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June 11th 2005
Community Development Assoc: Island Update

In support of the Magnetic Island Community Development Association Magnetic Times reproduces the Assoc's latest newsletter, Island Update, June/July 2005 Vol 4 Issue 2.

Australia's Open Gardens Scheme Comes to Magnetic Island

Saturday and Sunday of the Queens Birthday long weekend (June 11 & 12, 10am to 4.30pm each day) sees four private gardens in Nelly Bay open to the public under Australia's national Open Garden Scheme. If you seek inspiration for your block - look no further than your Island neighbours' gardens! The tour can be undertaken by bus (special all day bus passes available - buy from the driver $8/$5.50) or by private car (though parking spaces will be tight in some streets) Garden tickets ($12) will only be available on the Island at our historic Cemetery on Sooning St Nelly Bay, (perhaps a place that you have never actually visited?) and all profits will go to the Cemetery Trust for long term improvements. There will also be one of the Council's fabulous gardening displays at the Cemetery to help inspire you when you return home! Too good to miss!

More Gardening in our Great Winter Weather

The following weekend on Sunday 19th June, Greening Australia and Magnetic Island Nature Care have teamed up to present a practical workshop on garden plants suitable for the Island's climate. 10am to noon in Horseshoe Bay adjacent to the Skate Park (outdoors, so Slip, Slop and Slap please!) Workshop is free. Any enquiries to the Island Nursery 47 785 007

U3A Magnetic Island - a Great Start

The University of the Third Age got off to a marvellous start on the Island on May 30 with well over 60 people attending a public meeting at the RSL and 60 actually indicating their intention to participate in the initial four classes on offer. The light science class on Earth and Sea (Monday mornings) and Tai Chi Tuesday morning) have already begun; the Music through the Recorder class is expected to commence on June 13; and the Vernacular Travel in SE Asia class in the first week of July. Don't be concerned if you get in after the beginning. There is still plenty of room and no age restriction. It is also anticipated that there will be further offerings in the near future. This new U3A will be set up as a branch of the Townsville/Thuringowa U3A. If you would like further information or would like to talk to the tutors:
phone Don Kinsey 47 581 349.
Horseshoe Bay Markets Initiative

As part of our Growing Tourism Working Group, operators in Horseshoe Bay are working together on the feasibility of running regular monthly Sunday daytime markets in the Horseshoe Bay Park. Right now the difficult issues of public liability insurance and the various official permissions are being worked through, and it is hoped to have activity in the next month. On the pro-active planning side, Di Mackey is coordinating stalls - so if you are interested (likely to be $10 per market) please give her a ring - on 4778 5479. If you remember the old HSB markets and have any ideas or advice please pass it on to Paul and Leah at the Sandbar (47785 477) or David at Barefoot (4758 1170). All the Marine Parade and watersports operators are backing this enthusiastically - so expect decorations and all sorts of "specials" when it gets going! Watch your mailbox for more news!!

TV Blackspots - Nearly There

Nelly Bay is up and running!! There is a small technical problem with some "snowing" on Channel 7- and the technical authorities in Canberra are dealing this with - it is likely to need a different channel allocation. If you are in Nelly you need to reposition and possibly change the alignment of your aerial to get the new signal which is coming from what was once just the decorative pole on the Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal building! Every household received a 4 page set of instructions in the mail a couple of weeks ago explaining what you need to do - just follow this for great reception!

Even as this is being delivered, the technicians are beavering away up at the Forts. As soon as they give the OK that they are ready to start testing all HSB premises will receive their "using the new services" instruction sheets

It was great to receive a phone call after the first State-of Origin game from an ecstatic householder in Nelly, who for the first time in fourteen years had only the right number of players on his TV screen!

The Forts suffered from some overruns in costs and all HSB viewers will appreciate that Townsville City Council, Cabernet Nominees, Australian Property Development Corp and CMC Metal Roofing came to the party to meet the shortfall.


Have you noticed the increasing amounts of litter and debris on the sides of our roads? Recently, I was astonished to watch two arms emerge simultaneously from a hire vehicle - and lob empty soft drink bottles high into the air over Gustav Creek.

Residents - it's time to reclaim our glorious Island - if you see people littering consider a polite challenge - 'perhaps they have dropped something?' Please, if you go to the dump with a trailer - cover your load and don't share your trailer's contents with the main road verges between bays.


In July or August we are hoping to run a very special Sunday morning boat trip right round the Island with a team of experts on board to offer insight into the parts of the Island most never see. Information will be sent to MICDA members soon!
Calling All MICDA Members..

We are again approaching mid-year and our AGM. Peter, our wonderful treasurer has indicated that he would like to take a break, but is happy to work with a new volunteer and train him or her into the job. It's not difficult - it just needs someone who enjoys administration and seeing a set of well-balanced books! If you are interested - leave a message on the office number (see below) and we will follow up with you.

Friends News

"Friends of Magnetic Island' are meeting more regularly now that a lot of 'Friends' are arriving back on the Island for the winter. Any visitors who would like to establish an on-going link with the Island and would like to know more about the group are invited to phone John Marlton on 4778 5717 or Kelly Marlin-Zwa on 4758 1940. "Friends' are offering a bumper sticker for sale at $5.00 each and these and other information will be available at the 'Open Gardens' stall at the Cemetery on the long weekend, and at Horseshoe Bay Markets when they start.


We encourage your household or business to join and be an active participant in the Island's future. Membership is $33 per year or $16.50 for a pensioner household.

The Island's Community Development Association has as its vision statement :

Our vision for Magnetic Island is a vibrant, inclusive and united community which tolerates diversity and derives adequate income and employment, having a satisfactory range of facilities and services and a fulfilling lifestyle from experiencing and caring for the unique world heritage and village like environment and providing the opportunity to share with visitors.

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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Syl Hayes In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
What a wonderful outcome for the school! I had a great time face-painting with Luke and Sasha, met lots of kids and parents,scored some great books at the Trash n Treasure stall, and even remembered to vote. Everywhere you looked people were enjoying themselves...such a tribute to the organisers. Well done!
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