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June 27th 2012
A Maggie Island car show?

Do you have a car you love that you would be pleased to show off to an Appreciative crowd?

New, Vintage, Classic or just plain interesting, we are looking to showcase Magnetic Island cars during one morning in the Magnetic Island Bay Days Festival, held 7th September to 7th October 2012.

Unlike major cities where Car Shows are regularly held, we think locals, visitors and children would be delighted and surprised at some of the great vehicles living in such a small community.

For more information or to register your interest
Contact person: Sue Mackay 0438 356 569
2012 MI Bay Days Festival Volunteer Committee

A Maggie Island car show?
June 27th 2012
I saw the Rolls Royce being loaded on the tilt tray today. Would that be a Roller On / Roller Off operation?
June 28th 2012
Ones I heard someone say that it would be a nice a idea to have a bicycle race from horseshoe to picnic. From roundabout to roundabout.. guess thats a nice idea too to attract tourists.
June 28th 2012
Sounds like a great idea Sue. I own a 1970 MGB roadster that I would love to showcase on the day. However, the reason I haven't brought it over to my holiday house on the island before is the prohibitive cost of the barge. If registered participants in the car show are given a discount ticket for the barge then count me in. Feel free to email me for further discussion.
July 8th 2012
hi sue sounds a great idea.i help organise a group of vw owners in townsville with a couple of owners on the island. i am sure a group of us would be pleased to come along if a discounted ferry price could be arranged.
July 16th 2012
Perhaps visitors could go on a tour to see all the rusting hulks and abandoned cars littering the Island. Sorry...couldn't help putting that comment in. Also, how about encouraging a 'tidy town' concept on the Island?

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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