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March 14th 2012
How green are your state candidates?

Candidates for the State seat of Townsville will present their views and answer questions about the environment at ‘The Environment and the Election’ forum to be held at the Townsville Yacht Club, 1 Plume Street, South Townsville, at 6pm on Thursday 15 March.

The forum, organised by North Queensland Conservation Council, will give members of the public the chance to compare the environmental policies of the parties, as briefly presented by the candidates, and to ask questions during the Q&A session – which will take up most of the forum.

NQCC Coordinator Wendy Tubman said, “We are aware that there is a lot of community interest and concern about the local and broader environment and how State government policy will affect it.

"Whether it’s solar power and renewable energy, protection of the reef, coastal development, the future of coal seam gas in the area or something else again, the forum will provide the opportunity to ask specific questions about specific environmental issues that are influenced by the State government.”

The forum is free of charge and open to all.

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How green are your state candidates?
Jenny Stirling
March 15th 2012
I look forward to it with the annoucement today by the CSIRO: that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are now higher than at any time in the last 800,000 years; that the last decade in Australia was the warmest on record. I also note that 91% of those surveyed in a galaxy poll are against dumping waste from the dredging at Gladstone Harbour on to the Great Barrier Reef. Where will the waste go if the channel near Magnetic Ilsand is dredged to allow more tankers to load coal at Townsville's port?
March 16th 2012
We already know where dredge spoil from maintenance or development of the Platypus Channel is placed: in the spoil dumping grounds way out towards Cape Cleveland. And we know from the studies done around the early 1990s that most of the dumped spoil eventually disperses northwards with some small but significant quantities making it to Florence and other east and south-facing bays.
Current plans to further develop the harbour and channel will bring further pressure on this dumping ground and can reasonably be expected to impact on fringing reefs around the Island, although not to the disastrous extent of the early 20th century dredging which so damaged Middle Reef, Virago Shoals and the the Bolger Bay reef for more than 50 years.
But Jenny, what is this talk of tankers loading coal at Townsville? Is Clive Palmer that far ahead of the pack or are we mistaking BHP's zinc concentrate for liquified natural gas?

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