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November 15th 2012
Rally to save Magnetic Island Camp

Help save the Rec Camp at Picnic Bay This Sunday a rally has been planned by locals, determined to save the future of the Magnetic Island Recreation Camp at Picnic Bay, after the Newman LNP government announced it was to close in its present form at the the end of the year as part of the government's cost cutting programme.

For more background on the struggle over the camp, which has a employed 14, mostly part-time, staff and has major flow on business for other Island-based tradespeople and shops, (click here) and for the government's local member, John Hathaway's response (click here).

But now a dedicated weblog to bring together much of the information needed and means to show support for the camp has also been launched by Island David Herron and Jody McNaughton (
click here). There is also a facebook page (click here)

The rally is planned for this Sunday, 18 November, at 2pm in front of the Magnetic Island Recreation Camp at Picnic Bay.

Story and photo: George Hirst

Rally to save Magnetic Island Camp
Darren D.
November 15th 2012
Will ch9 be there...
November 15th 2012
I think I have an idea on how to keep the site, and put it on the tourist map.
Convert it to craft venue, learning, making, selling, donating.
A back to basics, serene, relaxing, invigorating, quiet, making, discovering, learning etc. etc.
Exclusive, no carbon print, warm fuzzy feeling, just what the world needs
kind of enviting, neutral place.
Thank You
Elizabeth Sawbridge
November 15th 2012
With you all the way and good luck.
Andrea Grondall
November 15th 2012
Yep Magnetic as a visitor Im right with you and would be there too. Will write to Campbell but fear deaf ears. Think that idea for craft learning making and carbon free would be so cool. Would like to see that at the Magnetic International too. Wouldnt it be great to have low cost artist's residents, making wonderful things and selling from the same location. Would be a huge attraction for Magnetic as artists need support with cheap accom and workspaces but repay many times over with creativity and buzz.
November 15th 2012
Lovely ideas ladies but can't see the government wanting to support something that wont make them a fast buck. Maybe if they could see that those ideas make the community richer and more interesting to visit and that this actually grows business across the island and therefore returns more tax to them they might start to get it but these are the guys who ripped straight into the arts with the Premier's book award the first lesson for creative types that hairy chests rule again. Oh and yeah, they did have to support that poor old hard done by racing industry to the tune of $80M smackers about the same time. Its all a matter of getting the priorities sorted ladies and who ever heard of artists voting LNP?
David Crusty Herron
November 17th 2012
Mr Newman desperately needs cash. and her's one reason why - Queensland Premier Campbell Newman touts Magnetic Island to host Australia's next Olympic Games!

Oops! That should read, "Queensland Premier Campbell Newman touts Brisbane as Australia's next Olympic Games host city, but not yet" Not Magnetic Island.

So the truth is out! the News Limited site (14 Aug 2012) exposes the focus of LNP Premier Campbell Newman push to rob us blind. He wants our gold to get Olympic gold - for Brisbane.

It seems that Premier Campbell Newman, Queensland's version of the wicked evil Sheriff of Nottingham, is intent on frittering away, in 2012 dollars, A$3 billion of public consumption resources, your money, that have to be redirected from elsewhere. Just to give the south east corner of Queensland a bit of PR with a momentary cash flow for Brisbane & the Gold Coast. Goodness knows how much inflation, CPI and the continuing mismanagement of Queensland's economic basis will add to the costs between now and then.
November 17th 2012
With all the talk that has been going on about 'what to do with the International?' and now the Recreation Camp, with particular reference to the International, is it an inconceivable idea to advertize and market the units/place as an artists/writers space/place? For artists and writers who don't need huge spaces, it could be a perfect. And there is gallery space. It would only need to be opened, maybe by the onsite artists voluntarily during the high season, long weekends etc. And, when the gallery is open, visitors could wander around and talk with artists. A pop up coffee bar when the gallery is open. This wouldn't need any finance, just a shift in where and how the units are advertized? Maybe some startup funding although I'm not even sure that's needed, and a working group which would include the Body Corporate, maybe some inkind support from local community. Really, for the owners nothing changes. The cost for them remains the same, their units are occupied, the artists have low rent accommodation/space, there is a new tourist attraction during the season. There are places like this all over the world...! From whole precincts in Tokyo, to allocated areas in Suzhou, container shops in NYC, Montsalvat down in Melbourne. Fully functioning, living/working/tourist zones. From listening to conversations, I see that there is such a vibrant artist community around the place and in Townsville from which there must be expertize to be part of the working group. This could also work for the Recreation Camp, couldn’t it?

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