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January 15th 2013
John Becker: Life Celebration

John Becker Magnetic Times has been advised by Allyson Becker, wife of the late Major John Becker, that a scattering of his ashes will be held at 4pm this Saturday19th January at the old barge landing at Geoffrey Bay followed by a celebration of his life at the RSL Hall in Hayles Ave Arcadia.

Describing himself as "a bit of a Bolshie", John Becker was both a man of action and an intellectual and in 2003 we published a story about John, the RSL and the War in Iraq which he was passionate enough, in his opposition to, to make a speech at a peace rally held at Alma Bay.

The story,John Becker - A veteran speaks out reveals quite a bit about the man. To read it (click here).

John Becker: Life Celebration
Kylie Lewis
January 15th 2013
Wow... sorry to hear... He was my neighbour for a few years. He was a great man indeed. Many a wise words share with John over a few sips... I shall light a candle of my own in his honour...

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suemac In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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