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March 20th 2013
Learn how to save a turtle or dugong

Big Girl when stranded Magnetic Island Network for Turtles (MINT) is calling for community members who are interested in learning how to respond to dead and live stranded Turtles and Dugongs that wash up on our island shores.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Great Barrier Reef Authority will be conducting a Marine Animal Strandings Training Day on Sunday 19th May. The day will include a theory component and practical session to equip participants with everything they needed to know about stranded marine wildlife.

Community members can play an important role the collection of information about stranded turtle and dugong, and learn how to rescue live turtles in need of help. Participants will also learn a great deal about the conservation and impacts on turtle and dugong populations in recent years.

Places are filling up very quickly. If people would like to attend the Marine Animal Strandings Training Day please email MINT: to confirm your attendance.

Venue: Magnetic Island Bowls Club, Geoffrey Bay
Time: TBA

Learn how to save a turtle or dugong
Spencer Pickering
March 20th 2013
Excellent idea, should also try to get the school involved. Maybe a small training session at the school would be good. Teach the kids what to do at strandings.
david Ede
March 20th 2013
Cyclone Yazi had a big impact on turtles over it's following twelve months and the area where I live at West Point. Between West Point and the mangrove end of Young Bay we found 18 dead turtles ( mainly young ones around 350mm in diameter).

This year just past 2012 counted only four and three were large turtles about 750mm in diameter.

The seabed in the area has about one meter of added sediment that covered the sea grass after Cyclone yazi.

We look forward to having a meeting time for the 19th of May.

It would be good to know where to take the sick turtles as I am a volunteer at Coast Guard and we get a few enquiries about sick turtles.

David EDE
West Point


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