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April 26th 2007
Bright Point - what do you think?

No 1 Bright Point from Cleveland Bay Now that the No1 Bright Point development at Nelly Bay is completed, and open for occupants in this its first visitor season, has undertaken a photo essay of this project which forms a major part of the important first impressions visitors receive of Magnetic Island.

We have heard lots of comments about the development - many related to its architectural values. Following is what we believe is an extensive and indicative documentation of the project so as to provide the basis by which we can gauge the opinions and observations of all readers whether you have visted the Island and seen the project or not.

Love it, hate it, or still not sure, we welcome your comments so please use the box at the bottom of the page.

View from the harbour breakwall.

Western end of Bright Point as
seen from the harbour breakwall.

Central section of development as
seen from the harbour breakwall

Seaward end of the development as
seen from the harbour breakwall.

Detail of central section as seen from harbour breakwall.

The view from Geoffrey Bay, Arcadia.

Detail of the view from Geoffrey Bay, Arcadia.

Between the apartments

Part of the original rock face
emerges between apartments.

A parking area.

Apartments back onto access road.

Behind the seaward facing apartments.

Rear balconies.

Rear section of harbour-facing apartments.

Rear access well.

Apartment frontages behind harbour-facing blocks.

Rear of harbour-facing blocks.

The following eight file images were taken in June 2006.

Interior of display unit.

Bathroom in display unit.

Bedroom in display unit.

Living room in display unit.

Kitchen in display unit.

Meridien (developer) Director Mr Russell McCart
on seaward-facing display unit balcony.

Neighbouring balconies on seaward-facing units.

Further view of neighbouring balconies
on seaward-facing units.

View across excavated lot between
harbour terminal and Bright Point.

View from harbour walkway.

West facing wall as seen from harbour walkway.

All photos: George Hirst
(Please note that the top photo of the development from Cleveland Bay was taken in August 2006 before completion. Ed.)

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Bright Point - what do you think?
April 26th 2007
no matter from which angle these buildings are seen, they are still incredibly ugly and cheap. Shame someone with some entreprenurial vision didn't develop something beautiful that would have contributed tothe beauty of the island (if it had to happen at all). I wonder if anmyone can say when there will be people clamouring for the units overlooking the carpark. Can't wait -
April 26th 2007
Butt ugly from every angle - in and out. Infact, an insult to butts.
Kevin Hinton
April 26th 2007
If there was ever a case of - This is what NOT TO DO - this is it.
It is sterile, lacking in value, principle and aesthetics.
I'm ashamed of it.
Ian Parkin
April 26th 2007
Oh Dear!

.... Dear?
Karl Wollensack
April 26th 2007
well, well, well....its been six years since I last stood on paradise....To me Bright Point looks like a Shanty Town in Asia...Rip it down and build something worthy for PARADISE....and banish the devolopers from the island...forever!!!
Tanina Connolly
April 26th 2007
What do you think the lifespan of these units will be with all that lovely salt air and was the concrete poured immediately they laid the steel? By then there will be so much clamour over the environment that they will be razed to the ground and covered in vegies patches or back to nature.
TC - and address supplied
April 26th 2007
It really does look out of place. But anything that keeps victorians away.... I'm all for it.
April 26th 2007
It now looks like most other holiday destinations that I have visited. However, the name Bowery comes to mind which used to be an area of shabby tenements in NY! Sorry Maggie, you have had your Magic stolen away from you...
David Thomas
April 26th 2007
OUTSTANDING. I think it looks modern, stylish and crisp. A lot better then arriving at the old Picnic Bay Jetty when you would walk a mile to be met by unemployed drunks screaming out at their wives for telling them to get out of the pub as they had been there all day. Actually, it may be a case of the islanders that have lived on the island for many years not being able to recognise some class when it appears right before them. I would bet a million dollars that the people that continuously leave negative comments about the way the beautiful new developments on Magnetic Island are progressing all either on the dole, retired (with no real opinions of their own) or live in properties as tenants that all need their gardens atended to or at least their lawns mowed, and I would guarantee you that these same people have never developed anything what so ever themselves. BE positive about the dramatic changes on your island. Stop being grubby hipocrates. This development looks fantastic. Hope to see thousands of more units and townhouses built over the next few years and this may force the grubs aout as the rents will get too high.
April 26th 2007
We have been visiting Magnetic Island every second year for the past decade and cannot understand how any planning body could allow such an ugly development to take place. One only has to look at Surfers' Paradise to see the effects of what unrestrained and greedy developers can do. Please do not allow this to happen again on beautiful Magnetic Island.
April 26th 2007
If only I could wave a magic wand, walk a mile to be met by unemployed drunks screaming out at their wives for telling them to get out of the pub as they had been there all day, and it would all go away.
Over Easter (two weeks ago) you didn't need to walk a mile from the Nelly Bay terminal to hear the screaming. You could hear the dissatisfied, ripped-off suckers up on Bright Point from INSIDE the terminal.
Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), they can see each other inches away on facing balconies - there's no need to yell out to be heard.
When they realise that the equally gorgeous but possibly comparatively downmarket Blue-on-Blue next door (well almost, if you overlook the derelict wasteland, hole and carpark immediately alongside Bright Point) is not going to be finished but will be left as a sort of concrete mausoleum (complete with dongas) then the wailing will really begin. Oh yes, we ain't seen nuthin' yet.
Compared with the Bright Point aerial photo (Something about Mary, MagTimes 2006) the new look is, as David Thomas observed, "modern, stylish and crisp". I can't see the "class" in it though - must be a "grubby hipocrate".
Valberg Lárusson
April 26th 2007
Magnetic Island needs to have its own council. For as long as Townsville residents make the decisons on island affairs the island will continue to move in directions loathed by island residents. What
Allyson Becker
April 26th 2007
Good for David Thomas expressing his opinion (which I don't happen to share). Given his denigration of detractors, a long time tactic of the pro-untramelled-development-at-any-cost-lobby, could the above-said David be stirring the possum? I can barely believe he has such a cliched view of island residents. Perhaps he's spent too much time in island pubs viewing the world through the bottom of a glass? Hopefully, he's bright enough (pardon the pun) to be using irony. If not "bright enough" then what? I'm not sure the Bright Point developments would compare favourably even with housing commission units. Poor investors. Poor islanders.
April 26th 2007
I worked as a tour guide on the island just as Bright Point was being finished, and not once did I greet a guest at the ferry who had nice things to say about the buildings. So there goes the theory on the grubs, retired &dole bludgers being the only ones who don't like the development, the tourists disdain it too (despite the positive spin the guides gave it). I remember 100's of them admiring Maggie for it's untouched nature and the simple beauty of a beach with nothing on it but sand and trees. I don't remember a SINGLE compliment towards the architecture at Bright Point, only sadness over what's happening to our island. Many tourists told me they were glad to have seen the island when they did and have little intention of returning, knowing the direction it's headed.

Bright Point? Ugly, and an embarrassment for those greeting tourists at the ferry.
April 26th 2007
needs a bit of work on the exposed rock behind it , otherwise i would love a unit there, great spot, great island, guess it might bring some jobs to the island too!!!!!
April 27th 2007
Bright Point is wonderful. It is the only place I have lived on the island where you really feel like you live on an island. More islanders should try it !! Every islander that has been to my place has been unbelievably surprised at how great the place is. By the way only 40 units are in Mantra Resort. There are 124 units in total so the resort is a minor part of the development so let's just call it Bright Point.
April 27th 2007
At least they look better than the "housing commission" flats on the other side of the barge access road. If you are lucky enough to own one (and I don't), the view from the seaward facing units is superb.
Suzanne Slegers
April 27th 2007
"Pave paradise and put up a parking lot". That is just butt ugly! I used to live on the island and enjoyed walking/sometimes running to the ferry in barefeet along the jetty feeling the worn wood on my soles. As soon as you reached the island you felt like you could leave all the chaos of the day behind and enjoy the character and beauty of the island. Now people must feel as though this is just another continuim of the mainland. The view from Geoffrey bay is particularly dissapointing. Shame on the developers is what I say!!
April 27th 2007
Twin town - Tirana, Albania
hoyt drake
April 27th 2007
Yuk ! Ugly as ! --Agreed, we need our own council ! --Hoyt, Nelly Bay
Kylie Harwood
April 27th 2007
I have seen pictures of Magnetic Island BEFORE this development and I have to say,what a change for the worse! This island has a beauty of it's own - it has now been ruined. The whole building looks like a prison at most angles with a colour to match. I'm sure the locals had very little say (if any) in this development, or they never would have let it be built. I just pray that this island doesn't turn into just another tourist attraction, but caters for the locals who live here and love the peaceful, easy pace of life that has been the way of the island for years now.
Edwina Carey
April 27th 2007
It is by far the ugliest thing I have seen and what a shame compared to what was there originally.
Wendy Tubman
April 27th 2007
Well, RB, I'm sure that you could buy a unit. It seems there are positively dozens still not sold - and, one day, they'll be scores and scores more at the delightfully named 'Blue-on-Blue' just across the way. (Surely, Chasmac can't be right, can he? Not going to be finished? Well, I never!) And I know that even some of those who were suckers enough to buy in to Bright Point at the beginning are already looking to on-sell - even if, as they reckon seems likely - this means taking a loss. If you're lucky you could move in near to David Thomas and have intimate erudite (look it up) conversations (so close, no need to shout) across the wire. That's until (and if) the jack-hammers get going on construction of the view-diminishing tavern (that's the one planned to go above that bizarre 'watch-the-reo' hole in the ground between Bright Point units and the car-park). You'll need to talk to David about that to make sure that no sound emanates - wouldn't want to hear any drunks now would we. Just a word of advice, I do suggest you do a thorough check of what you are buying before departing with too much or your hard-earned fortune. You wouldn't want to get your feet - or any other part of your anatomy or investment - wet, I imagine.

And if it's jobs you want - there's any number of businesses for sale around the bays. Wonder why?

One other thing. David Thomas, I publicly take up your million dollar bet. Put up or shut up.
chris copping
April 27th 2007
Not much to add to that except on an architectural scale of 1-10(lets take Venice as 10, Paris 8-9), then the buildings in question would not make the half was 5/10- but neither would Federation Square in Melbourne.(If I rate a beer or wine as under 5/10 that means undrinkable)

On the council side I gather Maggie is in the same ward as Palmer Street and the Strand which are by and large very impressive, the old and new sitting amazingly comfortably together.So how was this allowed to happen.

Might I suggest that the "Eastern Bloc" look of Bright Point could be tamed slightly by use of pastel shades as in some of the buildings in the Strand. And some transported palm trees .
April 27th 2007
Sorry Chris, Magnetic Island is not in the same ward as (most of) The Strand (North Ward - Div.2 I think) but it does sit in Div.1 with Palmer Street. Have you seen Palmer Street lately? The city side is quickly becoming reminiscent of.....well, Bright Point actually - with or without pastel shades.
April 27th 2007
David Thomas is "on the ball'. If those pot smoking wannabies would just get out of their drug induced stupor they'd realise that this has the potential of being as classy as the gold coast.....since the demise of picnic bay jetty, I've stopped getting drunk,got a job and stopped flogging the missus.
Jenny Q
April 27th 2007
Speaking of shades, is it true that in the units, people have to keep the curtains drawn or blinds down in the daytime to keep out the sun and in the nighttime to keep out the glare from the security lights. It does seem funny to see all the drawn curtains in the photographs taken in the daytime.
Blight on the landscape
April 28th 2007
Loved the "tongue-in-cheek" comments from David let's hear from past owners,current owners waiting to sell and most importantly those who have worked on the project in building and maintenance.We need to know the whole story on this site.
April 28th 2007
Hideous; slang for Bright Point Overdevelopment
Yes it will bring jobs - hopefully "Whelan the Wreckers"
Scott D
April 28th 2007
Bright Point (AKA Shanty town) is an utter eyesore to the Island, whoever the architects were that designed these units should hang their collective heads in shame, I cannot for the life of me believe that someone was actually paid to produce such a terrible design. Worse still it must have gone through a rigorous approvals process before given the final nod. It's almost as well conceived as the boat ramp carpark bridge that needs continuous excavation to avoid it being badly sanded up and not to mention the horrible stench of rotting flotsam. I know development is inevitable with the booming real estate industry of today and I have seen several coastal developments that are actually quite classy and suit the surrounds. Mostly these seem to be balinese/tropical style developments with heavy emphasis on natural materials such as thatching, solid timber beams and clever landscaping that blends in seamlessly with the modern stone look rendering and such. I am truly sorry for the people who have spent a great deal of hard earned money investing in these units, sure you might have great views from your balconies but I bet you try and look out as far as you can to avoid looking at the surrounding buildings.
I seriously have not heard a single nice comment about Bright Point from anyone that I have spoken with and unfortuneately for David Thomas as I'm not an 'unemployed drunk with a shabby lawn' I have been advising all of my friends and acquaintences to invest their money elsewhere. By the way mate, I hope you are very rich because I believe you owe many of the wonderful people of Magnetic Island 'a million dollars'.
April 28th 2007
Twin town - Jasmine Allan
Gavin Ryan
April 28th 2007
Blight Point, more like...
April 28th 2007
Bright Point? Like its companion piece Blue on whatever together with much of the faux modernity being spawned in its vicinity?
Aesthetically, intellectually and ethically impoverished.
As an aside, the developer type mantra supporting such seems very much composed of oxymorons - perhaps therein lies the answer.
The 'Traveller' comment sums it nicely - "Twin Town, Tirania Albania".
And in a decade or so it will doubtless resemble Grozny.
At least the new urban renewal Housing Commission product would prove a laudable alternative.
April 28th 2007
Blight Point, Blu on Blu. Oops, excuse the (spelling) errors.
Pat Spence [Butler]
April 29th 2007
It's all a matter of taste - bad taste! Guantanamo Bay offers better design features. The inmates at Camp X-Ray cannot speak to each other through their wire grills but neighbours here will have no difficulty with inter-balcony communication. As for 'transported palm trees' is there any soil left to plant them in?
My pioneer greatgrandfather Harry Butler would have been appalled at this blatant destruction of natural beauty. I wait with interest the first good cyclone to reach the area.
April 29th 2007
I travel the world writing travel guidebooks and have seen many hundreds of coastal apartment and hotel developments. In most cases, architects and local planners working in ecologically and aesthetically sensitive surrounds are keen to ensure new developments fit well with their surrounds. Some work, some fail. But there are very few that I have seen, apart from parts of Beirut and in some Brezhnev-era Soviet satellite countries, that have produced a set of buildings as ugly, as poorly designed, and as inappropriately located as this conglomeration of ticky-tacky boxes.

Granted the old Maggie was a flip-flop kind of place where the locals were a bit standoffish about tourism, and granted the place had it
April 29th 2007
I lived on the island twenty years ago and there was the same negitive people there then who were opposed to any type of developement.Surely the're not the same old hippies beating their drums about any development or are they the off spring of this lot.
April 29th 2007
Yes, a cyclone will be interesting. During Cyclone Althea, in 1971, waves crashed right up and over Bright Point. And don't forget the rising sea levels . . .
wendy tubman
April 30th 2007
Sorry, but I am fed up with insulting, inaccurate comments such as that made by 'Keely'. If she/he(?) had read the comments, she/he would have noticed that, of the 30+ comments that addressed the question posed (Bright Point - what do you think?)and spoke against the development, not one demonstrated that they 'were opposed to any type of development'. It is comments such as Keely's that limit the potential for intelligent, informed debate about the Island. Worse, it is comments such as Keely's that, when taken to the extreme ('all herbalists are witches', 'all Jews are avaricious', 'all Islamists are terrorists'), divide societies and drive the world to fear and violence.
angelica s
April 30th 2007
Just awful! A pile of shallow, characterless little boxes way out of keeping with the once beautiful Bright Point.
April 30th 2007
Why lay into the so called 'hippies' if it hadn't been for them the island would have had nothing left by now - get on your hands and knees and thank them.David Thomas if you had even a sniff of a million you wouldn't bet it - then maybe you would. I thought the island was supposed to be protected by the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and Regulations 2004?????What happened????

Also Horseshoe By is now being "noised" with yet another bi-plane flying over the middle of the bay over yachts etc.other bays plus the national park and interrupting the peace and quiet of the island. In the World Heritage Attributes and Values Identified for Magnetic Island (2005) 97% of the visitors were here because of the peace and tranquility of the island and that is what most people come here for. You can get a copy of this report from the Dept of Environment and Heritage, Canberra.Well spoken Wendy and everyone else who can see the issues and not the 'man'.

May 1st 2007
Well, certainly the usual suspects have been let out of their wheelchairs for a go at the computer. But, really, can you blame them for implying "we told you so"?

Anyway, hopefully thoughtless developer's plans for the other Island bays will meet with a united opposition if more crappy projects are proposed.
May 1st 2007
Well George. You trespassed at Bright Point and entered illegally to take such awful photos of the worst possible views instead of the glorious views from the front. Now we know just how biased you are and how you present false impressions to suit your cause.

Can you also let all those overweight locals that trespass and use the pools in their g strings or holey underwear that they would float better in the salt water of the sea and to keep out.
Katie Pederson
May 1st 2007
MMMMM... well it looks a lot like a cluttered new development slap bang in the middle of sydney western suburbs, Good job at detroying natural beauty and island life style. I certainly wouldn't bother visiting. I can't believe people get the rights to blast into a headland and build, as someone else has mentioned, a shanty town. I can't believe an architect would look at sucha sight and design such an eyesore. Loved maggie when i visited but doubt i'll be back
May 1st 2007
Good on ya Keely. Triffic contribution. If you were on Magnetic Island "twenty years ago" (ie.1987) you would have seen Bright Point before it was butchered. Did you see it? Did you see the soldier crabs at the beach there, the dunes, the mangrove strand, the reef flat at low tide? Have you noticed it's all gone now? Just a car park, a hole, an IGA and a couple of hundred units in its place. Built by 'posetive' people no doubt. Triffic contribution.
George Hirst
May 1st 2007
Hey Jill, If I trespassed then my apologies but there is no signage to indicate that the public are not welcome in what appears to be a public street.

As for "awful photos" I was only trying to give readers a clear idea of the main views one sees from the public access areas. If you would like to send me some of your own then I am more than happy to add them to the story but I should make clear that the subject was the appearence of the Bright Point development not the views from it. They have surely been given enough exposure in the many huge ads seen over many months in the Townsville Bulletin and other media. As most people will be living with the view of Bright Point for many years to come and not enjoying the view from it it seemed about time we all had a good look at what it is really like. From the responses it seems there is no shortage of interest.

George Hirst, Editor
Sue L
May 1st 2007
Is Jill married to David?

Hazel M
May 1st 2007
I guess Jill says it all. There're those who live at Bright Point and then there're the 'locals'. Goodbye to the famous community spirit of Magnetic Island, when it didn't matter where you lived or what you owned. And to be fair to George, he took 29 different views - how many more are there?! From which particular aspect would you get a 'true impression' of what it looks like from the outside?
Judy Chapman
May 2nd 2007
I am appalled at the destruction wrought by develpers on such a previously beautiful & unique area as Magnetic Island. I visited 3 times prior to its development, but it has lost all magnetism for me to return. For any who appreciate natural, unspoilt beauty and who care for the environment, the eyesore at Bright Point overshadows any other attraction. How sad that despite widespread opposition to the development, greedy mega-dollar mongerers have bulldozed ahead without foresight and no eye to developing in sympathy with the Island's original beauty. Already the consequences that the developers were forewarned about are happening. Noone wins in this, if the empty units are any example of the project's success. For those who want slums and Gold Coasts, they already had a wide choice of venues within Australia and overseas. What has happened to M.I is disgraceful and those responsible should be exiled en masse to their very own island of grey concrete and high rise.
May 2nd 2007
Yes chasmac, I do remember what is was like twenty years ago, and I remember it thirty years ago as a beach front that very few used. You couldn't swim there because of the openness of the bay and the potential to be stung. I also like the convienence of an IGA at my door and not having to go across to the main land to buy groceries before 1.00 oclock if you wanted them delivered the same day. I also remember having to walk at least a klm to get to the car from the boat when you didn't make the cut off time from Woolies in town with your order. And I also remember Nelly Bay Beach being deserted with very few people using it.Great to see some life been put into the place.
David Thomas
May 2nd 2007
SO, what I have seen so far from the comments is that George is a criminal for trespassing. Very interesting. George please have the common decency to ask for permission before you walk onto other peoples property to do a story that is going to produce anti development views and tries to influence a pack of uneducated people to have views about a development that you personally do not like. As an editor you should be a lot more responsible. A lot of investors, onsite managers, booking accomadation offices may loose income if not their life savings if your hatred that you have installed goes too far. What is your address as I might decide to do a story on you? Before I publish my one sided story on you I will need photos therefore I would like to ask your permission for some of your photos to be taken (the reason I do this is because I am a gentleman and educated and I like to work inside the boundarys of common decency and the law). YES, take note everyone, people who throw stones should not live in glass houses. PS; Could we please as a group get Gavin Ryan to take down that awful sign he has at the entry of his house, it is a real eyesore. Oh, another thing, try and cheer up Gavin, the world is not that bad a place. Lets get Magnetic Island developed !! (and cleaned up, get rid of that ugly sign Gavin)
Paul Jones
May 2nd 2007
Hello everyone. Recently I stayed at this development. It was clean with very nice people running it and I found the location fantastic. What did not impress me is the way the mall looks at Picnic Bay, now that really is a disgrace, that really looks like a bomb site, why do you not take photos of this and ask for comments? I think the development at BRIGHT POINT not only looks fantastic but is a great improvement to Magnetic Island as it is convenient and also very pleasing to the eye. It is a great thing to see first as you arrive at Magnetic Island in the ferrys. Very impressed.
May 2nd 2007
I can't understand why Keely bothered to live on Magnetic Island - assuming they had a choice about it. It seems to have been such a hassle. If one's life revolves around the convenience of shopping and the existence of a few people putting "life" onto the otherwise deserted beaches of your chosen locale - to which I presume one would drive because it's an equal hassle to have to walk more than a few hundred metres - why would you want to live on a relatively isolated tropical island with limited facilities?
Having made that choice anyway and then having supported, condoned and maybe even barracked for the intensive development of a small part of the island and the incredible upheaval of moving the transport terminus from Picnic Bay to Nelly Bay to achieve the desired "convenience", why would you leave?
Back in late 1989 around 1,200 people put their names to a double full page advertisement in a Saturday Townsville Bulletin demanding that "their" project (Bright Point and the associated harbour/marina) be allowed to proceed. Soon they got their way and later (after a ten year hiatus while the collapsed project was being resurrected at public expense) they got the development pretty much the way they had wanted it. I defy you to find more than 10% of those names who today are happy with the result. Most are disgusted and ashamed that their names are printed there for posterity to continually remind them.
And apart from a few backpackers at XBase the Nelly Bay beach is still more or less deserted (thankfully), although it's suffering from an advancing shape-change brought about in no small part by the altered hydrodynamics caused by the stupid imposition of the Nelly Bay harbour.
George Hirst
May 2nd 2007
David, Sorry to disappoint you but members of the public walking down an access street at Bright Point and photographing buildings just ain't a criminal offence. And, as Ive mentioned to Jill, there are no signs to say the public is not welcome.

I don't know why you describe my story as one-sided? What did I say that was one-sided? I simply introduced the photos and called on readers to tell us what they think. That so many readers are clearly unimpressed is just part of a democratic right to express an opinion. One-sidedness would mean culling your comments surely, but there have been no comments so far edited.

If you want to take photos of my house you are welcome but my house, although quite pretty to me and many others, is barely visible to anybody unlike the highly publicised, most prominent and unavoidable, man-made structure visible when approaching Magnetic Island. George Hirst
May 2nd 2007
David, get off your high horse. You are not the only person in this community who has an education. By the way this is how you spell hypocrite not hipocrate. It seems they not only taught bad spelling at your school, you also have appalling manners and no sense of community spirit. Get over it David, you live in a really ugly building, which is what this argument is supposed to be about!
Peter F. Hughes
May 2nd 2007
Lorne was totally destroyed in the Ash Wednesday fires of 1983. I remember driving along the Great Ocean Road one week after the fires and thinking, now they can rebuild with environmentally friendly buildings with more chance of surviving a fire. I hadn't seen Lorne until 2 years ago and now it looks like Bright Point.
Thanks for your pictorial on Bright Point, it has indeed shown me what it now looks like.
It looks like the main street of Lorne. The rooms are identical to every single unit I have seen at the resorts in Lorne. For that matter, the design and style of these units is what I expected.
The unfortunate thing is the eyesore it creates from Geoffrey Bay. But then again, Hamilton Island has the same 'visual pollution' that Magnetic Island' now owns.
To the development companies I say, you had a chance to do something special with a landscape that has long been a blight on Nelly Bay. You have failed. Environmently friendly design, failed. Blending in to the environment, failed.

Well done George, Maggie expats such as myself rely on you to show us what is going on.
This is responsible reporting.
Peter F. Hughes
Waurn Ponds
May 2nd 2007
Paul, I remember reading a story and seeing the photos of the Picnic Bay Mall reported in the local media. The loss of the businesses in the mall and the tragic loss of the Picnic Bay Hotel owners while undertaking the redevelopment of the mall is a sad story and has been done. That is not the question here. George was simply asking for others opinions on a topic of the moment.
It is a shame however that you didn't see the mall in it's hayday. It was a much better reception to the island than the new harbour and has only fallen into dissaray since the new harbour has been opened.
Scott D
May 2nd 2007
David Thomas, how dare you imply that the views expressed here are soley the work of George Hirst. I can assure you that whilst my view may be the same as many other people that have written in, they are very much my own. It was not one sided journalism that brought me to this conclusion, it is quite simply how I view this preposterous attempt at aesthetically pleasing design that supposedly blends in with the beauty of the island, adversely if juxtaposition was the intent then I guess they really nailed it! The only thing I see it blending in with is the dull office grey ferry terminal.
Furthermore your derogatory, stereotypical comments about the locals is offensive and extremely uninformed. This debate is on the merits of the development and not a forum for you to mouth off about how you think you're a cut above the rest and oh so educated. The main reason I have lived on Maggie for so long is because people behave like a real community and I have rarely met a more diverse and caring bunch in such a beautiful and unique place. You only have to look at events like 'The biggest morning tea' to understand how such a small population can galvanise to help others less fortunate.
But I must thank you for your mature and wise comments as it is precisely this kind of personal attack that will steel the resolve of the 'locals' further to have a voice in the development of Maggie and hopefully deter others like you from having to put up with us!
David Thomas
May 2nd 2007
Thank you for all reading my opinions, as you all know I am never wrong. I also find it childish that you all take my comments offensive. All I speak is the truth. You know I am right. If you are all so unhappy why don't you all do something LIKE LEAVE. You and I know the answer to this question don't we. You would not be able to find an affordable postcode to move to as renters that will still allow you to get your CentreLink Benefits. My biggest wish from now would be that the development not only continues at a rate faster then all of you 'whingers' can do anything about and eventually due to massive weekly rent increases that you all get forced off the island. You know you are a bunch of sad, angry people and you know you have lost the battle. The development is happening and you can not stop it. You have lost. George, why do you not do a story on the disgrace known as the Picnic Bay Mall. Not only is this tired looking and run down but it looks wose then Bright Point. At least the developer and associates of both Blue on Blue and Bright Point has the courage to start, devlop, and run beautiful buildings, irregardless of their situations. Come on George, do it, get the camera, go trespassing again and take some photos of Picnic Bay and then try and get your hippy mates to support you? Is the reason that you do not want to do a story on Picnic Bay because you are a silent investor in the development? Another thing you may be able to answer, Is Gavin Ryan committed to living on Magnetic Island, or does he plan to leave in the near future? If he leaves will that mean he takes that horrid sign down?
Tom Lawless
May 2nd 2007
Hello. I was a recent visitor to your fantastic island. Personally my wife and I loved it. We liked arriving at a modern terminal and we can see how Bright Point, Blue on Blue, The Terminal and the shops will all tie into one another beautifully when finally complete. Developments of this high quality take time and we were very impressed with the new blending so well with the old. We would have loved to have seen more houses built on the canel allotments. We also loved how when you go to each bay that everything has a different feel from each other. I would agree that Picnic Bay is looking very ordinary. Our favorite area was Alma Bay. We are looking forward to staying in the new units / townhouses when they are buit at Alma Bay. They will be outstanding. You are so lucky to be in a place where the old and the new merge so wonderfully. I have heard that the restarant in the new Blue on Blue will be world class, can you please do a story on this when it is opened, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
George Hirst
May 2nd 2007
David, I tried to respond to you privately but your email bounces back. Reluctantly I will explain why we have not highlighted the development problems at Picnic Bay. The reason for Picnic Bay looking so poorly was because there were people who began a major (Banyans) development there, Bill and Lorraine Carnell.
May 2nd 2007
Is this guy for real? It must be a joke. We all live on Magnetic Island because we love the place, we love the wonderful people, our beautiful surroundings and the great sense of community spirit. We are not going anywhere just because of the ramblings of some obviously bored person who needs to go and get himself a life - or perhaps a job like the rest of us who work hard to be able to afford to live in such a beautiful place. May we be reminded once again that this topic is about the aesthetics of Bright Point which has generally been agreed to that it is simply an ugly building and that's all. It's just not a topic worth lowering yourself to bag out the locals both dead and alive. You obviously don't want to be a part of our great community so why don't you just move on.
May 3rd 2007
David, yout've missed the plot - it's called free enterprise. Rape and pillage all you can, call it gorgeous, get in a few suckers like you and you've made it. Canal developments - gorgeous - lets raze a few sanddunes and go for it. By the way where is the promised walkway from Sandals to the Horseshoe Bay beach - hasn't materialised despite the sacrilegous destruction of the mango trees. Not many sales there I see - must be the bad karma of all the dead trees. Nature always pays back. TC
May 4th 2007

My wife and I have been a regular visitors to the island for many years and we and all our other friends who regularly visit the island believe that the development at Magnetic harbour has enhanced the island, at least for visitors and new residents, in 3 important ways.
The ugly scar at Bright Point has been all but hidden.
You now have a vastly improved entry point to the island and much safer compared to the Picnic bay jetty.
A new standard of accommodation that will attract another class of people to the island both for holidaying and to live (even though it appears some locals may not want this).
I agree with those who may prefer another design or colour scheme to the Bright Point units but I certainly don't find them ugly especially compared to what was there before. Also to give an opinion of them one should also inspect the inside. My wife and I stayed in one on our last visit and loved the views, the standard of the finish and the location so much we are now planning on buying a Bright Point unit and moving to the island, which is something we had never considered before.
Mandy made the comment;
"We all live on Magnetic Island because we love the place, we love the wonderful people, our beautiful surroundings and the great sense of community spirit"
What a great attitude she has, we want to live in a community with happy/positive people like her. The people on the island who are unhappy, bored, bitter, oppose any development and focus on the negatives should really consider moving on or accepting the changes.
Looking forward to joining your community. TW
May 4th 2007
David, I am a recent resident on this wonderful island paradise.
I am also a renter.
I rent a wonderful 1920's heritage listed property.
I also work in Townsville where I earn the average wage of most Australians. I not only pay more rent on Magnetic Island than most locations around Townsville for the same sort property, I also pay nearly an extra hundred dollars a week to travel to and from work on the wonderful quickcat ferry each day.
Am I complaining? NO!
The reason I live here and pay more to rent and travel is because of the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful landscape and wonderful people.

Perhaps you should think twice before you critise people you have never met before instead of being so godamn almighty powerful and wise when clearly you are not.
I resent you're abject critisms and comments, they are truely the worst blight to this landscape I have seen since I have been here.

As for the complex development I think it feels clean and new. It may not look the best and I agree they could have done a better job at making it blend into the landscape.

Apart from that I try to stay away from negative hostilities or get too upset over things, after all that is what this island is all about.

Cheer up people of Maggie, you still have one of the most wonderful unspoilt tropical paridise locations of anywhere in the world. We are all extremely lucky to live here indeed.
Thank you

May 8th 2007
How disingenuous of Trevor to assert that the Bright Point unit development enhances the island because (1)it all but hides the ugly scar and (2) it makes a safe entry point. The ugly scar was created at Bright Point BY THE DEVELOPERS so that they could build there. The ugly scar was the SITE PREPARATION for the (proposed) largest hotel in north Queensland (236 rooms compared with Jupiters casino hotel 195 rooms) plus 16 condominiums. Compared to the (nearly) untouched Bright Point, Magnetic Quay's hotel proposal was ugly in a Gold Coast / Las Vegas / Hollywood sort of way. Completely at odds with the landscape and existing society of Magnetic Island. Not that anything is permanent but this was a debate. It wasn't about a decree from a high place....or was it?
The safe harbour is a myth. Oh sure, lots of people had heard about the complaints. They even said thay knew someone who complained about how unsafe they FELT at the Picnic Bay jetty - especially on behalf of some notional (or fictitious) 'old folk' they knew. But when the crunch came, in the witness box at the court, the Harbourmaster had to admit that in the previous ten or twenty years the authorities had NEVER received a written complaint about the Picnic Bay jetty and its safety. NOT ONCE!
So adjust your story Trevor. Tell it like it is, not how you'd like it to be, or how you read in the brochure.
Joc Wrench
May 9th 2007
Bright Point architecture just a sign of times. We are told to fear lebanese youths (rapists) though not Brits, barren women, aids sufferers, unemployed, homosexuals, migrants, aboriginals, non-christians etc etc. Units in areas of enormous hours of sunshine all have clothes dryers because we're scared of hanging clothes in public spaces (and it would take us too long to get through all the locked doors, grills, walls and security cameras). Howards "war on terror" is actually "war OF terror".Ironic that first white Australians dreamed of getting out of jail and modern Australians dream of getting in.
rebecca smith
May 8th 2007
Now now George, you weren't trespassing were you? Coz while I see gates to keep out the riff-raff, i have never actually seen them clamped shut to prevent the riff-raff from entering, nor have I ever seen any 'private property' 'residents and guests only' signs either. You see, if anyone chooses to walk around ugly buildings (or nice ones, for that matter), and take photos of what they can see on their walk, then that's not trespass. If George was to swing off someone's balcony and take a pic - that's trespess. Just walking around an open area (and hey, it's got to be open so potential buyers/investors can walk around and decide to throw away their dollars) is NOT trespass. David and Jill, re-read Trespass 101, before claiming someone was criminal in action, (and then you will also find that trespass itself is not is a civil matter).
I am heartened to see, however, that since One Bright Point has graced or defiled our vista (take your pick) Louis has stopped getting drunk at the Picnic Bay pub, biffing his wife and got a job. I'm sure we can ALL agree that at least we have one good news story here.
Simply Breathless
May 9th 2007
David , "Blight on the landscape" obviously goofed ; you are NOT "tongue in cheek," but a fair dinkum observer who knows the real score. Aunt Flo used to tell me ..."it's not just the early bird who catches the's the one who really knows worms." KNOW YOUR WORMS...... that's what counts.....and David you certainly know yours...! Cleverly you have spotted all those dole bludging, low rent, greenie, hippy types ...they need to be removed from our Island for the sake of all of us and for the sake of this breathtaking development and of course the wonder called Blue on Blue. So David you
you flip
May 10th 2007
d t is he a raving drunk or a reformed alchoholic maybe he wants to evict those noisy curlews too, along with his despicable rantings about his fellow humans.
May 10th 2007
yes, the sacrilegous destruction of the mango trees was one of the worst things to happen on Magnetic Island, but at least Charlie McColl was able to benefit from it by selling all the wood chips... we are guilty of being hypocrties!
george villaflor Canberra
May 10th 2007
I came to live on the Island well after the major hill excavations created the first mess at Nelly. The environment is like a puzzle- take out one piece and it will never fit back in again. Nelly Bay is now a square turned into a circle. Like many others I used to walk over the barren flats and rock piles left over amongst the first failed tourist venture and felt concerned like many others over what was going to happen to this place. Even back then, it was never absolute that what is now there would be. But it is. Even then we all knew that the arguments going on now would need to take place. And they are. Viewing it all from a cold capital in Canberra, where planning issues reign supreme over how the nation's capital should be built, added to, should power boats be allowed onto the lake, where a permit is required to cut down a tree, where are we going to get our water from, Maggie seems to behave as if its is part of the Lost World series. Check out the beaches for the cast. It is there and built and there is no escaping from it. I am one of those who wish it never happened. But it is. It is not about now destroying whatever community spirit is left on Maggie, because you are going to need it. I am one that believes that there is still plenty, but enjoy the lifestyle where you can of what attracted people to live on the island in the first place. In times of crisis, and global warming is a reality, Maggie's priority is to prepare for it. It is only a community that respond to its own disasters; help from the mainland is so close but still too far away. It is not a question anymore of far the seas will rise but how far inland it will go. And life itself is so short. Good luck Maggie and thanks for all the fish.
Mal H
May 16th 2007
I came from Sydney to live on Magnetic Island on the 21st of May 1998 and I find the quality of life here superior to any other locale I have known. Not only for its amazing natural beauty and abundant wildlife but for the people who welcomed me into their lives and their hearts. When Cyclone Tessi struck the island in 2000 I saw a true community spirit in the way everybody helped each other to cope without any electricity etc. This is like no other place I have known.

I have been saddened and distressed to see its unique beauty despoiled by the canal development at Nelly Bay. I am not against all development- I cite Nobby's Head at Picnic Bay as an example of sensitive, non-intrusive development.

Like Maxine, through my job I meet many visitors to the island, from all over the world and all walks of life, and those who think the Nelly Bay precinct is attractive are very much in the minority. Many are flabbergasted that such things are allowed to happen in a World Heritage
area. These opinions are unsolicited, by the way.

I respect anyone's right to an opinion, whether or not I agree with them, but there are opinions and there are opinions, if you know what I mean. In my experience, it is the first resort of those without a cogent argument to villify, insult and denigrate those who dare to disagree with them or object to their intentions. David, Keely and Jill only diminish themselves with their vitriol and if they didn't appear so bloody-minded I could not take them seriously. I implore these individuals to get to know Magnetic Island and its people, as I have, to "agree to disagree" and respect this wonderful place and those lucky enough to live here.
May 18th 2007
One Bright Point? More like Lost Bright Point - and Blue on Blue is just heartache on heartache!
Both are shining examples of the Great Australian Ugliness.
May 21st 2007
So there you go. Last weekend (19-20 May) the Blue-on-Blue concrete batching plant departed these shores. Obviously that show is over. Will they now remove the ugly site dongas from the streetscape of Sooning Street? Will they open up the walk / cycle path around the inner harbour? Will they get in Christo to wrap the unfinished concrete and protruding reo on the moonscape next to the IGA? Probably not. It might start to look better than the upmarket abomination next door at Bright Point.
May 22nd 2007
Hi this is a liitle off the topic, but i really need some help.I have an assingment that is in regards to the florence bay dispute of the 1980's? If any of you were living on the island at this time and had input into this issue i would appreciate any information you are will to discuse. Cause i am not having much luck at the moment. Just email me if you get a chance thanks in advance
Marg Sewell
May 29th 2007
Early this month I and 116 others came to Maggie for my daughter's wedding. It is'nt the first time I have caste my eyes on the monstrosity that is now the Nelly Bay terminal precinct, but it always makes me cringe to think that such an ugly building has been allowed to foul the beauty and untill quite recently unspoiled setting of Magnetic Island. I have lived in Nth Qld for over 30 years and am not impressed at all by the "new wave" of modern architecture that has overtaken Townsville and now the island over the years. It neither suits the climate nor the environment and flies in the face of all the talk of saving the environment by cutting Green House Emissions. What a joke
Ken Dun
June 23rd 2007
I was interested to read in the 'Townsville Bulletin' that the Bright Point development this month won the 'Professional Excellence Award' from Australian Institute of Building.
July 11th 2007
I visited Maggie 3 or 4 years ago now when I was backpacking, when a 3 day trip turned to a 3 month stay and not a week goes by when I dont consider moving from the UK to live on Maggie, for being a beautiful, peaceful, laid back paradise, with fantastic friendly locals, which what makes me love this place so much but after seeing this monstrosity I may have to reconsider! pull it down and leave Maggie alone! Maggie whats never created for the Modern Lego land apartments like this!
August 8th 2007
"Bleak on Bleak" and "Blighted Point" !
September 15th 2007

I don't think camera angles are going to make any difference. This place is definitely UGLY.
It looks to me like the developer has never lived Magnetic..... Never experienced a stint on the Rock that remains in your memory and you still talk about it today.

Having that kind of connection may have produced a building more in touch with its surroundings.

I used to live right near this out-of-touch lump of concrete. I'm saddened to see this happening to such a beautiful place.

And on another bright point.... Look out there are not more of the same slated for development on other iconic areas. It would be criminal for the money to tear apart other well known Maggie landscapes.

Once they get started, it's so hard to stop them.
They've had (1)bright idea. Don't let them make other (2) radical changes. We live in
(3) rocky times, but as guardians, don't let it be a (4)picnic in the park for more ugly and disconnected development.
Garry taylor
September 17th 2007
My wife and I have been regular viitors to your lovely Island for years now.Back in the old days landing at Picnic bay was a joy, the view was fantastic ,not a piece of concrete in sight because everything was hidden behind the palms and banyans and Picnic bay was a thriving community but in the last 5 years we have seen it diminish to nothing. we have landed the last 3 years at Nelly Bay ,Bright Point ,whatever and I am in agreement with most of the people making comments on this page, it is truly ugly and totally out of touch with what Maggie stands for. You have a truly beautiful island don't give in to the planners
G Taylor
October 3rd 2007
Who was the architect and what was he thinking? Why did he think that bland design in the form of concrete slabs equals modern/contemporary living? How is it remotely in keeping with the landscape? I am from the UK where the issue of architectural design sensitive to it's surroundings (whether natural environment or 500 year old buildings) is of key importance. With so much development going on in Australia and such beautiful natural environments, Australia really has the chance to lead the world and showcase it's talent. How tragic that (God know how) the unimaginative, unsympathetic and unnatural plans for Bright Point/Blue on Blue etc, were allowed to be developed. I am not against development per se, only the way in which it is done. People come to Magnetic Island because it's a laid back, friendly, low-key, unpretentious tropical island, with stunning beaches, forests and creeks to explore. I'm no architect but I'm pretty sure I could have come up with a better design to reflect this, rather than the eastern block style (and believe, me, I've been to the poorest parts of Krakow and Vilnius)which truly made my heart sink upon arrival to the Island. I honestly thought, as we approached Nelly Bay Harbour, that it was a run-down 1960's prison or council estate. It is truly hideous. Greedy developers might think that they'll make money in the short term, but in the long run it is not going to benefit the Island as a whole. Instead of bulldozing Nelly Bay's coral reef (how was that ever allowed?) and throwing dynamite into the hillside, the area could have been developed into a lovely, laid back, tropical village, with a big public swimming lagoon (not just for the rich and beautiful) a few shops and eateries, maybe a bar, maybe a few low-rise balinese holiday villas nestled amongst the palm trees/gum trees/mango trees. All of this could have been developed a much lower cost, with much less damage to the environment, and ultimately a whole lot more beneficial to the local community and to the many tourists who come here.

People who want to go on holiday and live in multi-story blocks of concrete and sheeny-shiny handrails might just aswell go to Sydney.

Nelly Bay residents are also concerned that all these high buildings will block the wind in the summer months, making the heat even worse with no sea breeze.

Ultimately, however, the Island itself will make up it's own mind as to whether Bright Point/Blue on Blue/Etc, will be here to stay. Building a multi-story concrete development on reclaimed land is not the most wise of moves, (Bright Point has apparently sank 3 inches in the last 12 months), and underground carparks which are only feet away from the water's edge, (one of the planned underground car parks was scrapped after it was flooded at every high tide), and as others have stated, the whole development is right in a vulnerable position in the case of a cyclone. It might be shiny and new now, but in 10, 20, 50 years, is it going to look so 'clean and crisp'? (as David Thomas describes it.)
I can hazard a guess that the answer will be a resolute NO. Then, if it hasn't been swept away by cycones or high tides, it will probably be demolished, then our children, and our children's children, will shake their heads in dismay that we ever built such a hideous pile of rubbish in the name of fancy-pants-deluxeness.

A final word to David Thomas: David, I hate to break it to you, but you are not as 'classy' as you might think. Infact, you are utterly lacking in class. You clearly hold some misguided preconceptions about the idea of class and I should probably inform you that class and money are not synonymous. You can have money but no class (which is so often the case.) The people with the least money often have the most class.
Having class is about behaving in a dignified and respectful manner to people of all walks of life and not pre-judging people on the basis of colour/creed/job/education. I have sat and talked to the Queen, (of England), to MPs, to world-class rockstars and celebrities, but I have just as happily sat and talked to the homeless people on the street, the dwellers of the Mumbai Slums, the street walkers of PatPong in Bangkok, and the penniless orphans in rural Lithuania. From whatever walk of life people are from, I will hear their story and will not judge them, not see them as any 'more' or 'less' of a human being because of what they are and the life they lead. Mr Thomas, we Islanders are not 'grubby hypocrites', we are doctors, lawyers, professors, artists, teachers, chefs, fashion designers, engineers, and yes, some of the Islanders may not be quite so 'educated' as yourself,(although I challenge you to build a boat or cut the latest hairstyle) but believe me, they have a wisdom in their soul that you could never even begin to understand.
October 27th 2007

J - My husband and I visited Magnetic Island for the first time in May 2007 and loved it so much we returned in September. We stayed at Bright Point, thought it was great and really enjoyed ourselves. During our stay, we chatted with lovely Maggie Island residents on the ferry, in local shops, at the Friday night markets at the RSL club and in all the great restaurants run by Islanders. I always asked people what they thought of Bright Point and everyone consistently said "it
Charlotte W.
November 16th 2007
For starters, David, no offence but you sound like an arrogant jerk no matter how educated you are. You need to step outside of the box you live in and see the world in other peoples perspectives! Nelly Bay used to be stunning to look at and it used to be a lovely environmental area. However, in the process of constructing the 'new' Bright Point they dredged the beautiful and natural world heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef and they also dynamited natural rock formations. I think that what they have done to this area is an environmental, social and political disastor which has tore the close-knit community of Magnetic Island apart over the past 20 years.

Trevor: The Nelly Bay entry point is FAR from being safe. I got the following information off of which is a wonderul website explaining nearly all of the relevent factors regarding Nelly Bay.

In windy and/or flood conditions big boats such as the ferries and tourist vessels find accessing the 30 metre channel difficult. The ferry pontoons are located in a potentially dangerous position just at the harbour entrance. During southerly storms, the tie-up area experiences up to 0.7 m waves. In windy conditions, during the prevailing southeasterlies, the waves in Nelly Bay are side-on, and the ferry trip is uncomfortable.

The development is sited in a flood-prone, storm surge zone, at the mouth of Gustav Creek. Gustav Creek, which empties into the harbour basin, floods heavily during the wet season and poses a threat to the residences, pontoons, boats and infrastructure. The beaches inside the main breakwall, the revetment walls and the pontoons will need repairing after each wet season. When the creek floods, the blocks of reclaimed land and revetment walls are likely to suffer some degree of subsidence.

The entrance to the harbour will be difficult to access in winds from the south and southeast over 20 knots.

As you can see from this information, it is a terrible location. If they wanted a modernized entry point for Magnetic Island, instead of ravaging the land and reef at Bright Point, perhaps they could have made Picnic Bay look abit more welcoming. In my opinion I never thought that the Picnic Bay entry point looked that bad but anyway it obviously wasnt good enough for the money-gobbling developers which have ruined Magnetic Island forever. The damge to the enviroment and to the community is irreversible!
alan c adamsom
December 7th 2007
what an ugly sight this is , . seems the developer . patched it together . from , a quarry , gravel pit , . !! i used to work , there , for graham wienike ,owner then . for magnetic , isl, rent -a-moke . / the island had only 1 policeman , warren butterworth . /
it is a sad thing to see (maggie ) , surcum to greed , lack of direction , from , somewhat , tree huggers , . // going over logic . / to make their noise . /
best , a limit of permanent residents , is in order . / best of luck , // ex . CSIRO,and cockle bay . / alan /
December 20th 2007
Too many subjective comments, please.
Jill E-D
January 7th 2008
(NOT the other "Jill" in these comments!)
Well, well, well - so according to David we retirees have no opinions of our own?
So - here's an opinion that must just have come from someone else ( one of the many visitors to the Island I talk to, perhaps? Being a retiree, I have time to listen to what they say!)
Bright Point and, in fact, the whole of the Nelly Bay Harbour development, is a disaster. It would be in place in one of the "big" tourist destinations such as the Gold Coast - but NOT Maggie!
The people who want to live in these little boxes would go stir-crazy if they stayed in their units all the time. But we simply do not have the "sophisticated" tourist attractions which they require - no big shops, no casino, few tours, no theme parks. Precious few local people around to talk to.
Life on Maggie has always been the simple life - and as such our Island has always been popular with those who appreciate our clean, empty beaches, our bush walks, our wildlife (Would you believe I met a discontented tourist from Sydney who thought there were far to many of those noisy night birds - couldn't "They" poison them or something?!!!).
The only good thing about this development is that it is likely to deter others from committing the same mistake elsewhere on the Island.
Like many others, I mourn the view coming down the hill from Arcadia - once magnificent, now a hideous supermarket (Who told them that idigo and orange where desirable colours, I wonder?). The lovely little view of Cleveland Bay, framed in trees, you used to get coming down to the shore along Kelly Street (Now a framed view of - a toilet block!). And the view along Geoffrey Bay of - That THING that was built on Bright Point.
No, I am not against development - but please, sensitive development, making the most of our natural assets. We don't need "same as everywhere else" concrete megaliths, destined to fade into decay sooner rather than later!
January 28th 2008
What a comical read most of these comments are on this forum. It is so obvious that most who criticize Bright Point, simply cannot afford to buy there, so they slander this development with ridicluous comments, instead of being honest.

As for the beauty of MI, totally appreciate that any development impacts that aspect, however as we are now well into the 2000th year, surely some of you need to understand that life moves on, which includes building developments.

To most of you, get a life and stop whining about this and that and appreciate the value, employment and other benefits such developments bring to MI. I think the reason most of you whine about this and that, is purely because you can't afford to be a part of it, therefore seek only negative aspects of these developments to compensate your own shortfalls.
February 6th 2008
Dear Jackeroo,
Speaking of "they", who slander this development and "you", who whine about this and that, suggests that you are neither. You aren't one of us who live on Magnetic Island and care about what happens to our place and our community. And you aren't one of them who weigh available evidence and make professional judgements about lifestyle choices. Instead, you offer meaningless contributions like "get a life" as if we don't already have one - and a place upon which to conduct it (a life that is).
If you approve of every single development proposal without any differentiation whatsoever, then say so. If you understand the concept of nuance then consider the possibility that not every proposal is going to be a good thing and that the community (however that is defined) is not being unreasonable in criticising those who don't care about the impact of their proposals. We are already "part of it" and we don't need or ask for your approval to have a view.
If, as you claim, you appreciate the aspect of 'beauty' in the Magnetic Island landscape then why don't you care about what happens to beauty? Or is that too hard?
John Curley
April 8th 2008
Jackeroo, I could buy a unit there tomorrow old mate, but I wouldn't because it looks like utter s**t. I've travelled the world and seen the good, the bad and the ugly, but this is up there with worst of them. Totally out of concert with the local evironment and bearing all the hallmarks of greed and bad planning. By the way, I work hard for a living, so cut the s**t with all this 'dole-bludging hippy' stuff. You're only displaying you're ignorance and stupidity for all to see.
May 5th 2008
John, everyone has a right to an opinion and I respect that fact. As I work for an International Organization and spend my life traveling and working around the globe, I think you must have been staying at 1 or 2 star rated resorts, sorry about that for you. However, as I have the luxury to stay at 5 star when I work and travel for leisure, I think i have a better idea on that side then your apparent limited knowledge or affordability.
There are many valid comments for and against on this forum, however there are so many nasty, backstabbing and rub in your face remarks between the locals, it's horrifying to say the least. To those locals, no wonder after being born and breed on the Island you whinge about this development, as after all those years you can't even get along with yourselves.
May 7th 2008
Jackeroo, who spends life "travelling and working around the globe", staying in 5 star resorts etc. claims to know about life at the top. Including about living in a community I s'pose. No doubt Jackeroo is part of a community somewhere - if he has time and if the experience isn't too 'horrifying' for him.
When it comes to the Magnetic Island community I don't think Jackeroo's got a clue.
May 10th 2008
Hey Chasmac - I was born and raised in a country town of 2000 people, only difference between you and me, I went out and got a life. You can plainly see the by the words used in your latest comments cleary displays pure ignorance and slight hint of jealousy.

May 13th 2008
Only people who could possibly argue that these units are not butt ugly are developers and people who were silly enough to buy one. Maggie was a paradise when I was there 15 ys ago, hope it stays that way, and this sort of dreadful development halted. I AGREE, MAGGIE NEEDS ITS OWN COUNCIL TO STOP THIS SORT OF DEVELOPER EXPLOITATION.
July 3rd 2008
I'm from Adelaide, and while we've had our fair share of ugly development, I don't think I've ever seen anything as ugly as Bright Point. The design of the place is just ghastly, the buildings too tall and they don't blend in with the environment at all - more so, they
October 6th 2008
i am in total love with this design..the interiors and matter at which ever angle u take a snapshot of the building the exteriors look so stark and bold..especially the rock formation which's been maintained looks stunning! I am all head over heels for this marvel..i guess they have tried to keep the design subtle so that it doesnt dictate over the natural surroundings..the sea etc..
Dr. Julie Trudeau
December 7th 2008

Bright point will look better when there is more landscaping - give it a break - money talks & BS walks - it would look incredible if there were sand instead of the rocks of course. You Australians are so spoiled by all of the natural beauty & it is understandable that it is upsetting when Nature is tampered with. Locals are always upset with development - its easier to complain than get off of your butt as ususal with anything. Does anyone realise no one sees things but the spaces between them. Most optical phenomenon is an illusion. If I spend 1 hour on my hair & 2 hours on my makeup I look like a Paris model - if not I look very ordinary - but I Am the same person. Appearence & beauty are superficial & also in the eyes of the beholders. How about a bit or respect & hospitality for the newcomers?? Give it a bit more time for it to do its hair & make up????
December 8th 2008
Make up your mind Dr Julie. Is it the real thing or an illusion? If, as you say, "Appearence & beauty are superficial & also in the eyes of the beholders (sic)", what can you possibly mean by, "Australians are so spoiled by all of the natural beauty"? Is it natural, superficial or just an illusion? Are all landscapes beautiful or just the tampered ones. Does one hour on hair and two on makeup mean anyone (or everyone?) can look like a Paris model.
Don't get off of your butt though. You might see something in the space between things.
Dr. Julie Trudeau
December 22nd 2008
CLARIFICATION: The issue is about perception - not chasmac's lack of understanding of my statements of scientific & ancient fact. All perception comes from within. It is obvious what is within chasmac by virtue of the above comments.

The fact is - bright point is there - deal with it. Why not make the best of it rather than complain & argue?? If you don't like it why not do something constructive to help? What help is contrary lip service and deviating from the point?

It takes one to know one chasmac.
You will have to judge & argue with scientific fact & the person who made the ancient statements of truth - not me.

The point is not my comments or chasmac's lack of undersatnding of them. The point is all unique individuals will have their own perception based on their unique perspective at the time.

No one can please everyone what ever they do - what ever it is. Any contraversy is par for the course?? We can choose to be harmonious or not about it. We all reap what we sow. My comments are not intended to generate confusion.

People are only irritated by faults they see in the outside world that exist in themselves and vice versa - what we love in the outide world is a reflection of what we love in ourselves.

I will leave this forum with a quote from Einstein:

Great spirits receive incredible resistance from mediocre minds.
December 22nd 2008
Ah Dr Julie. When you wrote, " talks and BS walks", I thought those were your own thoughts and words. But then you quoted Einstein (presumably for some sort of credibility?) and all the great got mixed up with the mediocre - a sort of reflection of what we love in ourselves. Like Bright Point really. More landscaping probably won't help. Ho hum.
Jae Moore
January 5th 2010
Good to see some people can still maintain their sense of humour in light of, or rather in the shadow of, this hideous monstrosity. So sad, it really was such a beautiful spot once. The old jetty there was a great fishing spot, or just a peaceful place to sit and contemplate how lucky we were to live in such a paradise. Incredible to think that developers (criminals and environmental vandals) could just come in and utterly destroy it the way they did. What a crazy world we live in. At least we still have the hippies, gnomes and drunks.
October 31st 2010
The new Hamilton Island yacht Club, honestly: The only good reason for visiting this architectural monstrosity by Sydneysider Walter Berda is obvious! It has the BEST VIEWS because it is the ONLY place around the Hamilton Island Marina where the scenery is not suffering from this ugly man-made blotch on the Whitsunday archipelago!
From here you can watch real sails, tense white and colourful canvas shields that exude raw strength that purposely work both in harmony and competing to harness the wind power!
The shapes of the roof-top "copper-wobbles" that the architect designer refers to as "sails" have no resemblance nor display any spirit of working sails whatsoever. They are drab blackish metallic and lack visual purpose, direction and connection with each other. Most bizarre is the insensitive aesthetic clash with the beautiful traditional red-topped light-house guarding the narrow entry to the Hamilton Island Marina.
For a real yachtsman, the only possible Maritime association is with images of large unwieldy metal plates being hacked off from a beached ship at a Bangladeshi scrapping yard.
Apart from the natural beautiful view that has been there for eons, the interior is bland and looks unfinished with large empty easy-clean surfaces without any visual clues that this is supposed to be a yacht club. There is no magic in this space where the only designer priority must be to facilitate quaffing large amounts of expensive alcoholic beverages by a maximum sized crowd of paying guests. Nobody will feel at home here! I suggest that a more appropriate name is the Hamilton Island Drink Pavilion, or just simply The Alcopav. (Abridged Ed.)

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