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December 9th 2011
Notice: Vending machines for Nelly Bay Harbour

Following is a notice from the Department of Transport and Main Roads regarding vending machines at Nelly Bay Harbour.

Notice: Vending machines for Nelly Bay Harbour
Chris C
December 8th 2011
I only hope that Macca's isn't going to follow at some stage
December 9th 2011
why not macca's or some other reliable shop. its so hard to get take away food on the island beyond a joke.. of the FEW places who sell take away food, most close at silly times. on the weekend your out to fend for your self here and their. you cant even buy a drink..... so why not some take out places, if the locals can't be bothered opening their shops (half of which close for a massive part of the year at that)
and than the price of stuff is way to much least with them commercial take out shops you can get a feed for cheap.... if the locals cant provide these things than why shouldn't other places not get to??
janet johansson
December 9th 2011
Ella;go and buy yourself a cookbook or even better open your own take-away shop.
December 10th 2011
tourists do not want to cook when on holidays. this is not just about me. this is about the tourists who bring the money to this island.. who wants to cook when they are on a holiday? half the places to stay do not have kitchens at that. they need easy food. their is none. the few their is do not open. so yes i think it would be great for a macca's or something to open. and yes if i could get the permits to do so i would. the locals hold this island back so much than they expect people to come here. what will they eat? grass????? we want people to come for a holiday here but we don't provide enough services. family's can not afford to eat at restaurants every night.and jenet i could cook you under the table!!! just because i thnik the island needs something does not mean i can not cook.
December 10th 2011
Is it food that they sell at Maccas?
December 11th 2011
Ella; i,m one of those tourists your refering to, we love Maggie and we love the fact that there is no McDonalds. We come to Maggie to escape the franchises and "sameness" that so many other places have developed.Enjoy your island its beautiful just as it is

ps cant wait to be able to fish the jetty again
December 11th 2011
Ella, completely agree with you, I am embarrassed to invite people from down south to come for a visit with the way things are at present
December 12th 2011
Yep - no Macdonald's for the Island please.
December 12th 2011
i love the island. its great how it is. and if their was local shops who could provide food like them franchise do than id have no problem with it. but they do not. so many close. i had my family come up recently and they went out on a weekend day over the island they could not even buy a drink except at the pub. if we want this island to be how it is we need to provide the services that people need. so many have to work off the island because their is no work here. their is no work because a lot of tourists do not come here. and i do not blame them,. you can see the island in less than a day. you can not get food to eat. what you can its over priced. and only at some times of the day. the hotels are over priced so family's can not afford to come to stay at the island, it seems to be that businesses would rather have their high prices and have no one in their motels/hotels etc, than put them at rates people can afford. i do love this island how it is. but living here and getting my online shopping every week is 1 thing. if i was a tourist i would not come back as its really expensive and their is no cheap easy food, open at times people eat. people need to eat and if lots of shops close half the year and the rest only open odd times. how is anyone to get some food? do we expect them to cart their own electric frying pan to go get food at the supermarket? and cook their own?
December 12th 2011
I would hate to see the "Scottish restaurant" or any "Southern" fried chicken emporium for that matter, on Maggie for a start. Ella, your family mustn't have looked real hard if they could only buy a drink at the pub? Not that I'm adverse to having an ale or two at one of Maggie's public houses. I'm over tourists, whether they be day trippers or longer stays, who come to Magnetic Island expecting the same facilities as those rah rah destinations of SEQ or home. It's different and if you can't accept that then stay home and gorge on greasy, high carb burgers. Maybe, if you are coming for a day, pack a picnic lunch if anything over Five dollars is too high for your budget. People used to do it years ago or would that be too hard a concept for some. A final point from me, when will people learn the difference in there, their and they're. For heavens sake.
December 12th 2011
A final point from me, when will people learn the difference in there, their and they're. For heavens sake.

very childish, no wonder the tourists don't want to come here with people who are so narrow minded that they have a go at others spelling.

and food is not just $5, 1 pie is around that alone. and just because i think the island needs food shops that are open does not mean i'm at home eating greasy junk food, another typical childish generalization. and their is none to buy here if i wanted it. is their.. and why should a family with little kids have to go to the pub for a drink ? they should not have to.

you might be over the TOURISTS but they bring money to this island. they are the reason a few people do not have to work on they main land.

i'm over the bunch of pathetic locals who think their way is the only way. i mean look their is some talk of 2 vending machines being put in and right away someone is porking on about we hope maccas does not follow.... its not even in the same ball park as a vending machine. least tourists can get a drink when everything is closed hay..
Barbara Gibbs
December 14th 2011
Wow! What a disgusting display of peurile nonsense you locals have put up here!! this is a tourist, who pays your way, giving you ideas to improve the fast ailing island economy and actually give them what they need...NO to McDonald's, but YES to a decent takeaway outlet at the ferry for those of us who are running late and need to get nourishment for early flights etc. Or, those who arrive early from the other side! I personally had to forgo breakfast that was ordered at Peppers, take away breakfast, as it took too long and the ferry was leaving at 07:10am. On Saturdays there are scores of parents and kids waiting for ferries and some have had to rush out the door and would enjoy a hot cuppa and bight to eat. Not everyone is punctual...we live on an island for god's sake! Sirrocco's isn't fast food and is too far from the terminal to make a run for witnessed personally. And for Ms Johanssen to make a snide remark....I would hold my tongue if I were you.
Grow up people! Listen to feedback from those who keep the island going and who have thousands of friends and family or the internet to aire their distaste to that can reduce future support for your businesses.
December 14th 2011
ella, you make the point that "...people need to eat and if lots of shops close half the year and the rest only open odd times. how is anyone to get some food".
You must know that this observation is complete drivel. However, you are free to make whatever observation you like I guess. There is no chance that Maccas or any other high turnover chain is going to open on Magnetic Island when there is no consistent stream of patronage. Check the ferry arrivals. Some weekends there is virtually no traffic. Some eating houses/restaurants close completely during the month of February because that is well known to be the quietest (also hottest, wettest, most tourist unwelcome) period of the commercial year. But you aren't talking about February. Things aren't great in the tourism sector at the moment, clearly connected to the financial downturn, the drop in backpacker numbers all along the east coast and to national concerns about prosperity. It is absolutely deadset normal that tourism is the first to feel the pinch especially outside high profile areas like the Gold/Sunshine coast, Whitsundays and Cairns etc.
A family with kids does not have to go to the pub to get a drink - unless they simply refuse to use public transport or walk around the corner or up the road to the local shop - there's one in every bay open at least 12 hours a day, every day. Perhaps you hadn't noticed?

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