is are some straightforward packages we can provide very quickly. For more about them and other approaches read on.
Advertising with us | Dec 1st 2008
Mostly FREE: Classifieds
Most classifieds in are FREE for the private user. That means that if you are selling your old fridge or washing machine or having a garage sale it's FREE. To place an advert just CLICK HERE to email it to us and we will load it for you promptly.
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Advertising with us | Feb 20th 2006
Why advertise with us?
After four years of building a world-wide niche readership, is the affordable way to connect your businesses to a Magnetic Island-interested audience around the world.
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Advertising with us | Aug 25th 2005
How to place a Classified
Magnetic Times has free classified advertising available for most private users.
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Advertising with us | Jun 3rd 2005
Records keep falling
While Magnetic Island appears to be suffering from an indifferent tourist season the same could not be said for where we broke 50,000 online visitors for the first time in one month: May 2005.
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Advertising with us | Jul 18th 2004
Make your home page
It's easy to do. Just follow these simple instructions.
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Advertising with us | Jan 15th 2004
Sell your house today!
Would you like to advertise your house or property to the local market as well as the interstate and international market? Magnetic Times makes it all possible for you...
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Advertising with us | Sep 5th 2003 photo archives has over 3,000 photos of Magnetic Island life and we are keen that you, our visitors, can see and enjoy them. To find any of our recent and archival photos use our search engine located on our Shot on the Rock photo album (click on the photo displayed near the top left corner on any page)or just click on the link at the bottom of this page.
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Advertising with us | May 13th 2003
What? Where? When? A guide to what's on - on the Island.
What? Where? When? A guide to what's on - on the Island.
Magnetic Times' What Where When goes solo!
For years Magnetic Islanders have relied on Magnetic Times' What Where When guide to keep them up to date with Island activities. Since Magnetic Times has now become a wholly internet-based newspaper however, we decided that we couldn't ignore those of our community who don't have a computer so MT's very popular "What Where When" section has just been launched as a monthly update with a full listing of all community events and activities across Magnetic as well as important dates for Townsville too. The first new edition was distributed on Friday 30th May.
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Advertising with us | Feb 19th 2003
Open for advertising
Open for advertising
Magnetic's new marketplace
Imagine this: a magical new street has appeared recently, somewhere on Magnetic Island. It's a friendly and very community-minded street where almost everything of interest on the Island can be found.
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Readers comments
Syl Hayes In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
What a wonderful outcome for the school! I had a great time face-painting with Luke and Sasha, met lots of kids and parents,scored some great books at the Trash n Treasure stall, and even remembered to vote. Everywhere you looked people were enjoying themselves...such a tribute to the organisers. Well done!
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