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September 7th 2012
When's a good time for the e-waste skip to return?

Wendy Tubman and Phil Sheather load e-waste at the skip For those of us who hate the waste created when a computer, printer, modem or scanner dies, the relief provided by Magnetic Island Nature Care (MINCA) by providing a free community e-waste collection skip for e-waste removal and recycling last weekend, was clearly appreciated far and wide. Now, MINCA wants to know when the community would like to see the next skip back on Magnetic.

Co-organiser of the clean-up Peter Jones told Magnetic Times “We weren’t sure how much we would collect. It could have been a couple of cables and a phone. But the 2 metre x 3 metre skip was choc-a-block full by the time we closed the gates on Sunday."

Following the success of the event MINCA is now looking to the community to gauge interest for the next visit by the skip. With transport costs running into several hundreds of dollars the initial idea was to run the service annually but co-organiser Wendy Tubman has asked that Magnetic Times assist by seeking readers' interest in a future visit. So why not add your request below.

"If people know that there will be a clean-up, they will hang on to their no-longer-functioning IT bits and pieces, rather than sending them to landfill, were they take up huge amounts of room and contaminate the land," said Peter Jones.

The skip will be taken to Buyequip in Townsville for reusing and recycling of much of it as possible.

Also to be congratulated for their support of the project are Kerrie and Roo from DTE Excavations who allowed their compound in Kelly Street to be used for the collection.

To find out more about Magnetic Island Nature Care, (Click here)

Story and photo: George Hirst

When's a good time for the e-waste skip to return?
Chris Corbett
October 2nd 2012
I missed the first skip and would love to see another one ASAP as I have been storing my e waste with a view to taking it to town bit by bit. Congratulations to MINCA for taking the initiative.

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Readers comments
suemac In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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