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December 6th 2004
Magnetic's Christmas Party

Santa visits Magnetic Island Christmas would not be Christmas on Magnetic Island if it weren't for the MI Sports and Recreation Club Christmas Party coming up this Saturday Dec 11. The Party is an event where all Islanders are welcome, where old timers meet new comers, where the whole community has a load of fun and, in doing so, helps the Club provide the sport and recreation facilities for the community in return.

Committee member Kylie Lewis told Magnetic Times, "The party is a great event for the community and the club. We are planning a whole bunch of activities and I'm hoping all the Island will join us."

The party starts at noon and continues throughout the afternoon with a range of market stalls, $50 raffles through the day, burgers on the barby, sumo suit wrestling for a very big laugh, face painting, games including traditional sack, and egg and spoon races from 4.30pm with the arrival of Santa at 5.30pm.

Whether Santa will arrive on his horse this year is unknown although one local told Magnetic Times, "It's a lot likelier than him riding a reindeer!"

There is a more serious side to the happy event however and it is the problem all small community organisations now face: crippling insurance costs. Kylie Lewis said, "For this reason it is doubly important to help support our, volunteer-run, club in its vital role of providing activities for Island children and youths as well as their parents."

Magnetic Island Musos' Club will also be attending on the day and providing music through the later afternoon and evening.

Later, to cap off the fun, the movie Elf (rated PG) will be screened on the outdoor Walk-In movie screen.

The Sport and Rec Club bar and kiosk will of course be open throughout.

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Readers comments
Tonia In reply to The ongoing price of Nelly Bay Harbour
It's 14 years since I last visited Maggy. I am shocked by Nelly Bay and saddened. It is insensitive, ugly and juxtaposed to the essence of Maggy. I embrace progress in general, but this is poorly conceived and executed. Shame.
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