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A young koala's beach adventure

February 20th 2006
Why advertise with us?

After four years of building a world-wide niche readership, is the affordable way to connect your businesses to a Magnetic Island-interested audience around the world.

As the Island's only online news service the site currently enjoys a visit rate of nearly 90,000 per month - an average of about 3000 readers per day.

This exposure spreads interest in Magnetic Island around the globe and penetrates further every day.

Ours is Magnetic Island's largest and most active website and it can now offer you the best value in promoting your Island business yet.

Come play in our "traffic"
We also believe is by far, Magnetic Island's most visited website. If you are not convinced or think it's all to do with rank on a search engine just contact any other Island website business and ask for their visit rate.

Magnetic Island is our common "destination"
Tourism experts advise that it is more effective to promote the Island as a single destination. As the Island's only on-line news website our niche market is yours too.

We grow the audience through our content-rich, 1200 plus story archive of Island-related material as search engines enable every story we post to continue working for us drawing more and more visitors to the site.

Why should you want to use our site when you have one of your own?
It is all a matter of how many people are visiting your site and whether you are happy with those numbers. Many businesses have well presented sites but to get traffic you mostly have to rely on people actually searching for your business type.

Commercially speaking, our business - as a news website - is about building circulation. Just like a printed newspaper people can discover your service or offer as they read the news. So we say keep your website but use us, as the busiest Island site, to direct business to you. For as little as $275 PA (click here) we can redirect traffic from any of our business related sections straight to your company's webstite.

We attract new visitors by enhancing word-of-mouth
We take lots of photos of our visitors and locals out enjoying the Island. All of these photos can be freely sent as an e-card from the site. Visitors send their, mostly positive, happy messages and e-card home or to friends.

When a friend or family member shows you the fantastic time they are having on Magnetic, that endorsement is genuine - a quality which mass print and TV advertising cannot emulate. From an advertising point of view it is really an enhanced form of word of mouth.

Combined with the enormous support we have enjoyed from our Island community who are often referring their friends world-wide to our site for up-to-date news and utilising the power of search engines to find our stories on a huge range of topics which somehow relate to Magnetic, we are not, therefore, simply making information available for whomever decides to key 'Magnetic Island' into a search engine (like most websites) but actively engaging visitors and locals to use the website to spread news and personal messages about Magnetic across the world.

We maintain regular visitors
Our News Club - by which readers receive the first paragraph of our hottest news stories emailed to them free as soon they are written - now numbers over 500 people. These regulars are the base upon which our readership is built and it is always growing.

Who are our web visitors?
Without using unethical methods we cannot say exactly who our visitors are. But we do know a number of facts which suggest particular characteristics. Firstly, the popularity of different website sections - which we can record - reflects certain interests from which we can begin to understand who our readers are.

Island Living is a favourite section reflecting a strong curiosity about lifestyle on Magnetic. We suggest this indicates a reader interested in moving to Magnetic or visiting.

Island Businesses is another very popular section. We suggest this reflects offshore interest in the types of businesses available on Magnetic.

We also know that our free Classified's section is another big performer suggesting strong local usage.

What can we offer you?
We produce advertising "pages" within the website that we make to your requirements.

These pages may include photos/graphics and text. With professional photographic, graphic art and writing and editing skills we are happy to assist in all aspects of the page's production. A good current example of what this might look like is our Recreational Boat License Tuition (click here)

Your page - when produced to your satisfaction - is placed into a section of the site related to your business. Some of these are: Island Accommodation; Magnetic Island Artist's Directory, Island Alternative Health. More will be created as different types of businesses come on board.

And, although it helps, you don't even need a computer or email for our web pages to work for you. A contact phone number is all you require.

At present we are placing banner links below every front page story. These go straight to the section where your business can be listed. Eventually, as the space under our stories is taken up by more and more business section links, it will be replaced by a range of other promotional links from our front page to direct our heavy traffic your way.

With small businesses sharing their section we can make our premium advertising space affordable to businesses who might not normally achieve such exposure. This in turn creates a market place where services can be viewed together - a very useful guide for offshore web users planning a holiday, an investment or for those with property on Magnetic they require maintenance for.

For costings (click here)

What do you think? Send us your comments.

Readers comments
Syl Hayes In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
What a wonderful outcome for the school! I had a great time face-painting with Luke and Sasha, met lots of kids and parents,scored some great books at the Trash n Treasure stall, and even remembered to vote. Everywhere you looked people were enjoying themselves...such a tribute to the organisers. Well done!
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