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September 12th 2006
Win - Film Festival tickets!!

Martin Freeman and Jessica Stevenson News Club subscribers have the chance to win 5 double season passes to this year's Sydney Travelling Film Festival to be screened at Warrina Cineplex starting this Friday. Programme and competition details follow.


Sydney Travelling Film Festival
"On the road with the best on screen"
15 September - 19th September

Opening Night 7pm

Includes wedding cake & complimentary drinks


Comedy. UK. 100mins. Dir: Debbie Isitt. English language. (M)

A lively mockumentary-style wedding comedy that brings together the best of British comedic talent including MARTIN FREEMAN (Love Actually, The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, The Office), JESSICA STEVENSON (The Royle Family, Shaun of the Dead) and ALISON STEADMAN (Topsy-Turvy, Life is Sweet).

Britain's leading bridal and wedding glossy, Confetti Magazine, selects three couples to battle it out in a contest for Most Original Wedding of the Year, with a luxury house as the big prize. Which lucky couple will win? In the style of British television's The Office and films like Best in Show, Confetti is an irreverent look at planning the perfect wedding.

"A sharp and affectionate comedy."
- Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile
"Confetti will have you rolling in the aisles."


12.30pm (End: 2.35pm)


Period Drama. India. 116 mins. Dir: Deepa Mehta. English language. (M)

Water is a superbly acted period drama which is also a scathing indictment of the ruthless 1930s economic measures, disguised as religion, which reduced millions of
Indian widows to "untouchable" status. Exquisite storytelling, acting and visuals bring to life this unforgettable human drama which embodies the spirit of hope and survival.


3.15pm (End: 4.55pm)

Crime Thriller. Australia. 94mins. Dir: Morgan O'Neill. English language. (MA)

A hitman troubled by his conscience wants to quit. Easier said than done. Stars COLIN FRIELS (Malcolm, A Good Man in Africa).


6.30pm (End: 7.50m)

"The Squid and the Whale"

Comedy/Drama. USA. 80 mins. Dir: Noah Baumbach. English language. (MA)

Listed on over 200 Top Ten Lists for Best Film, The Squid and the Whale is a forgiving and very funny look at growing up in a broken home.


8.15m (End: 10.0pm)

Drama. Denmark. Dir: Susanne Bier. Danish language with English subtitles. (MA)

Voted Best Film at the Sydney Film Festival, Brothers is a heartfelt human drama about two brothers whose lives are changed forever when one is sent to Afghanistan on a UN mission, leaving his wife and family.


12.00pm (End: 2.00pm)

"The Libertine"

Period Drama. UK. 115mins. Dir: Laurence Dunmore. English language. (MA)

JOHNNY DEPP (Pirates of the Caribbean) plays the famous 17th century poet who debauched his way to an early grave in this dark and bawdy period drama.


2.30pm (End: 4.30pm)
"Sophie Scholl: The Final Days"

Drama/History. Germany. 117mins. Dir: Marc Rothemund. German language with English subtitles. (PG)

A true story set in Munich, 1943. A young Protestant woman from a privileged background and engaged to a German soldier on the Eastern Front is guided by her conscience when she takes a stand against Hitler's totalitarian regime.


5.45pm (End: 7.35pm)

Drama/Comedy. USA. 107min. Dir: Phil Morrison. English language. (M)

In this affectionately told family story, upscale newlyweds visit the husband's family in the rural South for the first time since they met and married.


8.00pm (End: 9.55pm)
"Hidden (Cach

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