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May 8th 2012
World music concert on Magnetic

Dya Singh Magnetic Island will play host to a concert featuring world-class musicians this Saturday night following a week of music workshops with the artists which is part of the third Music on Magnetic series.

Two exciting performer/teachers performing this year include Parvyn Kaur Singh who brings two contrasting styles: the excitement and colour of Bollywood dancing with spiritual chanting from the Sikh tradition. Parvyn has also persuaded her father Dya Singh, the founder of the world-famous musical group of the same name, to come along as a guest contributor.

Percussionist Greg Sheehan will also be performing his elaborate and complex rhythms, on the tambourine, for which he is probably Australia’s finest performer.

Multi-instrumentalist and song writer, Kristina Olsen will be returning for the event. She plays acoustic guitar, steel-body slide guitar, saxophone, concertina and piano and is a powerful singer-songwriter with a big bluesy voice.

Linsey Pollak is also returning. Lindsay is well-known around Australia as a musician, instrument maker, composer, musical director and community music facilitator. He is famous for making instruments from rubber gloves, root vegetables, watering cans, chairs, brooms, bins, and other found objects.

The concert starts at 7pm on Saturday May 12 at the Magnetic Island Active Recreation Centre in Picnic Bay. Tickets will be on sale at the door for $25.

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World music concert on Magnetic
May 10th 2012
Why is this on when Musos is scheduled?? How dumb is that!?
May 11th 2012
Sue, you may not have noticed that the World Music Concert story was published on 8 May (having been organised for some weeks if not months) whilst the MusosClub announcement came on 9 May. A rock and a hard place. Ho hum.

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