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March 21st 2012
Name a creek challenge

What to call this?? After the recent drenching, today there is wonderful sunshine and a great breeze for drying the washing. But after cheekily renaming Kelly Street, "Kelly Creek", yesterday and seeing so many Island roads becoming watercourses over the last few days, your editor began to muse, while acknowledging that some progress is being made, that many streets have been long term drainage nightmares. So to help keep road repair and drainage before Council's attention, perhaps we could start referring to the particularly riverine roads as, in fact, watercourses. How about Upjohn Anabranch or Mandalay Ponds for starters.

One correspondent, Barbara Gibbs, has already suggested Hideaway Delta.

So why don't we put our mouldiest thinking caps on and see what we can come up with and get a laugh out of the wet.

Over to you readers

Story & photo: George Hirst

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Name a creek challenge
March 20th 2012
Murray Street Mud Flats
or Murray Molucca (after the white ibis or "dump chook" common pest!)
March 20th 2012
Love the idea George! Granite Gorge, and Barbarra Banks or maybe Picnic Lakes?
March 20th 2012
Look forward to some cheeky names here. Trust everyone dries out and hasn't suffered too much water damage.It is so good to read the Maggie News again.
March 20th 2012
Maybe Horseshoe Bay Road can just become, well, Horseshoe Bay!
March 21st 2012
In the wet we've always called Donny bowman's driveway 'river drive'
Rosie Eve
March 21st 2012
Hi , We have always called Apjohn st, "Apjohn Creek Gorge" for years every time it floods. Horseshoe Bay Road, "Horseshoe Gully Creek" only happens when Apjohn Creek Gorge is full of sand and water can no longer travel down Apjohn Creek Gorge due to the sand backlog created from the flow over the Sports Club Oval into the drain at the intersection of Horseshoe Gully Creek and Apjohn Creek Gorge
Alf Goater
March 24th 2012
How about Mandalay Falls.

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