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March 19th 2012
Island sculptor aims high

Sculptor, Ian Loiterton Ian Loiterton is an artist who has recently become a resident of Magnetic Island and is about to enter his first sculpture in the, $100,000 McClelland Sculpture Award to be held later this year at Langwarrin near Frankston Victoria.

And if you think that’s a major leap for a first timer then you may think differently when you see the work which Ian, 42 and also a disability services project manager, is bringing back from a major US exhibition in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Following is a link to images of the sculpture from the fabrication company, Constructive Media” who brought Ian’s design to fruition.(Click here).

While describing himself as, “not religious” but a, “spiritual philosophical person”, Ian’s work was titled, perhaps with an American audience in mind, “The hand of God (wrestling with my demons)”. The work was created originally in two dimensional form inspired by Gauguin’s painting, “Vision after the Sermon; Jacob wrestling with the Angel”.

In notes for the work from the Grand Rapids show, “...the original (two dimensional) figure was created years ago during a period of depression. The intention of the artist was to try to depict a figure wrestling with itself. In this sense, the struggle is not with an external being but rather with one’s own self. “

In Australia Ian has retitled the work, “The Hand of a Savage God”, a reference to a book by Alvarez titled, “The Savage God: A study in suicide” Ian writes, “The creative journey has taken years to realise. The sculpture is therefore as much a symbol of the effort to finish the image in its current form, as the emotional turmoil that inspired the original design.”

Ian told Magnetic Times, “My partner and I are still settling in and I look forward to setting up a studio space to explore some other concepts that I’ve got in mind. Maggie is a great spot and we plan to be here for some time yet – so if anyone has a space around 10 x 10 meters that they are interested in renting to a struggling artist - it would be great to hear from them.

If readers have space available which Ian might use he can be contacted at: iloiterton(at)

Story: George Hirst

Island sculptor aims high
Shar Miller
March 19th 2012
Would love to view his work. Is it at the McClelland Gallery?

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