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October 10th 2011
The current threat to Magnetic Island's most famous son

Julian Assange grew up on Magnetic Island He grew up on Magnetic Island and has set about changing the world. Amnesty International claims his organisation, Wikileaks', role in exposing secrets between the Tunisian and US governments had a direct impact in the start of what has now become the Arab Spring. And that's just one of Julian Assanges' achievements. But, right now, his mother, Christine, is more fearful for her son's future than ever. To get an understanding of just why we suggest you read the following story.

Magnetic Times was contacted yesterday by Christine Assange, with an email titled, "Julian in grave danger", seeking reader's interest and support for Julian at this difficult time.

The article outlinig the situation is by celebrated Australian journalist John Pilger. Click (HERE) to read.

To read about Julian Assange's childhood on Magnetic Island click (HERE)

George Hirst

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The current threat to Magnetic Island's most famous son
January 29th 2012
Judging by the results on Julian,s statue one side of the island must be sinking with the 16,000 votes received so far. How come all the hotels and accomadation aren,t filled to capacity????????!!!!!!! P.S. I didn,t think there were that many people on the island??

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