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June 16th 2006
The Poems of Andrew Boscacci

Gustav Creek Andrew Boscacci lives in Townsville and works on Magnetic Island. He wrote the first two poems on the ferry one day.

Sorrow of our trees

Please don't let me
Be caught in a net
That harvests life
From its source
Like biting the
Hand that feeds
Like not knowing
Our daily needs
Like falling on
Our knees
When hearing the
Of our trees

A. Boscacci

Little fish

I watch a little striped fish
swimming in the ocean
and I think life is but that one
little striped fish
but suddenly it is swallowed
by an ugly eel
from between the rocks.
"Where does beauty lead us
if not from within?"
Says the eel.

A. Boscacci

I washed a flower today
one I wanted to keep
I wanted to give it to you
with all my heart to seek.

Little flower neither right noe wrong
sits for no one to belong
now one of the few
my gift to you, kept new.

Take my flower, without it I give
put it in your life
grown fresh and bright
put it somewhere in the light.

A. Bosscacci

The Poems of Andrew Boscacci
June 22nd 2006
Really liked your poems Andrew. Do hope that you are inspired to write again,
rando wood
July 9th 2006
Delightfully enigmatic, Andrew. Don't allow the world and everyday presures to crush your creative juices - let them gush or flow as the mood takes you.
August 8th 2007
I really love your poetry ! It's so beautiful.
I enjoy it ! I hope you will write more...
Thanks for the lovely poetry...

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