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A vista only time could forget
A vista only time could forget
magnetictimes.poetry | Aug 3rd 2010
It doesn't get much colder down south and it doesn't get much better on Magnetic Island in August. We were reminded of this contrast today when a long-time reader of Magnetic Times, Peter Hughes from Lorne Victoria, sent us this poem reflecting on just how much he misses our shores right now. Peter made use of his Magnetic poet's licence to remind us all of the sound of the ferry coming into Picnic Bay and it is one many Islanders will also remember with fondness. Following is Peter's poem, "August"
magnetictimes.poetry | Jul 1st 2006
Poem by Peter Francis Hughes
In 1997 Peter F. Hughes was working on Palm Island and sailed to Fantome Island for a weekend away. Fantome Island was a leper colony in Far North Queensland until 1970 when the Government abandoned it.
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Readers comments
suemac In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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