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June 3rd 2013
Magnetic Island 1926 - film footage uncovered

Rare Island footage from 1926 There are lots of historical photos of Magnetic Island which have fascinated locals for years but to see moving images from a long gone era is a real treat. But now a little moving picture treasure from 1926 has turned up with footage of a very different Alma Bay, the grass thatched Mandalay, and scenes from the ferry to name just some of the sepia and green tinted film.

The footage from Australian Screen: Australia's Audiovisual Heritage Online was brought to our attention via the Museum of Tropical Queensland and a tip off from Lorna Hempstead who we sincerely thanks for their efforts.

(Click here) for a link to the footage of the Island and another, shorter flick of "oriental" Townsville.

Magnetic Island 1926 - film footage uncovered
Oliver Howie
June 2nd 2013
The rocks at Alma are still the same!
Rob Isaacs
June 2nd 2013
Wow - has anybody noticed the rocks on the far side of Alma Bay have not yet been blasted away to make way for the submarine cable and shark net stretching from one side of the bay to the other ?
It's fantastic to see what the rocks originally looked like - Cheers ... Rob :)
June 3rd 2013
Thanks for the link! Terrific to see ! Many thanks Julie
June 4th 2013
What a gem! thanks to all who found these clips and made them available. Regards Denise
June 6th 2013
Fantastic!!! Many thanks for making them available to view.
Peter Hughes
June 17th 2013
Is this the movie with Valda Madden late of Magnetic Island in it. I had heard her talk of this film on one of her trips to the island.
Peter Hughes

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