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October 27th 2011
"Fang" captured at Nelly Bay

Fang as snapped by Eric Vanderduys in Nelly Bay He's been called "Fang" by Magnetic Island zoologist, Mr Eric Vanderduys, who noticed that the reptile had teeth protruding through his nose, when he spotted and photographed the 3.1 metre crocodile, seen over a number of days, at Nelly Bay. But Fang has now been captured by Queensland Parks and Wildlife rangers at Nelly Bay.

QPWS North Queensland Marine Parks Regional Manager, Richard Quincey, said the male crocodile was captured at midnight on Tuesday night.

“The crocodile was captured by QPWS staffing using a non-lethal harpooning method which secures a barb into the animal’s flesh but causes no long term injury.

“The crocodile was transported to QPWS facility at Pallarenda in Townsville and will be relocated to a crocodile farm or zoo as soon as possible.

It seems that Fang wasn't in great condition. Eric quipped that, "He's a vegetarian croc (you can tell by the algae stuck in his teeth) who goes by the name of Fang, on account of the tooth poking up through his nose".

Richard Quincey said, “The animal has an eye injury or condition.”

Mr Quincey said extensive spotlighting surveys over the past five nights by QPWS rangers found no evidence to support some suggestions that there may be two crocodiles in Nelly Bay.

Photo of Fang, courtesy of Mr Eric Vanderduys

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Barbara Gibbs
October 27th 2011
It seems the injured and dying crocs see this as their retirement home...not unlike many who live here(: Poor thing, hope he gets good treatment in his new habitat.
October 27th 2011
aww the poor little thing its so cute.
seems the only time the crocs come to magnetic island is when they are sickish.
October 31st 2011
I prefer to see such creatures as far away as possible from the island. Swimming in the sea is one of Maggie's greater assets. So thanks QPWS for the good work in capaturing this recent crocodile and thanks the locals who kept monitoring the situation. We want our beaches safe first and foremost!

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