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September 23rd 2009
Simon Borg-Olivier's YogaSynergy workshop on Magnetic

Simon Borg-Oliver Titled, "Outer Power…Inner Peace", a workshop by highly acclaimed yoga teacher Simon Borg-Oliver will be held on Magnetic Island from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th October 2009. The workshop is being arranged by Magnetic Island yoga teacher Dani Ceccarelli who has provided the following information.

YogaSynergy style is traditional hatha yoga with an understanding from exercise-based physiotherapy.

In the Friday night session Simon will give a short lecture on the essential physical, mental and ethical principles of hatha yoga and a demonstration with advanced yoga postures.

For those who can it is best to enrol for the whole workshop in which the Yoga Synergy Air Sequence will be taught in 4 classes of 3 hours in length which will be a mixture of technical inquiry and flow-through meditative styles. The workshop will conclude with a lead dynamic meditative practice to music which applies the principles of yoga to increase energy levels, promote physical strength with flexibility and help bring you to a profound state of meditation.

Workshop: 'Outer Power … Inner Peace'

Simon Borg-Oliver

How to use asana (physical exercise) and pranayama (breath-control) to manifest physical power with meditative inner peace

Simon Borg-Olivier MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) has been teaching yoga for 25 years throughout the world. He is a registered physiotherapist and is co-director of one of Australia’s largest yoga schools - YogaSynergy.

In this workshop Simon teaches the essence of ashtanga yoga as described in the sutra “sthira sukham asanam”, which implies that asana (physical exercise) should be firm and powerful but at the same time allow you to feel peaceful, happy and calm.

He points out ancient texts saying pranayama (breath-control) should only be attempted once this state can be held for three hours. This can make asana and pranayama seem very inaccessible for most people but Simon shows how anyone, regardless of strength or flexibility, can use YogaSynergy posture and breathing techniques to simultaneously generate increased physical power with a blissful inner state.

This practice calms and balances the nervous system by using diaphragmatic breathing into an abdomen firmed through posture. Practical application of these principles in everyday life can help you stabilise and nourish your joints and muscles, prevent and heal injuries, and relieve physical and emotional pain.

Simon demonstrates simple Yoga Synergy techniques anyone can do that help to improve circulation and allow the joints and organs to function at their optimum health. He also shows advanced YogaSynergy techniques that demonstrate remarkable strength, flexibility and fitness. Each class is progressive and the last class will include a 90 minute lead meditative dynamic to static practice that will consolidate the teachings of the course.

Workshop details
Venue: Dani’s Yoga House (Friday night). Magnetic All Seasons Resort (all other sessions).

Friday 2 October: 6 pm – 8 pm Lecture Demonstration
Saturday 3 October: 9 am - 12 am Workshop Class (1)
2 pm – 5 pm Workshop Class (2)
Sunday 4 October: 9 am - 12 am Workshop Class (1)
2 pm – 5 pm Workshop Class (2)

Lecture & Demonstration only $25
Whole Workshop $250

For more information and to book a place contact Dani Ceccarelli on 0488510702 or email (Places for the yoga classes are limited so pre-booking with full payment is necessary).

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