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October 12th 2012
A fabulous effort all round

Mike O'Grady & Saisha Dougharty's People's Choice winning entrant September has to have been one of the most enjoyable and exhausting months on Magnetic with the Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival running throughout. With 43 events and three exhibitions that's hardly surprising.

Last Sunday, at a sunny BBQ at Lions Park the Festival finally wound down but, as it did, one of the most popular events of all, the ever growing, Scarecrow Competition, which has increased in Island participants from 22 last year to 38 this year, had it's large range of winners announced.

At a time when Magnetic Island is enduring a major downturn in its tourist economy and more recently, the subject of a very poorly researched TV report, the astonishing results in so many activities and events, from interpretive nature walks to fancy car shows, Aboriginal history and fire displays, history and art exhibitions to community generated woven murals, not to mention the wildly amazing and amusing scarecrows and so much more, cannot be understated. Clearly and despite the nay-saying, Magnetic Island has and can demonstrate an enormous level of creativity well beyond the level one might expect from such a small population.

Festival organisers: Sue Mackay, Lorna Hempstead and Sara Shaw

The festival is primarily the work of three very busy and productive women: Lorna Hempstead, Sara Shaw and Sue Mackay who are the festival's organising committee. Lorna hempstead also paid tribute to electrician Steve Moss who delivered banners all across the Island.

Visitors will, no doubt, be weighing up their booking options for September next year so as not to miss out.

Nel Braley and her crew at the end of festival BBQ

Following are the Scarecrow Competition Winners

First Prize: Nerita Cres. Nelly Bay
Judges believed that the community minded Nerita Cres who chose to theme their street around the coming together of nations (The ‘Hood’), perfectly reflected what the Festival aims to do. Residents worked together and got out into their front yards to have a bit of fun and show their creative talents.

The Foodworks Nelly Bay $100 first prize will go towards one of their street parties, which the Festival hopes will catch on across the rest of the island.

Nerita Cresent entries included:

5. ‘12th Man’
13 Nerita Cres, Nelly Bay.
by Colin and Joan Foley.

6. ‘Ralph’
16 Nerita Cres, Nelly Bay.
by Ralph Bailey.

7. ‘Nina and Frieda’
25 Nerita Cres, Nelly Bay.
by (three generations) Nina Bartlett,
Katrina and Janice Goudkamp.

8. ‘A Swagman Named Andy’
31 Nerita Cres, Nelly Bay.
by Ros Browne.

9. ‘Jonah The All Black’ and
‘Pierre the Canadian Snow Boarder’
33 Nerita Cres, Nelly Bay.
by Perry, Monique and Paul Taylor.

10. ‘A Dutch Girl Named Tulip’
35 Nerita Cres, Nelly Bay.
by Tonnie Nobelius.

11. ‘Florence’
37 Nerita Cres, Nelly Bay.
by Deb, Daina, Kai and Dianne.

12. ‘Uncle Sam’
39 Nerita Cres, Nelly Bay.
by Dot and Glen Church

'People's Choice'
Winning a $50 Foodworks Nelly Bay voucher:
14. ‘Farmer & Ghost Protect the Rice Field’
5 Compass Cres, Nelly Bay.
by Mike O’Grady and Saisha Dougharty.

Honourable Mentions (3)
Winning a $20 Foodworks Nelly Bay voucher included:
3. ‘Harry at High Tide’
12 Granite St, Picnic Bay. (Bus stop)
by Carol Pemberton.

29. ‘Mr Can Do’
40 Armand Way, Arcadia.
by Zoltan Szirom.

33. ‘Farmer Freida’s
Fresh Market Stall’
97 Horseshoe Bay Rd, Horseshoe Bay.
by the Fitzgerald-Cameron Family.

Special mention
(Wine Pack):
15. ‘All The Earth In One Heart’
49 Sooning St, Nelly Bay.
by Antonella Villa & Lyle Williams.

And if you haven't seen the great video MItv made of the Scarecrow comp, the Park(ing) events and the turtle snorkel trail among others then (click here)

The organising committee also wished to pass on the following message:

The Festival committee would like to sincerely thank everyone who supported the 2012 Festival, including sponsors, media, volunteers and everyone who took part by coming to the Festival events. It's a Festival done by the people for the people, in order to bring out the best in those who enjoy our tropical island paradise. We couldn't have done it without you!

We're now looking towards the 2013 Festival being even bigger and better, with some key events returning, and some new and fun ideas for people to take part in. If anyone has an event or any fund raising ideas we'd love to hear them, as the Festival is still running at a loss and we welcome any support. You can send an email via the contact page at:

A fabulous effort all round
October 12th 2012
Congratulations to everyone concerned with organising and assisting at all the events. And also thanks Magnetic Times for some positive reporting on our beautiful Island.

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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