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August 17th 2012
Maggie Islanders stood up for Julian Assange

Magnetic islanders standing up for Julian Assange After a very difficult week offline due to technical problems and despite an appalling misrepresentation by the Murdoch-owned Townsville Bulletin - who didn't have the guts to post a quickly offered correction - the very wrong Julian Assange statue story failed to dent the enthusiasm, determination and energy of the 60 Magnetic Islanders and friends who joined together for a picnic at Picnic Bay to support for Julian Assange.

Given the unbelievable developments with the British government - now threatening to tear up centuries of diplomatic immunity conventions and break into the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to extract Julian Assange - the relevance and justification for the support shown last Sunday at Picnic Bay could hardly be more timely and appropriate.

About 60 Islanders and friends stood up for Julian Assange at Picnic Bay

How could one of the world's oldest and greatest democracies consider turning such a basic international agreement as the immunity of a foreign embassy on its head to capture Julian Assange when, in 1984, they stood by and let Libyan "diplomats" open fire to kill police constable Yvonne Fletcher when she was guarding an anti-Gaddafi protest.

Perhaps only now the world can begin to see the truth behind the smear campaign which has followed Julian Assange since Wiki-leaks embarrassed the US government by releasing 250,000 embassy emails including the, now, infamous "Collateral Murder" (Click here) video.

Perhaps, for many more people, only now can Assange's extradition to Sweden be seen for the sham it is. If it wasn't obvious enough just compare him again with the genuinely dangerous crook Gaddafi. The Libyan dictator was issued with an Interpol "orange" notice when he was on the run. But Julian got the (highest level) "Red" notice, issued by Sweden through Interpol, for apparently, not wearing a condom.

It's also no surprise that none other than Mr Karl Rove, known in many quarters, back in the day, as (George) "Bush's Brain" is advising the Swedish Prime Minister (
Click here)

One would never put our local organs in the Rove class. But by, what is more likely desperation to stir up anything that might win affection from the job slashers at the, "not a fit and proper person" owned Townsville Bulletin, your editor was called last week about the picnic we were planning to show support for Julian Assange. Politely I answered reporter, Daniel Bateman's questions which included one about what I thought of calls for a statue or monument to Assange on Magnetic. The subject has been raised before and I explained that I didn't think it was going anywhere and that such a 21st century figure couldn't appropriately become something for pigeons to poop on. At no stage did I suggest this would be in any way the subject of the picnic supporting Assange, but, out it came, Assange statue on Maggie? (
Click here)

Your editor wouldn't normally go to such lengths to refute a silly claim but the story is instructive as to how big media will trivialise and or tell porkies to suit their version of history - even a tiny detail such as this. The story gets published and I quickly wrote to refute the claim but that would have spoiled the fun. My comment never appeared but the Bully, who can't spell "Ecuador" (there's no "q") and believe there is a place called "Picnic Island," was happy to share the laugh with the Herald Sun and the Courier Mail.

So, did this limit the number of locals and friends who showed up in good numbers to support the boy who once played on the beach at Picnic while his mum sketched the marvellous view? We don't know but we do know that the games being played by the big boys and the powers behind them are becoming obvious and that the world very much needs brave people like Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to cut through the words and images we are now expected to believe.

So, last Sunday, as a group of drummers appeared spontaneously to send a rhythym message we could all appreciate, a crew of young and old and in between gathered to chat and stand up for Julian Assange.

To acknowledge her and Julian's love of Magnetic Island, a message was read from Julian's mother, Christine. It said:

Many thanks to all of you for coming here today.

Like WikiLeaks, Magnetic Island is small but with a big spirit. Julian and I both have very fond memories of living here.

We are now facing our darkest hours. Powers, who do not want the people of the world to know the truth of their corruption, are massing against Julian and WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks took the mask off power and power is very very angry. Embarrassing the US is life threatening and, along with the US lapdogs Sweden and the UK, now the Australian government has fallen into line to shoot the messenger.

Most of the mainstream media represents corporate interests smearing Julian and WikiLeaks to silence the truth. On the other hand, ordinary people around the world are rallying in their defence - recognising the importance of whistleblowers and a free and fearless media to hold government and corporations to account to preserve our democracies.

I encourage you to search for the truth about Julian and WikiLeaks.

With the rapid surveillance state in Australia and US militarisation of our country, I encourage you to do as Julian has done - to search for the truth. The freedom of your children and grandchildren depends on it.

George has links on Magnetic Times to factual information for those interested.

I hope you have a lovely day on Magnetic Island.

Indeed it was a lovely day and you can see all the photos on our facebook page (
Click here).

George Hirst

Maggie Islanders stood up for Julian Assange
Jenny Stirling
August 16th 2012
Just in: Julien has been granted asylum by Ecuador. Thank goodness. Now all we need is a plan to get him out of Britain. The amazing way Assange's legal and human rights have been abbrogated by Sweden and then Britain over allegations, not even criminal charges, are only exceeded by the way his own government has let him down. In my view.
August 16th 2012
While Ecuadorean Julian Assange paces up and down the quarter acre of his new country a small group of Australians is working to carve out a larger chunk of World Heritage Magnetic Island for industrialisation. According to Council's Referral of the Magnetic Island Waste Transfer Station to the Commonwealth agency for assessment, the 40 acre Cockle Bay site has no environmental or social values worth keeping. Our elected councillors, past and present, would sooner connect with Our Julian and his plight in London than concentrate on Our Patch and their part in the dismembering of its numerous integrated parts.
We now know they paid consultants thousands to go to Cockle Bay for a day looking for signs of life. The consultants looked at the ground and saw the foundations for infrastructure, the sightlines for drains and fences, the roadbase for access and entry statements. Oh, and maybe batshit.
Our Mayor, Jenny Hill, years ago identified the 40 acres next to the Golf Club as the Island's next industrial zone. This would be the place for competition in readymix concrete batching, for new engineering workshops, for garaging and storage - when the Kelly Street, Nelly Bay site was filled. Well, that time has come. If the Transfer Station is built it will consume about two hectares of the sixteen hectare (40 acre) site. The millions spent on access, stormwater and sediment control and acres of tar and cement will make possible the future expansion of the site to create a brand new industrial zone on the west coast. Jenny's dream come true. Birt Street becomes Kelly Street, the Golf Club gets a roundabout and Yule Street leads to the Bohle.
Here's lookin' at you Julian Assange.
Ture Sjolander
August 16th 2012
It is only a matter of time until we all shall see who the real criminals are in this whole matter, with or without national or international courts.

This whole ongoing story is simply an extension of Wikileak's works, and much more revealing than any of the earlier leaks of secrets.
All news media in the world, outside this limited four nations in question, have a lot to learn from this current exposure.

Chris & Vicki Copping
August 16th 2012
A fantastic effort of everyone who turned out to support Julian last Sunday....we are very sorry we didn't make it. Good on you all.
jan phillips
August 16th 2012
i would like to know what, if anything, this person has done for long he actually spent time on the island..we have so many long standing residents ..who have done so much for Maggie..tireless work to help the community, endless hours or whole lives committed to this island and the great barrier reef as a whole...ummm and this person ..alledged sex offender to boot ..gets this reverance from a few of the islanders..what is the matter with you lot !!?? or are you just doing it for the publicity..he has never lived here or done anything for this island..and now is badmouthing Australia....i could name so many people more worthy of your support...get real people and support those truely worthy..:(
Steve Lane
August 17th 2012
Irrespective of whether you like him or not...

The Australian government sits back in ignominious moot testament as the poor treatment of one of it's citizens gathers ill winds.

And what has this man done to deserve the ire.

He has simply peddled the truth.

That's all...He has spoken the truth.

Should not speaking the truth be the first fundament of a democracy.

Shouldn't the truth be protected at all costs?

August 18th 2012
"The Julian Assaunge Freedom Walkway"-not a statue but a memorial from Nelly to Arcadia?
Jack McCain
August 18th 2012
Re Jenny stirlings comment "Now all we need is a plan to get him out of Britain." Is this an aspiring politician {ha ha will only ever be aspiring} conspiring to subvert justice by plotting to aid and abet a fugitive fleeing from justice. If assange was any sort of a man he would face the courts and if innocent as claimed he should have no problem clearing his name.
August 19th 2012
Jack, tell that to Lindy Chamberlain.
Mick Adamek
August 19th 2012
Just back from the UK. As an ex Islander I support Julian. Wikileaks articles help to keep the bastards honest. Very disappointed the UK police are acting as America's puppets. Most of Julian's "leaks" that seem to be pissing off the Yanks are stories that can be obtained from diligent web searches, other stories were given out by employees of various agencies. He is not guilty!
Brad Smith
September 6th 2012
As an island resident I am embarrassed by this show of support for a man who has done nothing to support or improve our island since leaving and who is alleged to have committed sex offences. It will be interesting to see how much coverage or support this website provides if he is convicted. And as the father of a small child I am disgusted at the suggestion that the new walkway be named after him.
September 6th 2012
Ignoring the whys and what fors of the Swedish case and Assange\'s personality, what bothers me is the treatment (or indifference) he is receiving from the Australian Government. To begin, I have absolutely no doubt that the US Govt vis the CIA is attempting to pressure Sweeden to first \'capture\' Assange and later extradite him. The US has form!!! In doing this it appears to me that the US is attempting to export its laws to other countries claiming the borderless nature of the internet as an excuse. This cannot be tolerated and Australians, unless in the US, cannot be held accountable to them and our Government cannot condone it. But beyond that, what crime is Assange accused of? (Besides the Swedish allegations). I have worked in areas of Governemnt and have had access to very sensitive stuff. I still do. If I were to betray my nation\'s trust in me and give things to Wikileaks I would have commited a crime and would deserve to be punished. But what crime have Wikileaks, and vis-a-vis Assange committed by publishing any now leaked material?? In my view none. There is a disaffected gay US soldier being held for allegedly leaking a lot of stuff, and so he should be. I wonder though at his motivation being what he is in the US military and I wonder at the US military\'s culpability at letting him become so disaffected. Nontheless, he allegedly leaked and if found guilty should be punished. Assange did not and the US has no right to assert its law over an Australian citizen and the Australian government is shamed by allowing it to happen.

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