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May 11th 2011
Queensland Health responds to e-cig critics

Last Friday Magnetic Times ran a story based on a release from Queensland Health on so-called e-cigarettes. Readers however have thought otherwise with comments which, among other issues, question the claims made that “There is no evidence e-cigarettes are effective in helping people to quit smoking.” so we asked for a further response from Queensland Health and they have now obliged.

Townsville Public Health Unit Environmental Health Manager, Mr David Sellars told Magnetic Times, “It is illegal to possess liquid nicotine used to refill e-cigarettes, because liquid nicotine is controlled as a dangerous poison under Queensland’s drugs and poisons legislation.

“Liquid nicotine is a highly toxic poison which poses a significant poisoning risk to humans, especially children.

“If a child swallows just 10mg they could die within five minutes. Vials are being imported into Queensland in coloured packaging that may appeal to children, sealed by a simple screw on lid.

“Australia’s medicines regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, has no electronic cigarette product registered as an aid in withdrawing from tobacco smoking.

“Registered products to help people quit smoking have been assessed in terms of their safety, quality and efficacy.”

To see a range of strongly argued readers responses to the previous story read the comments below this story (here)

For an explanation of what e-cigarettes are, Wikipedia is a good start (here)

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Queensland Health responds to e-cig critics
Chris C
May 20th 2011
They won't admit that their press release was misleading and plain wrong will they?

E-cigs are not illegal as they originally claimed - only the importation of nicotine.
jr french
November 21st 2011
I wonder if all of the health workers share the same publicity writer because if you do he or she should be sacked. Pathetic and boring, stop using are children to shock people, its really disrespectful to believe we are that miss informed as to the dangers of any poisonous substance that could harm our children. I have searched and searched to find any child that has suffered from miss use of nicotine juice made for a e cig and guess what NOTHING. Try searching child deaths from cigarettes,bleach,passive smoking and even shampoo and bingo, so why your at it ban all the above as-well. So on a closing note, do your homework before you write any more ill informed junk......

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