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May 19th 2012
Let's help the RSL

ANZAC Day breakfast at the Magnetic Island RSL Few may know that the Magnetic Island RSL has the largest Citizen's Auxilliary in Queensland with some 90 members. It is clearly a great expression of support for the organisation, which has also proudly maintained itself and activities without resorting to the use of poker machines. But while the RSL is clearly appreciated in the community who have been happy to take up membership in large numbers, sadly, just 5 Auxilliary members are actively participating with hands-on activities.

With the move of the Friday night Market food stalls to the Arcadia Hotel, the RSL's income has been much depleted and it is now almost totally reliant on money generated through bar sales.

President, Pat Trewin, told Magnetic Times, "There are no other funding sources except for grants, membership fees, the raffles and other fundraising events that our wonderful Citizens Auxiliary provide for us.

"We are open from 5pm to 8pm on Friday NIghts - our Trivia Night is back - and Sunday nights for our traditional Sunday Roast. These are our regular bar trading days and we need the community's support to attend the RSL on those nights.

"Sadly, if we do not get this support, in time we will not be able to continue to trade, and soon will not be able to maintain the facility or support our veterans and the community."

In a message to current Auxilliary members, Pat Trewin wrote, "I am asking that you make a special commitment to attend the AGM on Sunday. At that time, it would also be appreciated if you would consider making a further commitment to assist the Citizens Auxiliary in their activities for the RSL - this may be as simple as helping sell raffle tickets once a month - or even take a position on their Committee and help organise future events."

Of course wider members of the community are most welcome to attend the CA meeting, bring their ideas and join up.

So, if you would like to help keep the RSL alive and supporting veterans and the wider community, the Citizen's Auxilliary AGM is this Sunday (tomorrow May 20) at 10am at the RSL Hall in Hayles Avenue, Arcadia.

And if you just want to support the Magnetic Island RSL generally, why not pop in to the Friday night market, have a sip at the bar, or come on Sunday for roast dinner.

Story: George Hirst

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Let's help the RSL
Barbara Gibbs
May 19th 2012
i just want to add that the regular tourists from southern states have been absolutely shocked and horrified that their beloved market has been depleted so badly. i have suggested that as Verne Jacks is on holiday, and Heike and Kai are away for 5 months, and they supplied the only alternative vegie and herb sales, that locals bring down their backyard surplus and take in turns to sit at a table from 3-30pm and not only make pocket money, but also provide the community with an alternative resource, and possibly organic/free-range. If you make jams or chutneys/sauces/pesto etc, why not put it together with anyone else's produce and share the love. This is a beautiful setting and southerners love it...change is as good as a holiday(;
May 19th 2012
Support your local RSL before you lose it altogether. Why did everyone move from the RSL to the pub. I know I would rather support my local RSL and guarantee that the money will stay on the island.
May 19th 2012
What is the reason for the stalls being no longer at the Friday night markets? Purhaps the price rise to havea stalls there has made the stall holders feel it is no longer worth it. I would like to know the correct reason
Pat Trewin
May 20th 2012
The two food stall holders gave the RSL different reasons for their move to Arcadia Hotel.
One felt that the cost of providing their own public liability insurance was prohibitive: as they are deemed to be businesses, they are not eligible to be covered under the RSL's P/L insurance.
The second cited the advantages of being under cover during wet weather and not having to set up and pack up each week.
Several stalls still remain at the RSL each Friday night, but others have followed the food stalls to the Hotel, presumably to follow the customers and also because they have the opportunity to trade there several times a week, instead of just on Friday nights.
The RSL would be very happy to receive expressions of interest in running food or other types of stalls on Friday evenings. There is currently no fee for stall holders.
May 20th 2012
Now their are the Arcadia markets on Saturday at the pub. most people will choose 1 markets or the other. I'm a little confused why we have markets on Friday than another on sat. It will be a real shame if the RSL is suffering from the 2nd markets being on. I know on facebook magnetic island group their is always advising for the Arcadia pub markets i have never seen anyone post about the RSL markets. Seems a lot of the locals are really getting behind the pub markets. And forgetting about the RSL.

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