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July 22nd 2012
More down there than coral for snorkellers

WWII prop and block at Geoffrey Bay They were busy working on GPS positions for the soon-to-be-opened snorkel trail at Geoffrey Bay when they found something quite unexpected.

(TOBMI) Tourism Operators & Businesses Magnetic Island's Committee member, Dr Rick Braley and local marine biologist, Dr Andy Lewis, discovered a propeller and engine block from an old plane on the ocean floor.

“We think that it probably comes from an Avro Anson bomber, since there is a bit of mystery about it,” Dr Braley said. “We do not know if it was from World War 2 or not and we’re not sure what’s happened to the rest of the wreckage.”

Dr Braley is waiting to hear from an RAAF expert in Canberra and has been liaising with the Townsville Maritime Museum to confirm the plane type and if WW2 or not. Dr Braley said he had been told that the only plane listed as going down “off Arcadia” was a P-38 Lightning in about November 1944. However, the Lightning’s propeller had 3 blades. The Avro Anson was a 2 blade propeller like this wreck off Geoffrey Bay. Measurements of each propeller blade are 4 ft (1.22m).

“There is likely to the planes fuselage and another engine and propeller out in the ocean,” he said. “So far there is no record of such a plane ditching or sunk there.”

TOBMI received $26,700 from the Queensland Treasury Community Benefit Fund in September 2011 to install two snorkeling trails in Geoffrey Bay and Nelly Bay.

Dr Lindsay Simpson, Chair of TOBMI said the propeller provided a unique interest for snorkelers and visitors to the island.

“This is an exciting item to include in our snorkel trails,” she said. “The trails are another ‘free’ activity for tourists and locals. The island is already known for ‘the Forts’, our most popular tourist walk and it is also one of the best preserved fortification sites on the eastern seaboard. This will add to the attractions of visiting Magnetic Island which is really an international tourism destination in its own right.”

The snorkel trails will be launched with a free sausage sizzle at Nelly Bay funded by Base Magnetic Island of August 18 at 11.30 am.

Photo Courtesy Dr Andy Lewis

More down there than coral for snorkellers
andy cooper
July 22nd 2012
i thought it was well known about it!
August 6th 2012
See the rope attached to the prop?? I put it there last december to mark the engine !! People had been there before me too !!

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