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October 25th 2002
Isabelle Carpenter (1926 - 2002)

Isabelle Carpenter Isabelle Carpenter passed away unexpectedly on October 14 and is lovingly remembered by the many far flung Carpenters who have come together on Magnetic Island in her memory over the past week. The following poem was written in memory of Isabelle by daughter-in-law Thalie Carpenter.


She woke up every morning
In the arms of her man
And the birds were singing
There was joy in her heart
With a lightness and warmth in her soul
She greeted the days

The laughter of children
The green-ness of trees
A clear blue ocean
Are life's remedies

Her spirit we're sharing
As we stand here today
Of her smile we're thinking
And the warmth we shared
She was so special and fine
We'll miss her so

The laughter of children
The green-ness of trees
A clear blue ocean
Are life's remedies

By Thalie

Carpenter's Thanks

Thank you Magnetic Island community for your generosity and compassion in our time of need. Thanks for the good wishes, cakes and meals through the week and for contributing for Isabelle's wake on Monday evening.

A special thanks to Annita, Jill, Sue, Dani R and Edwina for organising and serving food. A huge thank you to Dani C. for being beside us and giving her strength throughout the day. Thanks to the musos for playing till late on our front lawn as we celebrated the life of Isabelle.

Les, Mark, Thaile, Molly and Lez Carpenter.

(above) The Carpenter family that gathered from all over Australia to farewell Isabelle

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