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February 3rd 2007
The off-leash dog photo file

The first dog photographed off leash Following increasing attacks on wildlife and the continuing threat posed by off-leash dogs to children, the frail and elderly, has begun a photo file of off-leash dogs photographed by our readers.

We believe the situation of off-leash dogs in public places on Magnetic Island has reached a point where it is necessary to introduce a little public shaming as many locals will know the photographed dogs and who they belong to.

We hope this will lead to a change in the attitude of owners that is characterised by the saying, "My dog wouldn't hurt a flea" which simply encourages, by example, other owners to let their dogs of leash in public too.

For the record, here is some of what Townsville City Council has to say about the control of dogs:

Having an adequate size fence for your dog protects both your dog and your neighbourhood. As a responsible pet owner, it is important to ensure that your fence or dog enclosure is:

High enough that your dog can't jump over,
Low enough that your dog can't dig under,
Strong enough that your dog can't push it over,
Hole proof so that your dog can't escape through it.

It is also important that the fence is designed so your pet can't attack people through it.

Dogs must be leashed at all times outside your property and you can only lead a maximum of two dogs at a time. Being a responsible owner means that you are
responsible for the actions of your dog. It is your duty to clean up after your pet and to make sure that your dog isn't disturbing other people and other animals.

Irresponsible owners who fail to walk their dogs on a leash when in public will face penalties including $75.00 on the spot fines. Compliance with leash laws is regularly checked to ensure that pet owners are taking their responsibility seriously.

Pet owners are responsible for the actions of their pets at all times - using a leash will minimise the risk. Proper restraint shows respect for the safety of others and the safety of your pet. Council has laws and they have to be enforced
fairly and evenly to protect people and pets - using a leash is the law.

To visit TCC's page on dog restraint (click here)

For legal reasons we will edit out of photos images of people in the company of the dogs in question as unfair association may be inferred. We will also maintain the anonymity of the photographer. What we will indicate is the time and place of the photo being taken and would ask contributors to include this information when they email images to

We are also hoping TCC will take notice of your photos as they will provide clear evidence of dogs clearly in breach of the Local Laws.

Following are the photos submitted so far:

This Alsatian was off leash on Mandalay Ave. Nelly Bay on Saturday 3 February 2007

This dog was off leash near the corner of Mirabel and Mirimar in Arcadia in early February 2007.

This dog is believed to be the same as photographed below. Photographed off-leash in Nelly Bay 5.30pm Wednesday Aug 30 2006.

These two were seen attacking chickens at Nelly Bay
in the morning of Thursday 17 August

A Horseshoe Bay resident witnessed this dog taking
a young wallaby after killing a possum last week. At 5.15pm, 14
August 2006 it was out again behind Dent Street.

6.10pm: Terrier at eastern end Horseshoe Bay 8.8.06

The off-leash dog photo file
August 9th 2006
Bravo. Horseshoe Bay is rife with unfenced and unleashed dogs. Our wallabies, curlews, cukals and possums are unprotected.
Lorraine Phillippo
August 10th 2006
Re: Secret dog file photos. What is the point? Owners of dangerous dogs who let them roam certainly won't be 'shamed'. If talking to the owner doesn't work, complainants should follow proper procedure and contact council or police (and show them the unedited photos). What happened to being upfront - so many times people are annoyed about something but won't put their name to a complaint. How is editing these photos going to do anything? Anyway, my main reason for this comment is that I am incredulous that you would even consider this photo idea. How bizarre and very USA. What's next? Photos of unleashed kids/teens out after dark? Secret snaps of packs of people collecting their luggage and shopping from the no-go areas at Nelly Bay Harbour? More realistically, why not photos of the taxis, buses and cars loping over the hills and frolicking over the double lines. Go to it MI Times Police!
Jill Edwards-Davis
August 10th 2006
Whilst I agree that probably most dog owners won't be shamed by this photo campaign, if even ONE owner starts taking more care of their dog, I feel the campaign will be worthwhile.
What would be even better would be reports on people actually being fined for having roaming dogs.
I have some sympathy for dog owners, who have nowhere to allow their dogs to run (relatively)free on the Island, frolic in the sea etc. But those are the rules.
I, too, hope that the unedited photos are sent to the Council, especially if the dog's registration number can be established and sent with the photo.
Does anyone know a) how to contact out Dog Warden and b)which hours they are on duty?
Even those who are not particularly interested in wildlife must surely be horrified by the danger to children from a Rotty wanering around off-leash.
George Hirst - Editor
August 10th 2006
I thank Lorraine and Jill for their contributions to this debate. First Lorraine, the point is that Magnetic Island is a World Heritage Island with a large native fauna population which is particularly at risk from roaming dogs. Last year the Ranger in charge on the Island said, "I have lived in many Townsville suburbs" he said, "But Magnetic Island is the worst suburb for roaming dogs." This is a disgrace.

I actually think that as the word gets around that residents have a safe way (lots of people are intimidated by the owners and not just the dogs) of identifying animals which can be shown to Council and the rest of the community, the owners may think twice and as more people do the right thing, like smoking perhaps, the "off factor" of off-leash can grow.

As for editing, we are simply making this point because there is a likelihood that people seen with an off-leash dog may not be the owner or associated with the dog and for that reason there may be unfair associations made.

As for your main point about where it might end. We think this is an issue that can easily be remedied by people upholding a simple law. If others wish to publish vehicles going over double lines or people trying to pick up their luggage from a poorly designed terminal they are free to do so but we won't run it in That's our editorial choice based on a belief that the Island's roads are very narrow and it is an easy mistake to slip over a line. Luggage collection is in our view the fault of bad planning by developer-favouring government and is not the fault of the luggage collectors. But dog leash laws are easy and simple for any dog owner to apply and here we think there is a useful contribution that web based technology can make.

Jill, I have some sympathy for dog owners too who have no place to run them. Some years ago a public meeting (almost entirely comprised of dog owners) voted overwhelmingly for Nelly Bay beach to be the new dog off leash area. Amazingly TCC set about to give away the prime attaction of the bay to off-leash dogs and set about to build a ridiculous fence to protect the dogs from straying onto the road. The dog owners had rejected options for an off leash area at Horseshoe Bay and after large and amazing protests the fence and off-leash area was canned. Since then many dog owners have used the beach as an off-leash area anyway. I have no knowledge of how many dog owners have been prosecuted there but it continues and we believe, is to the detrement of wider public use and a continuing threat to wildlife.

The Island Animal Control Officer is Steve Melvin and he is contactable on 0417 603796. I think you will need to ask him what his hours are.

George Hirst
mark preece
August 10th 2006
I refer to my email re article on June 19th 2004
Lorraine Phillippo
August 10th 2006
The part in my letter about Nelly Bay is obviously a joke, which you seem to have missed. My point is that this whole photo thing is very "big brotherish" and why is it up to MI times to act as local dog police?
August 10th 2006
In the "6.10pm Terrier at eastern end Horseshoe Bay" photo (above) what is the white splash of water in the background? The leash?
If that dog has been identified as a "terrier" then I can safely say I'm a monkey's uncle.
And on the question of legal anomalies and the like - does the breakwater island in Nelly Bay - the thing you are standing on when you cross the Constitution Bridge - have World Heritage status? Hard to swallow eh?
Bill Zardus
August 11th 2006
The problem is usually that when there
are not enough designated areas for dogowners,
then people end up bringing their dogs everywhere.

In other words, short sighted towns end up causing their own problems.

Bill Zardus
Camden County, NJ USA
Ron Smith
August 11th 2006
It's not just the threat to people and wildlife from the loose dogs that the owners need to consider, there are threats to the dogs themselves. As well as being struck by cars and savaged by other dogs, large dogs are often stolen for pig hunting or illegal dogfights. Small dogs are often stolen to "blood" the bigger dogs for fighting. People make jokes about Chinese restaurants and cats but I knew a Filipino fellow once who regularly collected dogs for butchering. And being pets, they are used to eating people food which, unsupervised, can be dangerous. Onions, garlic, mushrooms and walnuts are all toxic to dogs and a large block of cooking chocolate can potentially give a medium-sized dog a heart attack. So, dog owners, it's in everyones' best interest - you, the public, wildlife and your dog - to keep them fenced or on a lead.

This goes for cat owners as well. A prime cat pelt can fetch up to $25 and the fur auction houses in Melbourne export literally tons of them each winter for the fur and stuffed toy trade.
John Belchenny
August 13th 2006
Wake up Magnetic Islanders. Cats and dogs should be banned from coming to your beautiful Island and microchipping of all current dogs and cats should be introduced pronto so that anyone who has a dog or cat on Maggie is allowed to keep it but when it dies thats it. No replacement cat or dog allowed. Increase fines immensely for dogs and cats on the loose, say $250 first offence and $1000 for second offence providing the animal is microchipped. Third offrense euthenasia. Of the pet that is. Any dog or cat caught outside its yard unleashed and without micropchipping should be put down after the measures are introduced. If you do not get your act together you will loose some of the wildlife and Maggie without Curlews wailing at night would be like Antarctica without Penguins. (Abridged Ed)
August 18th 2006
John for Mayor! Better still (since Queensland is about to have a state election), John for Premier!
But when John finds that he can't get elected because the general public don't actually want draconian legislation (or Council by-laws), don't want anything banned and don't want to be told to wake up, he will have to accept the tyranny of the majority and ride his high horse back onto the sideline.
August 19th 2006
I've been a visitor to this beautiful island for many years.
I'm also a dog owner. I think George summed it up...with his original comment that's its not the dogs, its the owners. Dogs need to be fenced when owners are out and walked (and exercised) at least twice a day. Few are. However, from the many and varied dog owners I've met here on this island over the years...many DO wish to exercise their dogs - especially the BIG ones (who could cause problems if not exercised) and basically there's NOWHERE for them to chase a ball, a stick or run leash free with their owners (andI mean ONLY with their owners or walkers). There should be at least two designated leash-free exercise areas on Maggie. Nelly Bay ...far end of the beach away from locals and tourists and maybe Horseshoe Bay...far end of the beach. Signs could be erected most other areas have these throughout to from this FLAG/SIGN east/west to THIS FLAG/SIGN dogs may be leash free. ANY OTHER AREA they are caught without lease brings a very heft fine. Simple as that. Then all responsible dog owners have an area to 'exhaust' their 'best friends' and all irresponsible owners who allow their dogs to wander aimlessly have ON THE SPOT major fines.
In regard to the 'attack' on a wallaby and possum' last week, I must say that humans are causing far more hardship to these animals than dogs. I have been three times down to the far end of Horseshoe Bay to witness the stunning sunsets and on ALL three occasions have come across possums and in total 5 wallabies/kangaroos in deep distress having been hit by cars at dusk.....broken legs, mangled chests, 'half heads' horrendously painful injuries... the animals just left to die a slow and extremely painful death by totally heaftless car drivers. If anything deserves a SHAME file...this does. The speed limit down that end of Horseshoe (where the sewerage works, concrete trucks, huge 4WD, utes speed up and down from dawn to dusk daily) should be lowered greatly.
I understand John's concerns and thoughts about dogs. But humans will always want 'their best friends' living with them...and for many people this is their only sensible regulations, exercise areas, neutering of both cats and dogs (unless licensed ...and I agree on Maggie don't license breeding) could bring the current challenges down to a small ripple.
And lets face it..its not the domestic animals that are causing the wildlife to disappear off 'the face of Maggie'...its the money-hungry developers-destroying natural habitat....everywhere!!!
August 19th 2006
Sorry Molly but the "far end of Nelly Bay" (your words) is the busiest area on that beach - right in front of XBase. If promoters of the idea are really genuine they would go for a place where there is no competition rather than one where people want to go themselves and be seen - ie. the beach, any beach. If promoters are looking for a designated leash-free area in Nelly Bay - that is, an area where humans will reasonably willingly take second place - what is wrong with the green space currently surrounding the old sewerage treatment plant at the top of Kelly Street? From my fairly frequent observation this space is more or less unused. It may have a future use but at present there are acres of open space within easy (leashed) walking distance of most of the bay's households. Unfortunately, I don't think the main problem is the lack of a place to walk dogs. Most of the troublesome dogs never get walked because their owners aren't in the habit - whether or not there is a space provided.

jenny moses
August 23rd 2006
It is cruel to keep a dog if you cannot have a place to legally let it run off leash. If Magnetic Island Council would allocate a place to let dogs run off leash then the laws would appear to be more reasonable. I am living in Sydney and there are many places for off leash dogs to have their very necessary freedom.
September 12th 2006
Interesting debate - for every 1 dog off its leash or out of its yard, there would be 20 that are not. The vast majority of dog owners on Maggie are responsible and adhere to city council and moral guidlines for pet ownership.
kimmie Nation
September 26th 2006
Good on you Molly who ever you are, I too have seen the dead wildlife,or nearly dead, where I have had to finish the awful job to put the poor things out of their misery because they are so badly smashed up it was the kindess thing I could do for them. It saddens me when I see the cars on the road knocking over our native friends. Its one thing to hit them but another to not stop so their left to die a slow and painful death, and in the 25 years I have lived on this Island I have seen some hidious sites with possums and the mutalation they have incurred.Which brings me to the question..Why would any person want their dog to kill a possum when lots of them are riddled with the 'mange'in the old area in which I live, it is nothing to see 15-20 possums scrounging around my place for a feed and I am not the only house that has this problem....They are not healthy at all, many of us old locals have suggested a "kulling" this was a good suggestion as they are breeding like rabbits, and 25 years here how many possums do you think reside here that are perfectly healthy, but no we cant do that because thats cruel...define cruel???Like the Koalas in Adelaide..Someone who worked with them for 20 years suggested a "KULL" because they were dying of starvation.. No cant do that either. God forbid...We cant Kull so we have to watch these poor buggers die a slow death because a bunch of greenies say we have to keep them alive so the guilt is not on their conscience. Please....I have stayed silent for 25 years on this Island as so many other real Locals have too on this issue because of the backlash that will come their way. Well I am a wildlife warrior and I would rather see our wildlife healthier and diseased free,instead of worrying about a few dogs of the leash. concentrate on certain people(and you know who you are) purposely running over our wildlife, not to mention the 4 stingrays with their tail cut off at the right end of horsebay beach. I saw them with my own eyes. Wake up people smell the coffee and be concerned about REAL issues.......
John Becker
October 7th 2006
Another letter to support Kimmie Nation
October 18th 2006
95% of Maggie dog-owners are loving, caring souls who look after their dogs. AS always there are a small minority of people who treat their dogs like second-class 'beings' locked in a yard or worse on a chain or worse still - don't care about them and leave them free to wander wherever they want.
Why do the 95% who want to walk their dogs daily in a responsible manner, on-leash or OFF leash have to be compromised by those that don't look after their animals and who let them wander.
We must get a group together to get this ridiculous situation changed....there is NOWHERE on this island where a dog can chase a ball, catch a stick, run as they are bred to do, have a swim, coz it has to be 'on the leash' or a hefty fine charged or a shame file picture published!!. Dogs cannot be truly exercised 'on a leash' -Its unhealthy for dogs and eventually leads to dogs going haywire when they can't get free-running, responsible off leash exercise daily.
If the 5% that don't look after their dogs get fined or listed on your shame file...fine. But let the 95% have SOME sensibility... by giving them somewhere to exercise. Humans and cars do more damage to wildlife and other human beings, than dogs who are walking, running, chasing in 'controlled' exercise with their owners. So lets get an area designated as 'a trial' and see how it goes. Every other major city, country area has lots of these 'off leash' exercise areas...why don't we? Sure...keep it away from the main populace but give them an end of a beach and/or some parkland. The Botannical Gardens in Melbourne has a brilliant area (massive) where all the dogs and their owners meet daily (morning and night) ...they even hold Easter parties and Xmas parties for the dogs and their owners. Community come together in a responsible manner. Come on Maggie..ites...lets demand from Council some responsible changes. What's the worst that can happen.... if it doesn't work, it gets closed down.
November 27th 2006
I am a reluctant dog owner, living at Northern Beaches, Cairns. Finally giving into years of emotional blackmail from my daughter, who promised to take complete responsbility, I have two, same litter, castrated pure-bred Labrador Retrievers that I bought at great expense interstate. I have much sympathy for the dog keepers of Magnetic Island who have nowhere to exercise their dogs off-leash but also for non-dog keepers who regard many dogs and their owners as social menaces. The breed standard for male labs is 27-36kg. My five year old labs are about 27kg each. This is only because I exercise them so much. I used to run them up and down on the beach, but they developed severe osteoarthritis in each elbow. So now I only swim them for about one to two hours most evenings. Frankly its a pain - but my daughter lied to me so what I can do but accept the consequences of my foolish error?

Here are my suggestions:

1. Determine council's jurisdiction which normally terminates at the highwater mark except where Qld Gov has gazetted control of a "bathing reserve" to Council. On a gazetted bathing reserve, the foreshore reserve's foreshore becomes subject to the local byelaws but jurisdiction still stops at the low water mark. National Parks have their own legislation. On a non-gazetted bathing reserve not in a National Park, the local byelaws do not apply below the high water mark so dogs may legally go off-leash below the high water mark.
2. Require all Maggie dogs to be castrated and bitches spathed at six months.
3. Ban all Maggie backyard breeding. Enforce with heavy fines.
4. Encourage the purchase of softmouthed retriever breeds (gundogs) such as labradors, golden retrievers, spaniels etc.
5. Discourage large, powerful breeds. There's no evidence they do a better job as a security deterrence for the typical housebreaker than a pair of small to medium dogs. Most people lack the skill and temperament to train properly any breed of dog let alone a Rottweiler or Dobermann. Indiscipline plus power is a recipe for a dangerous dog. Labs are particularly easy to train. If you can't train a Lab then you probably shouldn't keep a dog (or children!).
September 5th 2007
<<< Anyway, my main reason for this comment is that I am incredulous that you would even consider this photo idea. How bizarre and very USA. What's next? >>> I resent your comments about the USA. What has any of this to do with the USA? Leave us out of it. I am totally sick of the constant bad mouthing of the USA by Australians. If you hate us then quit importing our stuff quit taking the millions from USA tourists. I'm in favor of the photos. The police and the rules never work because no one enforces them so maybe photos will help. Keep up the good work.
Liam Bagnell
October 17th 2007
Hi, you've featured my dog in your "shame file". I choose to exercise my dog on the beach as there is no designated spots on the island. I try and choose a secluded spot as not to bother anyone else. I would rather have him chase a stick on the beach rather than the wildlife, as I love all animals. Its a pity that the person who took the picture was to gutless to come and raise this issue with me face to face rather than hiding behind their camera like Big Brother. The removal of the natural habitat to build houses has a much more detremental effect on native wildlife. Toot Toot
adam david
October 18th 2007
in regards to your recent story about dog's off the leeds. are we so vain now days and is there nothing more important to write or worry about. please. i'm no hippee or as you folks call" a tree huger" but a dog of its leed is not as bad as let's say say a major resort type complex going up and filling your town tip, for free i might add, then having local people forced to now pay for the right to do so, or perhaps back packers coming to town and spear fishing, or maybe the local ferry operator charging what can only be described as " high way robbery" fairs. come on this type of scare campain should be left for sydney or brisbane where to say the truth most of you have come from. there dogs, its not 1980 and your not the chamberlan family there not going to steal your babies, grow up you live on a island, freedom is the reason your there " folks"
November 5th 2007
I agree with Liam. I have now moved back to Scotland from Australia, and regularly enjoy walking up Scolty, the local mountain where dogs roam together with native wildlife. Shame that Australia has got so uptight about this issue, and don't even allow dogs in national parks. Dogs love it and the owners do too. I have never once seem a wildlife attack or people attack for that matter. What about the rights of dogs to enjoy roaming in nature. Freedom :)
Elizabeth Sargent
December 28th 2007
I live at beautiful Peregian Beach, slightly south of Noosa, and have been reading the Magnetic Times as I'm thinking of making the move there mid next year. I have a lovely little Lhasa Apso, who is on his last legs. Before he got sick, we used to drive to Marcus Beach (Peregian Beach is a no dog area) which is literally 2km away, and walk for an hour on the designated dog beach. 99% of all the dogs and dog owners on our dog beach are responsible, the dogs are well socialised and obedient and everyone just has a great time. We pick up their poo as well. I would say that it is only the unsupervised dogs that are causing your problems. From experience (we are surrounded by National (no dog) Forest) a designated dog area where they can run and play and enjoy the beach is a great idea. It's great for the owners too. They make friends and I can contribute about 70% of my business to people that i have met on the beach referring me. Lonely people get to have a chat, you can talk about your doggy problems and get advice (usually husband and wife troubles too!) it has been invaluable to me personally. And my little dog, whom came to me when he was five, was not socialised very well. After about 3 weeks on the beach with the other dogs, all very nice, calm and well mannered, he was a different dog and really looked forward to seeing his mates - as did I.

Fine those horrible owners who are letting their dogs roam and scare people and kill the wild life. Two strikes you are out and the dog gets taken away - they don't deserve them anyway.

Designate a lovely area for the dogs to run and play. Have doggy poo bags and a bin at the entrances, everyone uses them. You will be happy with the result.
Marg Sewell
April 9th 2008
I agree with Pauline about Australia being so uptight about dogs.Townsville in particular is ultra uptight.Further south from Townsville to Victoria, there are designated leash free zones which work really well for owners and their dogs as has been covered in previous letters.Look at the USA, England where dogs are allowed into hotels, restaurants and behave beautifully.I have stayed in dog friendly caravan parks and have always found them to be more relaxed and friendlier places to stay than their "No Dog"competition. Dogs just want to be close to their owners and are usually contented when they are.Create some leash free areas and create a more relaxed attitude to our 4 legged friends.
rhon walker
March 24th 2009
their are two side to the story but most people just want to play with their dogs on the beach in a safe enviorment. I want to come and visit Magnetic Island with my dog and hope their is a place I can go and let her run free without breaking any laws. I live in North Brisbane and enjoy many dog parks. Nudgee Beach dog park is especially good. fenced on three sides with ocean access. I hope something like that awaits us when we go on holidays.
D Breen
March 25th 2009
I would like to comment on your dogs off leash section. Why are we bagging dogs and their owners when we should be working together as a community to get an off the leash area which will benefit the dogs, the owners and the community as a whole. It is unfair to try and "catch out" owners who have no where to let thier dogs off the leash and do what they do best which is run and play. We are all responsible owners and do not like being under such scrutiny when there are far worse things going on than letting a dog run its energy off so it doesn\'t annoy other community members. Lets try working together rather than playing the blame game and get an area which will benefit everyone such as the areas in townsville which our dog registration is paying for.
April 19th 2010
seriously guys, get a life. cats do far more damage to native wildlife than dogs ever will.
April 26th 2010
Don't worry Paul. The acres of open ground at the Nelly Bay ex-Treatment Plant site are still there, are beautifully manicured to be soft underfoot for dogs and walkers and still no one uses it.
Wendy Beveridge
June 14th 2010
I think public shaming is great. And also should be used for people who litter, in particular cigarette butts flying out car windows. I am thinking of photographing dogs off leash in my area now, might start a webpage too. Nothing to do with getting on and being grumpy either as some may think, I am only 42 but wouldn't have had the guts to comment when I was younger.
sheila roach
November 12th 2010
O Dear I have been off the island for 6 years and I am so sorry to see this dibacle regarding dogs on the island.I was here when the fence went up at Nelly bay to cover if any dog should suddenly descide to run into the road-yes I must admit it looked a bit strange all there by itself-then it was promptly removed after much hue and cry.I cannot believe there isnt any dog walking area now -its incredulous.One of the great joys is to take the dog along and throw sticks on the beach.Surely this can be rectified and a doggy bin supplied?Nearly every beach all the way up from Sydney has dog areas -even cocacabana beach where owners can chat and get together.For those that are so anti dont forget dogs have been mans best friend and have provided amusement,loyalty and bring fun into our lives and company to many,So lets get a dog walking area on the beach
Ree Cluse
January 25th 2012

I wish I knew where to start.
If this is what you think are the problems on the island, then you have your head in the sand.
Leave the dogs out of it, and focus on BASE, and the drug trade on Maggie for one. Then work down the list to hard working husbands and cheating wives, assaults, vandalism, thefts, and open gay escapades.
Dog owner ex resident
May 30th 2013
It's really disappointing to see this dog gestapo approach to canine management on Maggie. People like those photographing dogs who are now on leashes have ruined the spirit of this once-relaxed paradise and turned it into another yuppie or grey nomad fishbowl. I agree with those above who say get a life, protect wildlife from humans in cars or on jetskis and boats, and ADDRESS the alleged problem rather than whinge about it and attempt to lay shame on dogs, who aren't to blame if they're not supervised, and responsible owners who clearly need somewhere safe at each of the island's communities to exercise their pets on or off leash without harassment by rabid dog haters like you.

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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