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May 22nd 2012
Magnetic Fitness changes hands

New owner Sarah Major with Fiona Porteous It’s a small business success story that anyone would be proud of. Not just another “product” or “service” we may or may not need but a genuine and measurable contribution to a community’s health and wellbeing. We are talking about Fiona Porteous’s Magnetic Fitness, which, after 5 years, changed hands last Saturday.

There were drinks, nibbles and even a waist-threatening farewell cake as a group of admiring customers farewelled their fitness mentor who is heading south to study exercise physiology at the Sunshine Coast University in Mooloolaba.

Fiona’s story on Magnetic began in a small studio, five years ago, in Picnic Bay where, “I only provided personal training and circuit classes”. After two and a half years she had three staff and had moved to a new space at 7 Marine Parade, Arcadia, where the business has grown to include over 80 paid members. On busy weeks Fiona has been seeing up to 30 clients as their personal trainer.

But it is now time for Fiona to move on. “I’ve had my run here and it’s now time to take the next steps” said Fiona who wants to move into clinical rehabilitation working to, “fix people suffering from accidents, acquired brain injuries - where I can functionally assist people to lead a better life.”

So while Fiona packs her kit another, ultra-healthy, young woman is stepping into Fiona’s gym boots. She is 20 year old, Sarah Major, who, while having spent the last few years in Western Australia, grew up on Magnetic Island.

“I’ve always been into total fitness,” Sarah told Magnetic Times. She was accompanied by her mum, Kay Major, a keen gym goer too.

Sarah has some new directions in mind for the gym. “There will be a mum’s creche, more spin bikes, dance classes as well as organic sports nutrition detox kits,” she said.

One of Sarah’s greatest interests is with obese children.

“I will train anyone under the age of 18 who is classified as obese for free,” said Sarah who can assess for obesity when young people attend.

“I’m passionate about educating kids and parents about nutrition and exercise. I want to get the kid’s gym back too,” she said.

Sarah is also busily educating herself and is currently studying towards certification in fitness and a diploma in rehabilitation and nutrition.

She will also be continuing the excellent work Fiona began with fitness training for war veterans as well as with aged clients from Magnetic Island Community Care.

“But I’m also looking for some feedback from the community. What does the community want to see here?”

One recent change which will, no doubt, make her services more accessible to all is the introduction of direct debiting for clients who will no longer have to fork out $570 for a full year’s membership up front, but can be charged at $14 per week by direct debit installments.

It looks like Fiona has found some safe, young and enthusiastic hands to pass this vital Magnetic business on to. She has however, assured us that she will still be returning to Magnetic for holidays.

If you are interested in improving your fitness on Magnetic Island Sarah can be contacted on 0432 582250.

Story & photo: George Hirst

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Magnetic Fitness changes hands
May 22nd 2012
Two beautiful young ladies. Can't we have some decrepit person running it instead? Well done re obese children. Mind you, I know of at least 3 parents who are standing over their kids MAKING them eat a 4th piece of cake so that they can get training for free.....LOL.
Good Luck Sarah.
May 22nd 2012
Beleive in you Sarah! Really great to see you back.
May 22nd 2012
As one of your oldest clients (in every sense!) Fiona my sincere congratulations on your extraordinary ability to build a wonderful business from scratch
Very best of luck to you in your future endeavors!
Denise Colk
May 22nd 2012
Good to see a business for locals and presumably others wanting to be fit, not just backpackers!!! Wishing all local businesses catering to locals and visitors well in these difficult times. Great to see young people leading the way.

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