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April 5th 2012
20th Bay of Origin training starts

BoO from yesteryear As already flagged, the weekend of May 26 - 27 on Magnetic Island is set to be huge with the Horseshoe Bay School reunion and the return of Magnetic's biggest community spectacle, The Bay of Origin rugby league match

According to the committee, on the big day the first game of football, on the new, improved, grassy green oval will be the Magnetic Island AFL junior football teams playing their home away competition games. This kicks off at 9am.

Can anybody guess what year this was?

Horseshoe Bay mob gets into the spirit in 20??

While the AFL are playing the local Market Stall Holders will set up along with the community food stalls and a licensed bar.

There will be the jumping castle, amusing rides and entertainment all day for the kids.
Before the Big Game there will be an Open game of Touch Football at 12noon.

At 3pm the Big Game of Rugby will kick off with four 15minute quarters.

This is from the same year??

But before that the teams need to be formed and training will soon begin. Eligibility to join a team basically boils down to competitors having been Island residents or having lived on Magnetic Island. As the organisers told Magnetic Times, "The reason we are saying if you have lived here is because most of those kids that wanted to play 8 years ago were too young, now they are old enough they can play even though they might live elsewhere."

Details of the team's training sessions are as follows:

To sign on for the Rugby contact:
Horseshoe Bay/Arcadia: contact Guy Tickle 47 581463 / 0402116600
Training will be held on Tuesdays from 5.30pm at the Horseshoe Bay Oval.

Picnic Bay/Nelly Bay: contact Duanne Braggins 0488755489
Training Sundays at 3pm at Nelly Bay School Oval

To Join The Markets Stalls Sunday 27th call Di Mackie on 47785479

To contact The organisers: Rosie
or Kath:

Facebook Page:The Bay of Origin Rugby Match & Horseshoe Bay School Reunion

To have a stall in the Markets contact Di Mackie on 47 785479

Photos: George Hirst

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20th Bay of Origin training starts
Nick Mulcahy
April 6th 2012
Hey guy's. I think this was 2001 or 2002 bay of origin
George Hirst
April 7th 2012
But which one Nic?

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