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September 1st 2012
YouTube channel for Magnetic Island

MItv are Lyle Williams and Antonella Villa With a first for Magnetic Island, award winning Italian filmmaker Antonella Villa has teamed up with local Anthropologist Lyle Williams to create Magnetic Island TV, a YouTube channel dedicated to promoting the Island.

Since the MItv channel launch on the 19th August, the pair have released a new video each Sunday featuring local artists, events, news and views. The first weeks have shown a diverse range of topics; from the 2012 Art Safari to the rally in support of Julian Assange and the opening of the Nelly Bay snorkel trail. They show off the talents of Antonella and Lyle with seamless editing and high production values.

Antonella comes with years of experience working in videography since 2002 when she left the University of Rome and, with a stroke of good luck, was accepted into a free Cine-TV course. Her studies then led to work as a camera operator and video editor for an Italian TV station where, thrown in at the deep end, she learned to make news-worthy videos and lots more.

Antonella went on to pursue her private passion working on and contributing to a number of productions including an animal rights inspired short film, Dead Fish which won several prizes. Her proudest achievement is however her first self-produced documentary Magic Voice made in 2008 about a chef who gives up his profession and financial security to follow his passion and pursue the life of an itinerant singer.

Following her own passions, Antonella went on to conduct workshops with disadvantaged students and people with disabilities, giving them the ability to share their own stories in their own way. Her journey eventually led her to Magnetic Island, where she met Lyle in the garden of local artist Martina Eliza, subject of the first MItv video.

Martina commissioned Antonella to create a video documentation of her contribution to this year’s Art Safari, an event in which Antonella also exhibited as a photographer. Magnetic Island TV was born and through it the pair hope to attract interest in the Island, its people, activities and attractions.

“Lyle spoke about doing something useful for locals. In Europe I was working for a web TV station and thought we could do the same here. We created this channel with the idea to film interesting things and share them with the community and the world,” said Antonella.

The second MITV production was made in response to the picnic and rally in support of Julian Assange recently at Picnic Bay. Partly as a response to misleading articles in the local press (Click here) Antonella was keen to show the world how Magnetic Islanders rallied for their former resident. To visit MItv and see both videos (Click here)

“I wanted to support Julian Assange with the situation he is in. But I have also seen other protests and rallies around the world and they are nearly always in an urban setting. But this was a beautiful background and the spirit of the Island shows. It looks so different to other locations.”

Antonella is definitely besotted with Magnetic Island, “It’s very magic, very special. I think ‘Magnetic’ is just the right word. It totally hypnotised me and I’ve promised to return. It is one of the most beautiful places in Australia with such a sense of peace. The people are very nice and the creativity that’s here is incredible. It is like living in a rainbow with the flowers, the birds and the butterflies. It is also a very safe place to live!” she says.

Antonella is looking for a business to sponsor her so she can remain in Australia. “I plan to live here forever. I feel very at home here!”

Story and photo: George Hirst

YouTube channel for Magnetic Island
September 2nd 2012
Well done guys! A nice project that soon became reality .. and then, it is a good thing that Magnetic Island has a thematic television channel, this is due to the passion and commitment of Lyle and Antonella.

Antonella is very competent in making the video documentation and I hope that her talent allows her to find a sponsor to be able to continue to live and work in this wonderful land that is Magnetic Island!

Good luck guys and please keep it up!

See you soon,
Bye! :-)
Iko (Emiliano)
(Letter translated from Italian Ed.)
September 1st 2012
Magnetic Island is for Antonella and her friends the Paradise regained. Europe is Paradise lost. I am a supporter of Assange because i think that "GLASNOST" is a necessary pivot of political life. Can we Work to all the Earth become a Paradise as it was before? Yes!!!!!! For Antonella and Magnetic Island and CREATI8VITY, Hip Hip Hip Urrahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
September 4th 2012
Martina Eliza's video is such a highly polished production. It always makes me chuckle at the end. Antonella and Lyle keep up the good work! It is amazing how many hours of filming go into making the few minutes we watch on YouTube.
Debbie Richardson
September 20th 2012
Antonella, this is a fantastic idea and well done, Charleville Chamber of Commerce should do something like this. I love it.

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