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January 13th 2012
Magnetic Island National Park grows by 826 hectares

Mandy Johnstone with Islanders happy with the announcement Magnetic Island National Park has been increased by 826 hectares as part of a major expansion of Queensland’s protected area estate.

Member for Townsville Mandy Johnstone said the additions to Magnetic Island National Park brought its total area to 3,616 hectares.

“I know this is something Magnetic Island residents have fought very hard for over many years, so this is a great win for the community,” Ms Johnstone said.

“The new land strengthens the protection that the Magnetic Island National Park provides to the island's natural and cultural resources.

“Hillslopes in most areas of Magnetic Island have been added to the national park. 

“The rocky, wooded terrain of these areas is a key scenic feature of the island when viewed from Townsville and a large part of the appeal for residents and tourists alike, and now it’s protected for the future.

“These places are important to the Wulgurukaba people, the Traditional Owners of the area, and I acknowledge their support in protecting them for all Queenslanders.”

Ms Johnstone said the expansion of Magnetic Island National Park was part of a raft of new additions to national parks throughout Queensland this year.

“It’s great to see the State Government ensuring that more precious land will be protected for future generations,” she said.

“We remain committed to our target of increasing the national park estate to 7.5 per cent of the area of Queensland by 2020.”

The new, extended, Magnetic Island National Park

Photo at top: Member for Townsville, Mandy Johnstone with Islanders Linda Wooten, Tania Thoreau and Wendy Tubman after making the extention of the National Park announcement at the Rocky Bay Lookout.

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Magnetic Island National Park grows by 826 hectares
January 12th 2012
I guess for some, it's just a matter of another 826 hectares of diverse bush added to and safeguarded in the Magnetic Island National Park. For others the start of a new relationship with a new neighbour - a terrestrial protected area and its managers. For me though, this declaration signals the outcome of more than a dozen years of dogged, determined campaigning by the Wulgurukaba for recognition of their connection to and custodianship of Magnetic Island from time immemorial. I congratulate all of them for their patience and understanding during the drawn out Native Title process which has now been settled, for good, and hope that our state government and its agencies can preserve, promote and present this now-expanded property in a way which brings honour and prosperity to all of us.
January 12th 2012
So was this 826 hectares unallocated state land?
January 12th 2012
Rose, if you look at the table in the top RHS of the map you will see each separate block of land (about 38) referenced. Many of them are USL. Some blocks may have once been 'allocated', such as a Special Purpose block like a quarry (Sails Rock land) or leftover bits of some historical leases - at Radical Bay, White Lady Bay and Balding Bay for example. Then there's the odd little bit on the Horseshoe Bay Rd leaving Arcadia (can't remember what that was about) and most of the steep land behind Rocky Bay - which was not part of the military land (Hawkings Point) handed back years ago. It all appears to be state land.
Interestingly, about half of the west coast, to about the pump station, is National Park to the waterfront but from there on, through Bolger Bay and Young Bay to West Point, the park only comes to back of the freehold properties or to the road/track. I think the waterfront along there, around Retreat Creek for example, is being given a different environmental/conservation status and hopefully DERM will create another map soon to show what that is and what it means.
Sylvia Hayes
January 19th 2012
I love coming home to our beautiful island and can always picture it as it must have looked before any houses were built. It's wonderful to see virgin bushland stretching up the mountainsides. This growth of the national park is so important, when in so many places the opposite happens. I come from Wollongong, NSW, and over the years have watched houses being built further and further up the escarpments in the Illawarra, as well as high-rises built directly on the beach front, blocking out sun and seascapes for others. Everyone wanting a water view. How lucky we are here in this paradise!

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