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October 16th 2012
Open Letter to the Residents of Magnetic Island

Magnetic Times has received the following letter from Judy Humphreys, Secretary of the Magnetic International Resort Body Corporate, regarding recent media coverage of issues said to have occurred or have been occurring at the resort. In an emailed message accompanying the letter, Judy writes, "Although the contents of the letter are my own, it has been sent to your publication with the knowledge and approval of the Body Corporate Committee."

Re: Magnetic International Resort, Nelly Bay

The Resort has recently received bad publicity in the media with the screening of A Current Affair (ACA) on Monday 8th October 2012 in which some of the residents were portrayed as drunken, layabout, druggy, dole bludgers. I am an owner and a resident. Apart from my volunteer services to the Magnetic International Resort Body Corporate as its secretary, I have three (3) other volunteer jobs: two (2) on the Island and one (1) on the mainland and therefore consider that I contribute positively not only to the Resort but to the Island community as well. And yet by implication I have been branded.

The Resort is a microcosm of all small communities so it is true that we do have issues with criminal and antisocial behaviour from some of the Residents but the majority are peaceful, law abiding citizens and good neighbours.

The criminal behaviour is dealt with by the police. I cannot comment on the effectiveness or otherwise of this intervention partly because I am not privy to information relating to the outcomes of the incidents on the Resort that are reported to the police – not even through FOI.

The anti-social behaviour is a Body Corporate concern. Unfortunately we are legally constrained so in effect the only action that we can take is to issue a ‘Contravention of the By-Laws’ notice specifically for the one that relates to the behaviour of owners, guests or invitees that interferes with the peaceful enjoyment of others who are legally using the Resort. This we have done and will continue to do when we have specific details of incidents. Unfortunately much of the reporting both within the Resort and externally as in such programmes like ACA is innuendo, hearsay and non-specific.

The Committee, on behalf of the owners, is working very hard to throw off the shackles of the toxic past that lies in the wake of the tenure of the previous Caretaker / Letting Agent and Receivers who left owing the Body Corporate in excess of $350,000. We have commenced on the process of liquidating Halmarn Pty Ltd and coincidentally appointing a new manager who will steer the Resort to the new vision espoused by the owners, namely that of a desirable, economic, ecological tourist destination that is family and community friendly. We envisage that with the appointment of the new manager and a refurbished Bar and Restaurant we will again host conventions, conferences, wedding parties, tennis tournaments, film nights and other community events. We have started the business recovery of the resort which will include a name change. Watch this space!

We need owners who share this positive vision. People interested in purchasing Units should contact Northern Body Corporate Management for details and to organise an inspection.

We also need to rid the Resort of the current anti-social elements. So this is an open invitation to our neighbours and the residents of Magnetic Island to email me ( with details of any specific incidents they have witnessed by identified residents of the Resort so we can act. Via their website, I have also called on ACA to reveal the name(s) of the person(s) shown in their report who made statements regarding drug taking on the Resort so that the appropriate police action can be taken. I personally invite Crusty Heron to meet with me over a coffee to discuss his concerns regarding the Resort.

Yours in the spirit of the Magnetic Island Community

Judy Humphreys
Secretary, Magnetic International Resort Body Corporate

Open Letter to the Residents of Magnetic Island
Chris C
October 15th 2012
On ya Judy - great letter
Trish Young
October 15th 2012
well said Judy, I wish the body corporate and owners all the best in your quest to make once again make this a great resort for visitors to the island.
Brett S.
October 18th 2012
Thank you Judy and well done. Let me know when the next tennis tournament is as I would love to compete. That is exactly the type of event that the island needs more of. The Magnetic Island Open sounds like a great idea! I look forward to the day when the resort returns to its former glory and the Townsville Bulletin does some accurate reporting promoting the island instead of denigrating it. You should send them this letter and have Townsville Enterprise demand that they print it! Good luck for the future!
October 18th 2012
Cheers to you Judy - support all the way.
Great to see positive, pro-active behaviour from a true island lover.
sheila roach
October 22nd 2012
Well done Judy!
I also lived peacefully at the resort and hope to continue to do so.I enjoy the pool and gardens and was upset when it was reported that all crimes emulated from here.To call Magnetic island CRIME ISLAND was dreadfull and can only hope that people will soon forget!I had several calls from concerned friends.Thanking you Judy
sarah picnic
October 23rd 2012
Excellent letter Judy and good luck!
Patrick Collins
October 26th 2012
Will some one come lean and tell us what is the mix of people who are at the resort from the prison centre ,centre link etc
November 1st 2012
Patrick Collins, if you want to satisfy your morbid curiosity (or whatever it is) why don't you write to the prison and Centrelink and ask them yourself? Better still, go knock on a few doors and poke your nose into someone else's business. They'll probably give you the answer you deserve.
Ben Keech
November 6th 2012
A follow up to this story with the truth with respect to the Body Corporate for MIR should be forthcoming

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