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November 19th 2003
Magnetic leads with Schoolies innovation

Last year the schoolies really squeezed in Schoolies' Week identity cards has been introduced in the South, following Magnetic Island's lead. Last year organizers of the 'I Survived Maggie Schoolies Week' program introduced the concept of registering participants and providing them with identity cards that enabled a number of benefits including discounts on a number of holiday packages, concerts, sporting events and tours.

Due to the success of last year's relatively trouble free festivities, Magnetic Island expects approximately 800 youths to participate in the Island's 'Schoolies Week'. While the majority of students are expected to come from North Queensland and western centres, a significant number of bookings have been received from other parts of Queensland and interstate.

The Magnetic Island Schoolies 'Hot Program' begins on Monday 24 November and finishes with a 'Farewell To Schoolies' event at Alma Bay, Arcadia on Friday 28 November 2003.

Registration starts at 2 pm Sunday 23 November at the 'Breaker Zone' Arcadia. The Breaker Zone will be manned 24 hours per day throughout the week. Those with ID's derive a number of benefits including free transport, show bags, water bottles, sun screen, discounts and exclusive admission to the HOT Program recreational and sporting events which include a 'Welcome Dance Party', 'Movies On The Beach' a mid-week Pool & Dance party, battle of The Bands, Beach Volley Ball, water sports, skateboarding, kite boarding and the 'Crackerjack Bowling Challenge'.

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Readers comments
Syl Hayes In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
What a wonderful outcome for the school! I had a great time face-painting with Luke and Sasha, met lots of kids and parents,scored some great books at the Trash n Treasure stall, and even remembered to vote. Everywhere you looked people were enjoying themselves...such a tribute to the organisers. Well done!
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