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June 19th 2008
MICDA AGM: President's report

Lorna hempstead addresses the AGM Last night, at the Magnetic Island RSL hall, about thirty residents attended the MI Community Development Association Annual General Meeting, in which Association President, Lorna Hempstead, presented her President's Report. Following is an edited version of that report.

Lorna Hempstead began with a thank you to the key members of MICDA for their work during the year. They were:
Secretary: Heike von Mellenthin
Treasurer: Megan Absolon and Daina Clark
Membership: Allison Hope
Friends leadership: John Marlton and Kelly Marlin
Heritage Infrastructure & Planning Team: Tania Thoreau, Libby Illidge and Team
WH Brochure Deliveries: Helene Hutson
New Residents Kits: Marie de Monchaux and Sue Mackay
Community Photocopier: Martin Gibson
Markets: Di Mackie for organisation and MICDA team and especially John Marlton in the winter months
Festival: Andrew Dajski, Phil Honey and Musos Club, Dave Stafford, Zara Frost and the whole weekend volunteer team of approximately 40 people

2007 - a snapshot
The annual accounts have a much-needed addition, namely notes 4 and 5 which show the grant monies we either received in our own right, or as an incorporated and audited association, auspiced for 3rd parties. Particularly gratifying was the work to support the fledgling youth drama group which resulted in such an astounding success that by mid-year, La Luna was "acquiring" a large, lively and keen Island group into its membership and youth drama is going from strength to strength. We were also able to support youth visual arts in the same way and they too are now a very established activity.

At the other end of the age scale, MICDA helped host a group of older Palm Island ladies who are all traditional weavers, and who came over for the Festival markets day. They were astounded by the popularity of their work, and sold everything that they had made, or could manage to weave on the day, and this gave them a much needed boost in confidence in their own work.

For MICDA's core activities, early in the year we partnered with the Tropic Health population Unit of Queensland Health who were running a series of pilot projects to ascertain how best to build community connectedness, and the rip-roaring success of our Trivia Night demonstrated that the Island has a very high degree of social connectivity. We sufficiently impressed Qld Health, that in June we ere offered $2000, to put into the bank to enable us to run 2 more events in 2008 and 09. While the venue at the Golf Club is most welcoming and certainly has the largest capacity on the Island we acknowledges that for some, it was hard to hear.

Our second and major event with the support of a Regional Arts Development grant and Ergon Energy sponsorship was a new Island Festival: "Bay Days" 2007 was just one weekend and not over ambitious. That success, we hope, will translate into a bigger Festival for 2008, the outcome of a grant application is still awaited, but Ergon's continued sponsorship is confirmed.

On-going projects such as Horseshoe Bay markets, new residents kits, delivery of the World Heritage brochures, Open Gardens, provision of a community photocopier, Friends of Magnetic Island activities and those of core working groups such as Heritage Infrastructure and Planning have all continued.

On the down side, enthusiasm shown early in 2007 by tourism operators to regenerate an active tourism group came to nothing, and efforts to further the main and much-needed Nelly- Arcadia "by the side of the road" walkway have got no further.

Financially a sound year, and in terms of activity, much to contribute to the positive fabric of the Island and its community.

Lorna Hempstead

A new committee was elected with little change from the previous. The new committee's office bearers is as follows:
President: Lorna Hempstead
Secretary: TBA (an interested but non-attending member to be approached)
Treasurer: Daina Clark

The minutes of the previous AGM and auditor's report were accepted as was the re-appointment of auditors Ian Jessup and Partners for the coming financial year.

It was also noted that a major strength of the Community Development Association was that had been able to maintain very affordable insurance (approx $1,000 PA) due to its long association with the insurance company in which there had been no-claims made. This insurance could be utilised by any number of smaller community groups who wished to come under the MICDA "umbrella" in their attempts to carry out activities requiring insurance.

Lorna also indicated that although she was happy to continue in her position as President (re-election unopposed at the AGM) she would definitely be unavailable to continue next year as she planned to be overseas for an extended period.

Story & photo: George Hirst

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MICDA AGM: President's report
John D
June 19th 2008
The Island and those who enjoy its unique lifestyle owe much to Lorna.
If this is to be her last year as President of MICDA it would only be ftting to make it her best year as one of the Island's leading driving forces for improving life style on our Maggie Island. So an all out effort to help Lorna and the committee this year would be so good to see and of course will ultimately benefit all.
Well done Lorna.
June 23rd 2008
Dear Members,

Greetings from your ex-secretary. As I am away from the island for a few months, I would like to thank the association for the opportunity to get to know so many wonderful people in such a short time and to work with a well organised executive and terrific president. It was a real treat to find out what's happening, what people wanted to see improved and to have so much support from all involved. I hope that the next secretary will be able to experience the same and strongly suggest to take advantage of the knowledge, network and support of our current president as early as possible.

Many greetings and best wishes from Germany, where soccer is everything and the beer is the best,


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