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A young koala's beach adventure

November 2nd 2012
Magnetic Island's koala secrets revealed

Definitely a Magnetic Island koala According to JCU researchers there are 825 plus koalas residing on Magnetic Island. This is one of the Magnetic Island koala secrets to be revealed when interested residents and visitors are invited to learn more about the Island’s koala population at a community presentation this Wednesday (7 November).

Researchers from James Cook University (JCU) and the University of Melbourne, with assistance from local Queensland Parks and Wildlife (QPWS) staff, have been working over the past two years to get a better understanding of some of the Island’s furriest residents.

Associate Professor Andrew Krockenberger from JCU will discuss the team’s findings so far at the RSL Hall in Arcadia, from 7.00pm on Wednesday 7 November.

“Koalas were introduced to the Island in the 1930s and are particularly interesting now that koala populations in much of Queensland are experiencing substantial decline,” Associate Professor Krockenberger said.

“We also hope our research will shed some light on how koalas might be affected by climate change. We’ve been working right across the range of koalas, from islands off the coast of Victoria up to Magnetic Island, to try to understand how koalas deal with heatwaves.”

After two years of tracking, tagging, weighing and mapping koalas, the researchers can now answer one of the most commonly asked questions: how many koalas are there on the Island?

“The answer is approximately 825 in natural habitats across the Island, with some more living in suburban areas,” Associate Professor Krockenberger said. “That baseline figure is important for us because we want to investigate what happens to their numbers over time.”

The researchers have found that an average female koala on Magnetic Island covers about two hectares of bushland in her regular travels, while each male ranges over around nine hectares. The mixed-eucalypt woodlands that cover 45 per cent of the Island support 80 per cent of the koala population.

“The koalas overlap in their movement, so over much of the Island there’s an average of one koala for every 3.3 hectares. Compared with some of the densities that koalas achieve on islands off Victoria, the woodland is not densely populated,” Associate Professor Krockenberger said.

“We’re interested in whether they’ve stayed in balance with their habitat, avoiding the boom and bust cycles we’ve seen on other islands.”

Photo: Penelope Sheridan

Magnetic Island's koala secrets revealed
November 2nd 2012
What excellent news. Maddeningly, I have a prior engagement in Town on Wednesday evening and will not be able to make this community presentation. I would dearly love to trace the documentary history of the 1930s 'introduction' of koalas and wonder whether there is any new evidence now of (shall we say?) native Magnetic Island koalas, at the time of the introduction.
Sue S
November 5th 2012
Amazing Koala information about our island. I too am unable to get to the meeting but hope to have the information disseminated to islanders. It will be interesting to see how our Koalas compare to those on islands off Victoria and perhaps S. Aust.
November 5th 2012
very nice photo Pen :)
and Im impressed with numbers, but can we have some more??
is the habitat here more conducive for their survival than other places??

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