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July 11th 2006

A restful life beneath the warming sun Something short which might interest your poetry readers. It is called `Australia.` Loftus Dun


How many colours decorate Australia?
How much friendship moulds
Australia`s smile?
What`s the precious charm of
this togetherness?
Answer these! They make our
world worthwhile.

For they create the beauty of
this country,
The people, land and seas,
together - one;
They give a peace which other
people pray for,
A restful life beneath the
warming sun.

Loftus Dun

rando wood
July 21st 2006
AAAhh, Loftus, I wasn't so sure when I read your other poems earlier. But now ... I'm starting to see your heart, your desire and hopes (colours, togethernes, friendship. Just love your last line - it's a poem all of its own. RW

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