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March 13th 2013
Potter-upperers needed

Petersen Creek Arcadia Are you a potter-upperer? Or do you have a store of little native seedlings lovingly grown from seeds found on the island?

That's because a group of local environment and community groups have recently received a grant to help restore local creeks and potted up native seedlings will be needed.

The groups have combined to be called Magnetic Island Creek Rescue (MICR) and they would love to hear from you. MICR is Magnetic Island Nature Care, Magnetic Island Community Development, Geoffrey Bay and Olympus Crescent Coastcare groups and North Queensland Conservation Council.

The groups recently collaborated to win an Everyone’s Environment grant from the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection in order to remove rubbish and weeds from a number of creeks around the Island and then to re-plant, where necessary, with local native seedlings. The aim is to improve the health and resilience of creeks that flow into the Great Barrier Reef lagoon, restore the natural beauty of some degraded urban areas, and in the process enhance the Island experience for residents and visitors.

A spokesperson, Lorna Hempstead AM, told Magnetic Times, “Some members of the team have been propagating local plants for a while now, but if there is anyone who can help with the supply it would be much appreciated. We are, however, only interested in local native trees, shrubs and grasses – but if you are not sure if what you have is suitable, please call Wendy on 47581003 or Gary on 47785606.”

“In some places, the removal of rubbish and weeds will be enough to allow the native vegetation to thrive, but in other areas we will help things along by planting suitable local native specimens.”

Potter-upperers needed
March 13th 2013
The lower section of Gustav Creek has been beautifully cleaned up, but the upper section of Gustav - above Barton Street needs attention as it carries debris, weeds etc into the restored area.
wendy Tubman
March 18th 2013
I agree that it would be great to get the upper reaches of Gustav Creek cleaned up - but maybe it's partly a case of following what has been done downstream in some cases. There are two very substantial sites downstream that were initially been taken on by individuals concerned about the state of the creek. They now have others, including TCC and CVA, involved. Much of the creek upstream of Barton Street actually belongs to the owners of properties adjacent to the creek - so it shouldn't be too hard to make a start. Maybe neighbours could join together and take on adjoining stretches - take 10 metres each, for example. If people are not sure what to do, help is available. Contacting Magnetic Island Nature Care could be the first step in finding the information and help needed.
Ron Brennan
March 25th 2013
The creek running into the northern corner of Alma Bay was once lined, in the lower reaches, by natural mangroves.
As was the thinking at the time, (circa late 50's/early 60's), these mangroves were removed, and the creek bed and banks redesigned with a most unsightly concrete drain built combined with one-way valves (under the bridge leading up to Alma Den) to prevent seawater intruding up into the creek.
After representation to authorities some 10 years ago, the one-way valves were removed, but the concrete drain remains, choked with weeds, and the environ can only be described as an eyesore.
Suggest the said drain be torn out and young mangrove trees be planted along the banks to return the lower part of the creek to its former natural self.

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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