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Ceramic artist Jenny Mulcahy with paperbark ash glazed work
Ceramic artist Jenny Mulcahy with paperbark ash glazed work
Arts News | Aug 15th 2013
Bush ceramics studio open to visitors this weekend
This weekend potters from all over Australia will be opening their studio doors to welcome interested visitors. And on Magnetic Island, an artist who has been operating her studio here for 29 years, Jenny Mulcahy, will open hers. Many will know Jenny's former studio in Nerita Crescent, Nelly Bay, but they will be delighted to find her new workshop tucked onto a deeply forested ridge above the upper reaches of Gustav Creek.
Arts News | Aug 8th 2013
Nelly Bay Terminal in 2003
Nelly Bay Terminal in 2003
'Magnetic Island: Here, There and Now' exhibition for harbour terminal
On Sunday, 1st September 2013 the Nelly Bay Harbour and terminal building will be ten years old. To mark this milestone locals on Magnetic Island are organising an art exhibition and competition to be shown in the terminal building. The exhibition will be a feature event in the Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival and will be open to the public over the period of the festival from Sunday 1st September until Sunday 6th October.
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Arts News | Jul 10th 2013
Mountain by Imogen Rogers
Mountain by Imogen Rogers
Imogen Rogers at Barefoot
It’s good to see a bit of unashamedly abstract painting for a change amid the oft-witnessed pleasing landscapes, seascapes and generally literal renderings found so regularly in North Queensland art exhibitions.
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Arts News | Jun 19th 2013
Luke Phillippo's Reunion
Luke Phillippo's Reunion
A Reunion with Luke Phillippo
Magnetic Islanders who knew, former Islander, Luke Phillippo will be fascinated to see he has been producing a very clever little series of shorts on Youtube titled "Reunion". In it he plays a kind of excruciating version of himself catching up to some supposed old school friends on Skype. The results are brilliant so we decided to interview Luke to learn more about Reunion and what he's been up to since his Magnetic times.
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Arts News | May 23rd 2013
Kasimir Zierl at Cannes
Kasimir Zierl at Cannes
Cannes screening for young Islander's short film
He’s living in Berlin and working with a professional music video production company. But film making is his first love and, 24 year old Kasimir Zierl, who grew up on Magnetic Island and was first inspired to become a film professional after winning the much-loved Magnetic Mango Film Competition, has now had his first short film, titled 'Echo,' accepted in the shorts category of the Cannes Film Festival. Proud of this young Islander’s achievements Magnetic Times conducted the following interview.
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Arts News | May 2nd 2013
World Music concert performer Kristna Olsen
World Music concert performer Kristna Olsen
World Music Gala concert this Sunday
After last year’s great success "Music on Magnetic" opens its doors again to the public with a World Music Gala concert on Sunday May 5, 6pm, involving all the participating teachers and some guests as well.
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Arts News | Apr 20th 2013
Dump dog by Sue Ryan
Dump dog by Sue Ryan
'Mesh' is a must-see
Last night a large crowd gathered for the opening of Mesh, an extraordinary group exhibition by north Queensland artists, Marion Gaemers, Lynette Griffiths and Sue Ryan at Umbrella Studio Gallery in Townsville. Almost all of the work included recycled beach junk, much of it from deadly ghost nets. And, included with the exhibition was a video produced by Penelope Sheridan about Marion Gaemers who conducted a “Flotsam and Fibre” woven mural workshop on Magnetic Island last year.
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Arts News | Apr 15th 2013
Marilyn Sheather with her NQ Arts Award
Marilyn Sheather with her NQ Arts Award
Islanders recognised in NQ Arts Awards
Marilyn Sheather of Nelly Bay and organiser of the Great Tropical Jazz Parties on Magnetic Island was recognised last Friday night, for her enormous service to the community, when she received a North Queensland Art Award at the Townsville Civic Theatre for her work which has seen an annual, world class, Jazz festival held on Magnetic Island for the last 17 years.
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Arts News | Mar 25th 2013
Scrap metal wanted for artwork
On Sunday April 7 there will be a gathering to talk with Townsville artist Sue Tilley who will be working with the Island community to make a metal sculpture to commemorate the Picnic Bay School's Anniversary in June. In the meantime the call is out for interesting pieces of metal to be used in this public artwork.
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Arts News | Feb 19th 2013
Pecha Kucha is back tomorrow night
Try saying the words "Pecha Kucha" like the muppets' song "Manamana" and you have learnt a fun Japanese word for "chit-chat" which, over the last ten years, has also become a world-wide sensation for artists, designers, activists and just about anybody with a creative idea they want to share, to get it out to an appreciative audience.
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Like to share your "Recollections"?
Last year the Museum of Tropical Queensland held an unusual exhibition [ read more ]
Aquapella annual concert this Saturday
Aquapella, an ABC Classic FM, Queensland Choir of the Year, is presenting its annual concert in the great accoustic space of Townsville's the Sacred Heart Cathedral this Saturday night [ read more ]
Sea treasures become art
Following one of the most delightful workshops during the Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival: Marion Gaemers' Found object workshop", MItv have come up with a lovely video covering the event [ read more ]
Australian Youth Orchestra to perform at MIRSL
Magnetic Island RSL has scored a great coup this Thursday with a visit from the Australian Youth Orchestra's String Quartet [ read more ]
YouTube channel for Magnetic Island
With a first for Magnetic Island, award winning Italian filmmaker Antonella Villa has teamed up with local Anthropologist Lyle Williams to create Magnetic Island TV, a YouTube channel dedicated to promoting the Island [ read more ]
Why is this music so good yet still not popular?
16 years on and another Great Tropical Jazz Party is over on Magnetic Island [ read more ]
Why music lovers and hooligans will both appreciate this weekend on Magnetic Island
It’s hard to imagine a more fortunate place to be than on Magnetic Island this weekend [ read more ]
Don't forget tomorrow night's Opera on the Island
Tomorrow, Saturday August 4 is special and we want to remind all readers that the Underground Opera will be truly above ground tomorrow and beside the beautiful lapping waters of Geoffrey Bay (the old Arcadia Jetty site) at sunset, to perform a selection of traditional and popular opera [ read more ]
Opera on the Rock
On Saturday, August 4, the very first, "Opera On The Island" will be held at the Bremner Point (old Arcadia jetty site) on Geoffrey Bay [ read more ]
World class jazz back to Magnetic in August
"This is truly a world class musical event [ read more ]
How to share your ideas or be inspired
There's a new way Magnetic Island's creative people can present ideas that interest and or inspire them [ read more ]
Readers comments
Tonia In reply to The ongoing price of Nelly Bay Harbour
It's 14 years since I last visited Maggy. I am shocked by Nelly Bay and saddened. It is insensitive, ugly and juxtaposed to the essence of Maggy. I embrace progress in general, but this is poorly conceived and executed. Shame.
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