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A young koala's beach adventure

January 4th 2012
"Maggie Fun 4 Kids" activity book launched

Claudia and Sylvia with their new book Magnetic Island residents Sylvia Hayes and Claudia Gaber have just produced “Maggie Fun 4 Kids”, a children’s activity book themed specifically for Magnetic Island. Designed to be both amusing and informative, it is suited for ages 5 to 12.

Sylvia is a retired schoolteacher from NSW and Claudia is a photojournalist who specialises in eco-tourism. They both came to live on Magnetic Island about four years ago, involving themselves in many artistic ventures together since meeting here.

For holidaying families arriving with children in tow the women saw a need for kid-friendly activities on the island. “After the beach – what do you do – that is the question,” mused Claudia. Families are faced with the need to entertain children of various ages, at mealtimes and evenings, occasional rainy days and so on.

They knew the value of the ubiquitous activity packs and took it a few steps further by giving their booklet a Magnetic Island theme and including a “Been There. Done That.” page which kids can use to keep score of how many things they have seen and done on their holiday. For parents, the page serves as a guide to family-friendly activities on the island.

Island native animals such as koalas, sea turtles and rainbow lorikeets are featured as subjects, in activity formats most kids would be familiar with. As well as keeping kids amused on rainy days or back in the holiday unit, Maggie Fun 4 Kids will be a souvenir for young visitors to take home.

A sustainable tourism project, Maggie Fun 4 Kids was produced by locals and printed on the island. It focuses on fun while giving interesting information on wildlife and nature. The booklet has 15 pages of activities including colouring, drawing, puzzles and easy to play games. It comes packaged with coloured pencils and is available at retail outlets and markets on Magnetic Island. RRP $7.95

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Jenny Stirling
January 4th 2012
As someone who is involved with integrating the steady flow of humanitarian entrants (refugees) into this community I see Maggie Fun 4 Kids as a wonderful way to introduce these children to the wildlife of their new country. If either Sylvia or Claudia are interested please ring me at TMSG 47751588 (Mon- Wed).
Angela Moore
January 4th 2012
What a great idea.Must get one,I love colouring in.
Alan Patterson
January 5th 2012
I'll definately get some for our visitors & our own boys will love them. Brilliant. Good on you Sylvia & Claudia :)

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