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October 29th 2012
Planned burn for Horseshoe Bay Lagoon Conservation Park

One month after the 2004 burn The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) will conduct a planned burn at Horseshoe Bay Lagoon Conservation Park tomorrow, Tuesday 30 October, if conditions are suitable.

The moderate to high intensity burn will take place in a small area along the road during the late afternoon.

Ranger-in-Charge Patrick Centurino said the planned burn would help to maintain the open woodland along the edge of the lagoon and provide access for weed control.

“This area was last burnt eight years ago and the vegetation would benefit from another burn,” Mr Centurino said.

”We also aim to thin out some of the paperbark (Melaleuca) trees on the edge of the lagoon, which have been encroaching into the lagoon and reducing the size of the water body.

“Fire has been used effectively in this area in the past to overcome a major weed infestation. Before the 2004 planned burn, much of the conservation park was heavily infested with para Grass and guinea grass which are highly invasive weeds.

“Fire was used as part of an integrated approach to weed control, which also included herbicides and hand removal. The outcome of this work can be clearly seen at the conservation park - a healthy natural woodland environment now exists where weeds once dominated.

National Park volunteers at work weeding at the conservation park

“Other less aggressive weeds are still present. The National Parks Volunteer group has been removing weeds from the conservation park. After the burn, volunteers and rangers will have better access to control weeds in this area.

“Rangers will door-knock locals and speak to neighbours and businesses before the burn. Residents will likely be affected by smoke and will need to prepare their homes accordingly. The walking tracks around the lagoon will also be closed for a few days,” Mr Centurino said.

For more information, please call the Magnetic Island office of QPWS on 4778 5378.

Photo from 2004 burn courtesy of QPWS
Photo of National Parks volunteer weeding group courtesy of John Chapman

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