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June 7th 2012
Remembering Carolyn Pike

Carolyn Pike Without a clear direction from her partner, Tony Cuthbertson, Magnetic Times has delayed it's posting of the very sad news that Carolyn Pike, a much-loved Islander, humanitarian, conservationist and keen yachtie, died suddenly on May 26 in Fiji, from a "ruptured berry aneurysm". Following is a message from Tony, received today, with some background to the tragic event which he wanted to share with all of his and Carolyn's friends and acquaintances.

My dear friends,

As you might be aware Carolyn and I had bought a yacht in Fiji that needed work doing to it before sailing back to Australia via the south west Pacific Islands.

Unfortunately I have some terrible news to pass on to you.

Saturday the 26 May 4.30 pm Carolyn finished sanding the starboard side toe rail of our boat “Tuaki”. We had had a great day lots of laughs and were in very good spirits.

As Carolyn was coming down the companionway steps she told me that she all of a sudden felt terrible. Within half an hour I had called for help and was performing CPR on her. A few minutes later we had on board two doctors (Darren and Allan) a nurse (Ginny) an osteopath (Doug) and later a vet (Janice) all helping try to resuscitate her.

On several occasions we thought she would come through. We performed CPR  for one and a half hours, used a defibrillator  three times and gave her two shots of adrenaline before she died at 6.30pm. The ambulance turned up half an hour later followed closely
by the police. The autopsy report said she had a ruptured berry aneurysm.

There is a lot more to this story as it became a police matter, but it is far too painful for me to tell in an email. Other than to say that when she died she had a loving smile on her face.

My sister Jacqueline flew over from Perth to help, and be with me.

The Fijians and yachties at the marina who had had contact with Carolyn and had been deeply touched by her demise asked me for permission to hold a memorial for Carolyn. It was held at the Sunset bar at Vuda Point. Carolyn would have loved to have seen them and heard their beautiful heart felt voices.

The autopsy wasn’t performed till six days later. Afterwards, last Saturday 2 June, we (Jacqui and I) picked Carolyn up from the morgue, washed her and placed her in the coffin. Ali, our taxi driver friend, drove us with Carolyn to the crematorium in Suva three hundred kilometres away, where I placed small flowers in her hair (she would have loved it) before wishing her a final farewell.

I will fly back to Australia to see Carolyn's family and then go on to Townsville to have another memorial on the beach at Magnetic island. As you can imagine there are a lot of people from the island and the Townsville area who would like to farewell Carolyn.

The loss of my best friend has turned my life upside down. I'm not sure what I will do, other than return to Fiji after the memorial and prepare the boat to take it to Wallis then back to Fiji as I am sure she would like me to do.

I'm very sorry to have to burden you with this sad event, she enjoyed your company and I know she will be sadly missed by many besides myself.

Love and peace.

Tony Cuthbertson

This and the top photo were provided by Tony - taken in
Fiji, on board and with their yacht, 'Tuaki'

The Magnetic Island beachside memorial for Carolyn, mentioned by Tony above, is being planned by a group of friends supporting Tony, for Sunday June 17 at Nelly Bay beach. As the details of time and exact location are yet to be finalised this notice is simply to alert those who may wish to attend as a date claimer. Magnetic Times will update readers with theses details as soon as they are known.

Remembering Carolyn Pike
Alan Patterson
June 6th 2012
Dear Tony
I am saddened & shocked by your loss of Carolyn. She was a delightful lady, we will all miss her smile and happy disposition. We were all excited for your adventure together, sailing the Pacific Islands and were looking forward to tales of your journey. I hope you can draw strength from our prayers & best wishes, to carry on the journey, as Carolyn would wish. Take care, Alan & Sonia & staff at MI Pharmacy.
Pat Coleman
June 7th 2012
Tony mate,Im shocked aswell . She was always nice to me as you have always been . I 2nd what Alan said . Hope you can be strong mate.

June 7th 2012
Dear Tony
I will always remember you both building Bottigers Hut at the Picnic Bay museum. You were such a great team with a marvellous spirit that got things done. How sad to lose your joyful partner. Thinking of you. Sylvia Hayes
Patricia MacQueen
June 7th 2012
What terribly sad news,I think Alan has spoken for us all,on Maggie we don't always know people personally but we do know of them and being the tight caring community that we are,our thoughts and prayers are with you Tony and all of your friends,Carolyn will sail with you wearing her beautiful wings Cheers Patricia
Julie Venables
June 7th 2012
I'm thinking of you Tony. Much love JV.
June 7th 2012
Such incredibly sad news and a terrible loss for you and Carolyn's family and friends. I didn't know either of you very well but remember your wonderful work for NQCC and your lovely personalities. All I can think of to say in such circumstances is that "grief is the price we pay for love." Cherish the love and joy that you shared
June 7th 2012
darling Tony, words cannot express how shocked and deeply saddened we all were to hear of Carolyn's sudden and unexpected passing..our hearts and all our thoughts are with you ...she was and always will be a beautiful butterfly...please let us know if there is anything at all we can do...we are there for you ....thinking of you with love ..all the MIFCO members..........<3<3 xxxxxx
Elena Higgins
June 9th 2012
Thinking of you Tony. Sorry to hear about this news!
Merran Cooper
June 11th 2012
Dear Tony I knew Carolyn "Cal" at school, loved her happy, caring spirit, then caught up again by phone a few years ago. She sold some books I wrote to help raise funds for a mutual friend. it was lovely to hear how happy she was with you, and with your life together. I know you made her very happy, and I'm grateful to you for that. I'm really sorry for your loss and hope you can find strength, meaning and love to keep on with your own life. Carolyn was a shining light and she will never be gone Merran
Rob & Kim Tyndall
June 19th 2012
Tony, both Kim & I were deeply shocked & of course saddened by this terrible news, receiving same whilst cruising the Whundays in "Sweet As".
We won't make it back in time for Sunday but we extend our thoughts & sadness to you. Rob & Kim

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