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October 30th 2004
Calling all Friends of Magnetic

John Marlton and Kelly Marlin A new group has formed and is calling on all "Friends of Magnetic Island" both on the Island and off to get in touch for fun and friendship but also for a little help when needed.

Like many a good idea on Magnetic Island it began on the back of the ferry with a couple of friends who decided it would be great if all the people who visit, know and love Magnetic Island, but who may not necessarily live here, were to get in touch with each other through an organisation of friends who can get to know each other and make new friends as well as support, lobby for and contribute their skills talents and money if necessary, to benefit the Island. It was to be called: Friends of Magnetic Island!

The couple with the idea was Island resident Kelly Marlin and, part-time resident, John Marlton. Kelly had been a co-owner of Art 'n' Tarts caf

Calling all Friends of Magnetic
Neville Grimshaw
October 30th 2004
Think friends of magnetic is great. I just love that place and especially all the in-fighting Keeps the island healthy. Just show me a better place. Congrats John Domelow on your award. You deserve a gold medal.
Julie Wilson
October 31st 2004
Excellent idea ! We adore the Island. We've been to Arcadia for holidays 9 times over the past 12 years. We are passionate about its unspoilt and unpretentious atmosphere - the abundance of wildlife and beautiful beaches. Very concerned about impeding unthoughtful development these past few months since we returned south, I have been intending to contact someone/some group to support the locals in their efforts to channel, guide and oppose developments. Happy to assist in local efforts to retain the aspects of the island we love. Working in economic development and strategic planning I might be able to assist the group in this field (letters,submissions, etc). Back in the city (Melb-which I like) what strikes me the absence of sound and movement from animals and birds and nature - if you never see the abundance of nature you don't even know what you are missing. We'd like future generations to enjoy the pleasures of nature and wildlife that we've been lucky to experience on the Island. Julie
Esther Allan
November 5th 2004
I am a southerner (QLD) and visited Magnetic Island for the first time winter of this year. My self and my partner were stunned by the unique natural beauty of the place. The rocky coastline and striking pines- the small bays are so different from the sand islands down south. Magnetic Island is so beautiful and still retains its natural values -- Not for long, or so it would seem! We were really sadenned by the ugly marina and stark architectural units that appear to be replacing the lovely beach shacks nestled into the vegetation. Frankly - if I wanted stark and fashionable - we can go to the Gold Coast or the banks of the Brisbane River!! This kind of architecture ( as per that planned for the marina and attached units) is not unique - it is contemporary but tired - and Magnetic Island doesnt need it! Thank you to all the Magnetic Island lovers who will fight to keep this place subtle, natural and unpretentious. With your help maybe I will be able to show my children your wonderful island in years to come. WE LOVED OUR BREAK AND THANK ANY ONE WHO IS GOING TO FIGHT FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL PLACE. WILL BE BACK AND WOULD LOVE TO KEEP AN INTEREST IN FRIENDS OF MAGNETIC ISLAND. Esther
Trace Shelton
November 6th 2004
I agree with the above writer.. I have been a Magnetic island lover/visitor for 30 years. The ugly new buildings ,the desecration of banyans a complete travesty.. Did anyone who had actually been on the island design this? Did they at least ask the long term residents? I am from on the Gold Coast and it is a perfect example that evry time southerners move north, they bring half of it with them.. buildings and southern attitudes and destroy the very things they moved north for.. Environment and friendliness.. and wonder why they aren't happy. If you move north for the change.. why don't YOU change? don't change the north to make yourselves feel at home.. be at home with the north or go home.

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