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June 25th 2013
Watch out for thunbergia

The pretty flower of the weed menace thunbergia Townsville City Council, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) and Biosecurity Queensland are working together to reduce an infestation of Thunbergia weed on Magnetic Island.

The organisations have been working collaboratively on the issue this year and council have surveyed all residential areas on the island to map the extent of the spread.

Deputy Mayor Vern Veitch said the organisations were calling for assistance from the public.

“The Thunbergia weed has very attractive flowers and it is believed that it was introduced on the Island by people planting it in their gardens,” he said.

“It does however have serious impacts on the environment and is believed to be one of the most pressing threats to the Islands biodiversity. The weed grows vigorously and takes over native plants which it smothers and kills.

“We are calling on residents to assist us and check their own property’s for the weed and report any infestations, we have already heard from a few residents and it is great that they are supporting this response.

Notice the shape of the leaves when
looking for thunbergia in your garden

“Because the weeds are on private land we rely on their cooperation and vigilance of residents and property owners in controlling the weed.

“Once we have the support of landholders we will roll out a control program to manage the infestation.

“Property owners are required to cut back the vine on their land which we will then treat with a herbicide, they are later required to dig out the tubers of the vine once it reshoots, as the tubers are easier to locate from the new growth. Ongoing monitoring will also be required.

“We have also identified the weed in natural areas on the island and because the Island is predominantly National Park of high conservation value, it is important that we take action to minimise any damage.

“Council is also addressing the issue on council owned property including Gustav Creek.”

Council has contacted landholders on the Island who are known to have Thunbergia infestations to notify them of the problem and inform them of suitable control methods.

Biosecurity Queensland is also planning a workshop for affected owners to aid them in the removal of the weed.

To report any Thunbergia infestations or for advice on control methods please contact Townsville City Council on 1300 878 001.

Watch out for thunbergia
June 25th 2013
well done on the great photos which accompany this article - all too often the photos are inadequate making the identification of nasty plants harder.
I know we have spots of this one - so out they come.
Best wishes and good luck.

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