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August 31st 2011
If you think that Climate change is crap...

A wild wave breaks at Nelly Bay after Cyclone Yasi Magnetic Times believes that you can own your own opinions but you cannot own your own facts and evidence and, if you think that climate change is crap, then here are some interesting youtube sites on the subject.

One of the most entertaining is Peter Sinclair's series called, "Climate Denial Crock of the Week" (click here)

These are beautifully produced videos, loaded with clips and bites from popular TV news, cartoons and movies, which make the scientific information much more accessible to a wider audience. The strength of these videos lies in their preparedness to take the assertions of those who think climate change is crap back to the facts they quote. The revelations are fascinating. Favourite of Australian mining magnates, Lord Monckton, is one large target in the "Debunking Lord Monckton" series.

There are so many aspects of this huge topic taken apart by the Crock of the Week we recommend a several cups of tea watch-a-thon as you go through the series on the Greenman site.

For point by point rebuttal of climate skeptics check out the skeptic skeptics at Skeptical Science (click here)

Another very entertaining and nicely reasoned piece is by Wonderingmind42 in his "How it all ends" (click here)

And here on Magnetic Island we saw the edge of Cyclone Yasi's impact with spectacular results, particularly at Horseshoe Bay where the storm surge brought the sea right past the shops and through to the back lagoon. Yep, big cyclones have happened before climate change but we are learning that the impacts of climate change are leading to more extreme weather just like Yasi. Here's Aussie, Nobel-winning scientist and Professor of Meteorology David Karoly being interviewed about this very subject. (click here)

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If you think that Climate change is crap...
Andrew Kerans
January 29th 2012
I am deeply concerned at the imminent possibility of having a fool who believes in immaculate conception but denies climate change.

Positively scary!
January 29th 2012
Unbiased to love it.
November 27th 2012
Sadly, we each need do an inventory of how we live and what in particular decisions we make when building, shopping, contributing indirectly and or directly through waste/consumer product and so on.
Definitely,'positively scary', Andrew.

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